Why are there differences between Jive Analytics, Jive Admin Console and Google Analytics?

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Why are there differences between Jive Analytics, Jive Admin Console and Google Analytics?


You may notice some counting or reporting discrepancies between the following areas of Jive:

  • Jive's front end web user interface
  • Jive's Admin Console
  • Jive's Community Manager Reports (CMR)
  • Jive's Cloud Analytics Data Export Service
  • Google Analytics integration
  • License Count Report
  • Jive Hosting Reports


There are a variety of reasons for these differences, and often times these numbers are not meant to perfectly align or match 1:1.


User Licensing Counts Not Matching

The most common occurrence is seeing differences in the number of user accounts in your system. You can review Jive User Definitions to understand exactly how a licensed user is counted and where you get that information.  In short, only the Registered users who are Not Bridged or External Contributors, who are Enabled and have Logged In.


Systems like CMR analytics and the admin console user count will not give a user count that matches the criteria used by the licensing service.


Page View Counts Not Matching

The page views generated in CMR are not the same page views used for determining your allotted licensed page views per month. Additionally, the page views recorded in Google Analytics will also not match the count used to measure your metered page views. The page view measurements come from the web application access logs - You can view the complete details of how these page views are measured here: Jive and Page Views


Why is Google Analytics so different from Jive's CMR counts?

The main reason for this difference is that Jive's CMR system will count content views that happen in the inbox and activity streams, while Google Analytics does not.  This means that the Google Analytics counts are likely to be lower than what you're seeing in Jive's CMR system.


Content Counts Not Matching

You may sometimes see that the number of pieces of content in Jive does not match with what is being reported in CMR.  Most of the time this can be accounted for due to one important difference between Jive and CMR:  When a piece of content is deleted in Jive, it is still counted in CMR since CMR reports historical activity and content counts.  If you start with 76 documents, and you delete 12, then in Jive you will see 64 documents, while in CMR you will still see a total count of 76 documents.


If you are seeing results in your CMR system that do not suggest that they are caused by deleted content, then please file a new support case so our support team can take a deeper look into your system to determine if there is a bug. There is a process the support team can 'resummarize' the analytics dataset to see if there is a data synchronization issue between the core Jive data and the analytics data.