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See also Jive Auto-Follow Extension

Viewing the Auto-Follow rules

The Auto-Follow Extension menu is available to users with the "Manage Users" permission or above.  Go to Admin Console: Users > Auto-Follow to view the rules


Creating a rule

Click "Create Auto Follow" from the Admin Console: People > Auto Follow screen.



1. Choose what users should follow the place, blog, or user



Choosing the user mapping means you are selecting which users will receive the auto follow. You can choose users through one of three methods:

  1. All Active User: This means the auto follow rule will be for all active registered users in the community
  2. Profile Field Based: The drop down populates with the profile fields configured in Jive. Be sure to enter the value EXACTLY as it would appear in the users' profiles.
  3. User Group Based: You can select a group that is synced through LDAP or SAML (the group simply needs to be federated to use this option). Simply start typing the group name and it will appear.


2. Choose whether the users should follow a place, blog, or user



If you would like the users to follow a place, you can select a Space or  Group. If you select a Space, be sure to not select the radio button to "automatically add users to the group." If you do, the auto follow rule will not be created. This functionality is reserved for Groups which can have members vs. Spaces which are access-based and do not share this same functionality. It should look like this for a Space:



And it should look like this for a Group (if you want to add users to the selected Group):



Please see the section below if you would like details on configuring the News Widget Tag.


3. Select the method by which you want the user to receive the content



You can either choose the out of the box default connection stream, the user's inbox, or a custom stream. You can have multiple rules feed into the same stream. You can also choose whether you want the user to receive email notifications when there are updates within the custom stream you create. Be sure to remember that a user can only have 10 custom streams. See Jive Auto-Follow Extension to understand what happens if a user already has 10 custom streams.


Deleting a rule

From the Auto-Follow configuration screen there are two options for deleting the rule.  The red icon deletes the rule and removes all follow associations and streams that it created.  I trashcan icon simply deletes the rule.  Deleting the rule will not clean up or change any follows that it has created for users in the past.

Delete Auto Follow.png


Configuring the Auto-Follow News Widget

The Auto-Follow News Widget surfaces content from an Auto-Follow rule by matching the tag they are configured against.  Create an Auto-Follow rule and add a single news tag.  Auto-Follow News widgets can then be setup to reference that tag and show matching content.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.52.58 PM.png