Jive's Open Social API Overview

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When creating a UI for an App or a Tile, you have access to many different types of functions through Jive's open social JavaScript API. These APIs give you access to the content, people, and places within your Jive community. Some of these calls overlap with the Jive REST API, others are unique to the Jive open social API. This document provides an overview of the basic types of functions that are available, along with links to reference documentation where you can find more information.


This document is not a tutorial. If you are looking for a basic tutorial related to building an App or a Tile that can use the open social API, refer to:


The following topics are covered in this document:


Create, Modify, or Delete Item


These functions allow you to manipulate content, people, and places in your Jive community. You can start a discussion, delete a document, create a comment, etc.



This example creates a new document.


   content: {  type: "text/html",
      text: "<body><p>Hello!</p></body>"
    subject: "Hello world!"


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Pick From Existing Items


These functions allow you to prompt the user to pick one or more items from a list of content, people, or places.



This example prompts the user to pick from a list of existing people.


   success: function(data) { ... },
   error: function(data) { ... },
   multiple: true
}).execute (...);


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Get Existing Item


These functions allow you to query your Jive community for information about existing content, people, or places.



This example gets an existing document.


var documentURI = // Get URI with picker

var request =
      "type": "document",
      "uri": documentURI,
      "fields": "@all"

request.execute(function(data) {


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Interact with Rich Text Editor (RTE)


This function allows you to interact with the RTE. This is applicable when you are building bang app (!app) functionality.



This example inserts content into the current document.


  insert("<table><tr><td><b>Some markup!</b>


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Save App Data


These functions allow you to save, modify, or delete application-specific information to the Jive server.



This example saves application data (a key/value pair) to the Jive server.


var update = function( key, value, success, error ) {
          var obj = {};
          obj[key] = value;
            data : obj,
            userId: '@me',
            escapeType: opensocial.EscapeType.NONE
          }).execute(function(response) {
            if (response.error) {
               if ( error ) error();
            } else {
               if ( success ) success();


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Modify User Preferences


You can also modify user preferences, as described in this document: Working with User Preferences.


Acquire Security Group Information


These functions allow you to access information about security groups.



This example determines whether the current user is an administrator. It responds with status code 200 if the user is an administrator; returns 403 if not.




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