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Apps allow you to extend the Jive UI with your own business-specific application. An app UI also has access to the content, people, and places within your Jive community using Jive’s Open Social API. The screenshot below shows the SmarterPath app (from Pokeshot), which provides a social platform for creating and using online training courses.


Apps can be accessed from the Apps menu (like a traditional Jive App) as well as from many other contexts within the Jive experience (using 'app action contributions'). Some locations for app action contributions include the sidebar, project tabs, the create menu, and even within the text area when creating content.


A Jive App is written in HTML and JavaScript, or using another web-based scripting language. Application actions are defined within elements of the HTML content.





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Don't Alt-Tab Your Life Away: Bring Business Apps Into Your Social Experience at the Right Place at the Right Time!

Presentation from JiveWorld13 that talks about Apps / Integrations built by customers

October 23rd, 2013






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Social Portals – Extending the Jive User Interface - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PMFor people new to App development, Jive's own Kevin.Conaway gives an exceptional end-to-end talk on how to extend Jive using the Apps integration points.  This is a great 1st "read" =)Video
Using the Jive Platform to Collaborate Across Systems WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 3:45 PM – 4:45 PMA session that dissects the components of a Jive Add-On, and how to consider designing integrations into Jive using multiple extension points.  Presented by Jive's ownyuval.z and aron.rachoVideo
From Plugins to Apps to Add-Ons and Beyond - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PMA shared session at JiveWorld14 where emily.harsh shares her experiences on migrating legacy plugin extensions to App/Add-On Experiences.Video
Porting Legacy Applications to Add-Ons and Jive Cloud - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PMLearn first hand experiences from cgum and brentb about how to port an existing plugin to a new Jive add-on.Video
Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDKWalkthrough on how to create a simple AppNode Tutorial
Jive's Open Social API OverviewOverview on the types of things you can do with Jive's Open Social APIDocument
How to embed an app within an external stream objectSteps for adding an app view within an activity streamOverview Steps
Using the Jive Application Gateway APINeeds work...but walks through how to do basic Activity via the Gateway APITutorial
Binary Data Storage Usage Learn how to use the OSAPI Binary Data Service for Temporary Binary StorageTutorial
Using the OpenSocial APINeeds to be updated, but simpleTutorial
Extended PropertiesWalkthrough of the ExtProps feature in the JS APIJS API

How a customer admin will set up a Jive Connects Service


Jive Connects - Defining a Service


Jive Connects API - Client Application Configuration and API Usage

Settings up a Jive Connects ServiceWalkthrough

Dev Console - Disabling App Caching During Development

Using the DevConsole App for App Development (without Add-Ons)

(note, working on consolidating + updating)

Watch mark.weitzel talk about bringing Jive Anywhere and Jive Apps together!Video
Salesforce Via Jive Connects

Example showing Jive Connects working with an external service

(note, working on + updating)





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JavaScript API

6.0   7.0   Cloud

Javascript API for Jive AppsReference

App Action Contribution Reference

Master List of Jive App Action Contributions

Making REST API calls directly from a Jive app or tileExplains how to make REST API calls from within a Jive App.Reference
OSAPI Jive Core V3 Picker ReferenceList of all OSAPI Picker Dialogs and how to use-themReference
Understanding App Selection and Embedded Context ReferenceUnderstand how to glean the Jive App context and selection in embedded experiencesReference
Jive Apps: Actions in RTEUnderstand how to embed !apps into RTEReference
Developing Jive Apps for your own community - using the Dev Console app

Using the DevConsole App for App Development (without Add-Ons)

(note, working on consolidating + updating)


Debugging Jive Connects Communications Issues

Debugging, Error Codes, and Understanding 401 User Authentication Flow

Programmatic Creation of App ArtifactsThe purpose of this API is to shield app developers from having to manually construct the macro anchor tag, which could be an error prone process when done manually.Reference
Home - OpenSocial - OpenSocial WikiMore examples about OpenSocial apps (not Jive Apps per say)Reference
Shindig - Welcome To Apache ShindigJust be aware of the OpenSocial container that Jive uses in its product.Reference