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We are happy to announce the release of Jive 7.0. You can find detailed updated documentation here: Jive 7.0 Community User Documentation, Jive 7.0 Community Administrator Documentation.


Features and Improvements


To learn about the main features and improvements in this release, check out the exciting details in The specified item was not found.


Current Inline Release


We strongly recommend upgrading to the current 7.0.5 release. It provides many improvements to stability and usability, all of which you can find described in the following Release Note documentation.


Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.5

Known Issues in Jive 7.0.5



Previous Releases


Jive 7.0.4

Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.4

Known Issues in Jive 7.0.4

Notable Known Issues in Jive 7.0.4


Jive 7.0.3

Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.3

Known Issues in Jive 7.0.3

Notable Known Issues in Jive 7.0.3


Jive 7.0.2

This release added updates to Japanese translations and is the earliest release that supports our integrations with Cisco WebEx and Jabber.

Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.2

Known Issues in Jive 7.0.2

Notable Known Issues in Jive 7.0.2

Jive 7.0.1

Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.1

Known Issues in Jive 7.0.1

Notable Known Issues in Jive 7.0.1


Known Issue in Jive 7.0.0

  • Jive-38153 When External Login is enabled with self-registration and email validation, users can't click through to create an account.


Fixed Issues in Jive 7.0.0 (not fixed in 6.0.x)


New Security Requirement in This Release

SSL is required, and must be configured on the load balancer. For more information about how to configure SSL, see the Jive 7.0 Community Administrator Documentation. This higher security requirement means that mixed-mode authentication is no longer supported in production sites.


Deprecated in this Release

For a detailed account of what's deprecated in this release, see the following documents in the Jive Customers Group. If you're not a member, we encourage you to request access to this customers-only group to take advantage of the helpful conversations and content you'll find there.



Mobile Updates and New iOS App

Our new Jive iOS app is available with Jive 7.0. The following documents explain the upgrade implications and changes to mobile access:


  • Jive for iOS 3.0 App (Mobile 3): Technical Note -- The Jive 3.0 iOS app has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to provide a richer, more responsive Jive experience on both the iPhone and the iPad. This is the only version of the Jive iOS app that is supported for Jive 7.0 and Jive Cloud; it is also compatible with Jive 6.0.3+.
  • Upgrading to Jive 7.0: Changes to Mobile Access -- This document is intended to help Jive 4.5, Jive 5, or Jive 6 customers who are planning an upgrade to Jive 7.0 understand the changes in mobile access that are part of this upgrade.


Upgrade Notes

For customers considering an upgrade, refer to the following documents to understand how new features and improvements affect upgrades:

  • Command Line Interface, Technical Documentation for Release -- The new Jive command-line interface (CLI) installer introduced with Jive 7.0 provides a better way to start, stop, and configure an installation while providing better overall flexibility.
  • Analytics Service Improvements -- Upon upgrade and enabling of the Analytics Service, "activity events" (e.g., user A created Doc B in group C) will be sent to the Analytics Service in the Jive data center. These events will then be processed and used to drive Impact Metrics, CMR, and the Data Export API. From an end user perspective, there should be no visible change except the existence of the Impact Metrics feature. You can choose not to use the Analytics Service; in that case, your on-prem Analytics database will remain the primary source for activity data.
  • OAuth 2.0 Support -- As of Jive 7.0, Jive now supports OAuth 2.0, acting as both an Authorization Server and a Resource Server.


Thank You!

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  • And thanks for using Jive to change the way you work!