Release Notes for Mobile Plugin Version 6.1.0

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For more information about downloading  the mobile plugin, please see the Jive Mobile Module download page.


Jive Present is no longer in the same plugin as Mobile.  A separate Jive Present plugin is under development for Jive 6, but is not yet available. Do NOT upgrade the mobile plugin - if you are using Jive Present - download the new Jive Present plugin here: Jive Present Plugin



Jive Mobile Plugin and Jive Core Version Compatibility

Mobile Plugin 6.1 is compatible with Jive 6.0.3 or later.


Please refer to the Mobile Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix for more details.


Notable Changes in Jive Mobile Plugin 6.1.0

Mobile web differences

With the Mobile 3 plugin (6.1.0), mobile web is served directly from the /mobile/ path in their Jive context, not from the site.  This means:

  • Authentication: Users authenticate to Mobile 3 mobile web using the same method as they use to access the instance from a desktop browser.  This means SAML or other cookie-based SSOs should work.
    • Authentication that was done to their * site cannot be applied to their new Jive URL. All users have to authenticate fresh.
    • Device registration (aka Mobile oAuth) is not available in Mobile 3 mobile web at this time.
      • The mobile passcode is also not available and will not become available in mobile web.
  • Connectivity requirements: Since the Mobile Gateway is no longer used, all mobile devices must be able to access the Jive URL directly.  Depending on the customer's deployment infrastructure, this could mean connecting to a VPN or through a proxy.
  • No more You should open the JiveURL directly from your mobile device.

Feature differences in the new mobile web UI:

  • Updated look and feel.
  • Support for Jive Video content.
  • Improvements to search results display - content is now the default search results tab and people search results include the user's email address and department if available.
  • The overview page (formerly known as the home page) is always enabled, and always has a search box.  It can still be customized by the admin.
  • Support for viewing custom streams.
  • In Jive 7, users can use the mobile UI to follow people / content / places in custom streams.
  • Users can create (direct) messages along with status updates and discussions.
  • Users can view all structured outcomes on Jive 7 communities, as well as create the outcomes: action item, decision, helpful, and success.


With Mobile 3, the iPad-only mobile webapp will no longer be available.  We suggest iPad users use the new iOS 3.0 app.

Mobile 2 native app differences

Jive 6 customers can continue to use Mobile 2 native apps (Jive Mobile 2.2.x for iPhone and Jive Mobile 1.0.x for Android) even after they have upgraded to Mobile 3.


Mobile 3 native app for iOS

The mobile redirector is aware of the iOS 3.0 native app.  When someone tries to open a Jive link on an iOS device, they will be redirected to a page that offers to let them open the link in the iOS 3.0 app, or install it from the App Store.  On that page, they can also choose to open the link in the browser instead.

In the general settings of the admin console and jive.oauth.passcode.* system properties are no longer used in Mobile 3.0.


Admin Console Mobile tab differences

  • General Settings is  no longer is used for connecting to the Jive Mobile Gateway, so it has many fewer settings.
  • Customization is there with pretty much the same options.  It applies to the Mobile 2 native apps and Mobile 3 mobile web UI, but not to the Mobile 3 native app(s).
  • Home Page should have been renamed "Overview Page".  Like the Customization tab, the options set here apply to Mobile 2 native apps and Mobile 3 web UI, but not the Mobile 3 native app(s).
  • Native Apps is a new tab that permits configuration of custom push for Mobile 3 native apps (documented elsewhere), and also management of the legacy Mobile Gateway connection that allows Mobile 2 native apps to keep working.

Jive Admin Console  Native Apps - Google Chrome_2013-11-26_15-50-22.png