• How to clear out all document previews

    If you've run into a document conversion issue that's left you with a lot of failed document conversions in your system, you can use the following process to delete all document previews from your installation. Note t...
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  • How to: The Basics of using Jive's REST API

    Summary Versions Using curl Using REST client Configuring the RESTClient   Summary The Jive REST API provides exhaustive functionalities for interacting with your Jive community. This KB gives you ...
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  • How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer

    The Data Export Service (DES) is a powerful way to access and export the analytics data from your community introduced in Jive 7.0 and Cloud Fall (2013). It allows you to access user activity data above and beyond wha...
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  • Users mysteriously being disabled? It may be the User Decay Task

    Summary Versions Details Default Task Behavior Users who have never logged in are not affected Re-enabling a disabled User How to disable the User Decay Task Changing when the task executes ...
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  • How to remove unwanted or unused tags

    Summary Versions Details Related Materials   Summary When looking at your list of used tags in Jive you may end up seeing older tags that are no longer associated to any content. You may wish to remove ...
  • Guide to Troubleshooting LDAP/Active Directory Integration

    Please note that most of this information has been rolled into the official Jive product documentation at https://docs.jivesoftware.com/   How do I edit my LDAP settings? What do those settings mean, anyway? ...
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  • Jive UI | Capturing HAR Web Requests in Chrome for Jive Support

    Summary How to Capture Web Requests (HAR) in Chrome for Support   OverviewIn some situations, Jive Support will ask for a copy of your browser's web requests while you reproduce a particular issue or unexpected behavi...
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  • How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions

    Summary Versions Accessing and Extracting the i18n File Sample i18n Files Configuring a Simple Phrase Substitution Configuring an Advanced Phrase Substitution Related Content   Summary If yo...
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  • How does search work?

    For an update on how the new cloud search works please check this - The specified item was not found. The information below is still relevant for HOP     Introduction Vocabulary Basic search algorithm S...
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  • How to: Reset Jive DB password (Core, EAE, Analytics)

    Core Edit  ~jive/applications/sbs/home/jive_startup.xml file: new_password Restart Jive - password will be encrypted during startup.   EAE (aka Activity Engine) UPDATE jiveProperty SET propValue = 'new_password' WHE...
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  • How to perform a resummarization of Jive analytics database summary tables to correct inaccurate CMR data

    Introduction Prerequisites Step 1 - Identify and document the problem Step 2 - Estimate the amount of time the CMR system will be unavailable Step 3 - Alert users the CMR system will be unavailable ...
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  • How to Rename Structured Outcomes

    Summary  Jive allows users to mark pieces of content as having a certain outcome, like "Decision", "Final", "Helpful", and so on.  These are called Structured Outcomes in Jive.   These various outcome types cannot...
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  • Jive Cloud | Adding Custom Scripts to Headers

    Summary How to add a custom script to the Header of a Theme   Overview To customize your site, and/or include third party analytics services, you must include custom scripts to the Header or Footer of the Site. Below...
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  • CMR | Resolution for Tile not Loading Issue

    Symptoms This issue revolves around the HTML Tiles on Jive cloud instances and behavior began occurring after the 2016.3.10 upgrade. Selecting the Configuration (gear shaped icon) option for the HTML tiles only produ...
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  • Jive X | Join Lithium Support Community

    Summary How to join the Lithium Support Community to create cases and get support for the Jive X Communities   Overview Jive External Community Support has transitioned to the Lithium case portal, as of 18 March.  Tic...
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  • Email alerts | Turn email notifications for "@" mentions on or off

    Summary How to configure whether or not you get email notifications when someone "@" mentions you in Jive. Instructions Please follow the steps below: Once logged in, click on your avatar, and then on "preferences" ...
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  • How to re-enable the Insert Image icon when it is disabled in the Rich Text Editor

    Summary Versions Details Summary  When creating or editing a piece of content, like a document, discussion, or a blog, you may come across an instance where the icon used to add new images is disabled or g...
  • How to test your LDAP settings in 10 minutes or less

    We're going to show you how to test your Jive LDAP integration settings in 10 minutes or less. We recommend validating your LDAP integration settings before using them in your Jive instance. This will prevent the sync...
  • How to Convert From Widgets to Tiles

    As Jive continues to develop tiles for a mobile-friendly experience, widgets are no longer being developed. If you are looking to switch your pages from widgets to tiles, we will provide you with the steps you need to...
  • How Role badges work and how to configure them

    Summary Versions Details Creating your User Group by hand Creating your User Group by LDAP Known Limitation Users should only have one role badge assigned to them Role badges do not display on ...