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Overview: The following document provides information on how to get the Cliend ID and Secret Key for any instance. The Client ID and Secret Key are needed for accessing and leveraging the Cloudalytics APIs or to use the Data Export Service.


Accessing the Client ID and Secret key:

  • To get the Client ID and secret key login to the Jive instance as an administrator
  • Once logged in open up the profile image menu by clicking on your Avaatar and Select 'Add-On'
  • This should take you to the add-on screen

Add On Link1.PNG

  • In the add-on screen select Analytics service which should take you to the various analytics add-ons
  • Click on the gear menu next to the Data Export Service service


  • This Client ID and Secret Key can then be use to access the Cloudalytics using API calls or the Data Export Service