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Aurea CRM and Jive are both two powerful solutions. With our Unlimited enterprise software library, Jive is now available for you. The true power is in combining both platforms. Below we have described 40 use cases for Aurea CRM customers. Six out of these use case rely on an Aurea CRM and Jive integration. Please feel free to contact your account manager to get more information on launching Jive or the different use cases. Or simply leave a question or remark below.



ITHRCorporate Communication
& Strategy
Customer Portal
Competitor intelligence &  link data to competitor database (CRM).

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Use Case: Competitive intelligence

Account collaboration / Account Plans - have a common "place" where account teams can exchange account specific information, strategize on account plans etc.


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Use Case: Account collaboration

SME (subject matter expert) platform - provide an overview of SMEs, their specific skills, and a platform to easily access them for help.Product innovation / ideation - platform to post, discuss, manage and curate product ideas. With ACRM integration we can combine internal ideas with ideas from customers or social intranet. This relates to integration of the Social Inbox / Ideation process in ACRM with an Ideation space in Jive. This use case is an example of a borderless community and innovation through partnership with customers and partners.IT knowledge base - store the collective wisdom of your support teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access.New employee onboarding - effectively onboarding employees into specific roles is lengthy, and it’s difficult to meet the needs of ongoing employee development. With this use case you provide new hires a curriculum to follow during their onboarding. With Jive, you can blend formal classroom training with informal on-the-job learning, and enable subject experts to create additional content as needed.Effective senior management Communications - employees do not always feel well informed on strategic direction and leadership doesn’t have a handle on the sentiment or challenges in their organization. In this use case executives can blog or video blog frequently, answer comments from employees and post discussion topics.Customer Peer Support - this use case deals with the issue many customer support teams are dealing with a high amount of customers with increasingly complex support needs. This use case allows customers to ask and answer one another’s questions without relying on a call center, and customers can find existing questions and answers as they begin to type a new question.
Campaign planning & monitoring - break down & distribute work packages for campaigns & events, track progress, collaborate with agencies on creative work etc.

Deal room/Opportunity collaboration - have a opportunity specific place where sales teams can collaborate - and invite customers optionally to e.g. consume material or discuss questions.

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Use Case: Opportunity Collaboration

Knowledge base - store the collective wisdom of your support teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access.Product quality - raise product issues, discuss with SMEs and document decisions on to improve those.IT Support - provide easy access for help.Leadership development- identify and foster future leadership candidates; provide learning and growth opportunities through the platform (e.g. LMS, self-paced learning).Internal Corporate Communications Distribution - are your internal communications not reaching enough employees, nor are they encouraging interaction? By implementing this use case messages are being received by more people through the network effect as employees follow one another, and see in their activity stream when their connections like, bookmark, rate or comment on a message.Product Development with Customers - innovation stops at the firewall – customers and partners are unable to collaborate with employees on product quality and innovation. After this use case is implemented, employees can invite customers to a customer community and bridge key feedback to internal employee communities.
Manage & distribute marketing collaterals - Document life cycle management.

Bid/Project management - have a common "place" where account teams can collaborate on RFIs/RFPs.


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Use Case: Project Collaboration

Product information - Manuals & other product related technical documentation.SOP training (Standard Operating Procedures) - Train your staff on SOPs.New technology roll-out - keep your organization in the loop & drive change management through structured communication.Talent management - identify and foster future talents; provide learning and growth opportunities through the platform (e.g. LMS, self-paced learning).Communication team planning - allow your corporate communication team to prepare & draft their messaging before going "on air".Customer Prospect Knowledge Sharing -prospects place more trust in peer recommendations and third party content found via organic search. Customers, partners, employees and prospects can share information about the company’s solutions and services via discussions in topic based groups.
Marketing & Sales collaboration - share information on upcoming campaigns, activities, events, PR, etc.Effective Sales Training -engaging and effective virtual training experience in which the trainers can engage with the sales reps during the self-paced training program.

Ticket resolution by Crowdsourcing - give your Customer Support team a tool to get answers from Subject Matter experts through crowdsourcing.


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Use Case: Ticket Resolution By Crowdsourcing

SOP compliance - adherence to SOPs. Storage, versioning, distributing, periodic review, storage of results.IT Project management- gather project team members, collaborate and track progress.HR support - store the collective wisdom of your HR teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access e.g. benefits, social security, vacation etc. information.Mergers & acquisitions - keep your organization in the loop & drive change management through structured communication & engagement.In-Person Events Online - this use case addresses the challenge of connecting with customers who can’t attend events and leveraging the enthusiasm of those who can. Event Marketers can pre-load groups with conference schedules, Twitter feeds, customer testimonial videos, contest details, polls, blog posts and presentations.
Track effectiveness of marketing material - gather feedback from Sales teams on how well customers perceive collaterals.Sales enablement - provide on-going information (battle cards, product information, market insights, analyst reports, webinars & videos etc.) for your sales team.Quality Management - Tracking deviations against SOP processes and Corrective Action/Preventative Action processes (CAPA).Affinity groups - provide space where groups may form around a shared interest or common goal.Global leadership collaboration - provide your management a place to discuss decisions, strategize on plans and exchange experiences to help each other grow and do a better job.

Campaign collaboration - collaborate on documents regarding marketing campaigns for marketing teams.


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Use Case: Campaign Collaboration

Community of sales best practices - provide a platform for sales reps to discuss which tactics / strategies work best, exchange ideas and help each other grow and do a better job.Global innovation challenge- growth of your organisation can result in siloed collaboration across multiple companies, inhibiting the company’s ability to capitalize on its collective expertise. This use case enables employees to post questions in topical places where colleagues across geographies and companies can be immediately notified and respond, in addition they can use Jive to search internal and external networks for expertise.


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