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This package was developed by Aurea to support you in maintaining your current ACRM implementation.


The package will be sized on your requirements. It exists out of three building blocks:

  1. Custom Code Maintenance - we try to prevent as much as possible to write custom code while we are creating your processes in your CRM system. Sometimes it cannot be prevented though, like if you want to do a complete custom integration with a third party system, like an ERP system. For example to have a completely customized order- or offer creation process where you have to configure a product using a complicated configuration process implemented in your ERP system. Or, maybe you have custom code in your current system due to historic reasons. With the Custom Code Maintenance building block, we will try to standardize functionality realized through customer code development as much as possible with out of the box Aurea CRM functionality. And, if not possible, we will review the code, rewrite if possible to make it future proof, and maintain it as part of this service.
  2. Configuration Maintenance - this building block includes all activities around the maintenance of the configuration of your Aurea CRM system. CRM processes, business logics and reports which are not put of the box included in Aurea CRM or your industry template, are not supported by Aurea's support desk. Also real-time interfaces are not covered by your standard support contract. This building block resolves this, as it includes error remediation, small changes like adding a catalogue value, answering of questions and small tasks like one off import of data.
  3. Configuration Extension - this package will allow you to implement changes in your configuration. This includes the set up of additional modules, additional add-ons (like and CRM.pad), setup of new reports, interfaces and processes.


How much does this service cost?

First we determine with you which building blocks you want to be part of the Application Maintenance Services. If you want your configuration to be maintained as part of your Professional Services package, we will conduct a review of the set up of your Aurea CRM system. If your system also contains custom code, this building block will automatically become part of your package. Based on this review we will be able to provide a proposal for the maintenance of your system. If you want changes as defined in the Configuration Extension building block also to be included in the service, we will perform a workshop with you to determine the scope. Based on the agreed scope we are able to add this service also to the proposed package.


The offer can exist out of a flat fee over one or multiple years during which we will offer the service. The advantage is that you get a very transparent pricing model, your services costs will be very predictable in the future during the contract period. An alternative is to offer the service based on UV's (Units of Value). In this case we will provide the services by using units of value upfront purchased by you. The UV's spent will be deducted from your balance based on a specific conversion between units of value and man-days. This model gives you enormous flexibility. If you need additional UV's, you can simply purchase an additional envelope of UV's. If you decide for a multi-year agreement, it is even possible to carry over part of your UV's from one year to the next, if for some reason you didn't need to spend all UV's during that year.


Delivery Model

We operate with global teams staffed with experts who are specialized in various aspects of services delivery and products. The services will be delivered in a model that is very similar to the assembly line approach where services are fragmented into smaller individual parts, each being delivered by a corresponding expert. There are numerous advantages to this delivery model, for example you will not depend anymore on your on-site consultant as in the traditional model to deliver services, which makes you much less vulnerable. At the same time this model is very scalable due to the fact our consultants are specialised in a very specific element of the complicated system and do not need all-round knowledge. We have hiring pipelines set up for these specialized roles, which allows us to scale up rapidly.






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