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Welcome to our Professional Services Community on AureaWorks!

Blog Post created by Erik Draijer Employee on Jan 15, 2018

I'm happy to welcome you to our new community on AureaWorks, dedicated to Professional Services. This community will help us to bring our message to you, to understand what you want from us and to connect you to our expert strategists and consultants. You will learn in this community how we can help you make the Aurea enterprise software to be successful in your organisation. You will notice it is not all about technology... although very important the technology is working well, it is more about strategy, adoption and how we can deliver the consultancy to create and deliver to an exciting roadmap tailor made for your organisation.


We have a vision on how we can make you more successful with our software. How Prime can really become an exciting program for creating a solution for your organisation. Because in the end driving adoption in your company is dependent on the fact if we succeed in transforming our portfolio of products into a great, integrated solution for your organisation. We're excited about the opportunities these great software titles give us, we'd love to speak to you, our customers, about it. And I'm very much excited we have this great community to discuss all the possibilities with you!


I think we have created great, standard packages to help you with your technical problems, adoption issues and/or expansion needs. All our packages are listed and explained within this community. I'm looking forward to learn from you what you think about our Professional Services packages!


If you have any problems regarding technology which goes beyond the scope of your Support contract, if you have problems with the adoption of our software within your organisation or if you want to utilise enterprise software within the Prime program and want professional guidance on how to fit this software in your environment and integrate it with your current Aurea and non-Aurea enterprise software, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other Professional Services leaders within this community. We're happy to help you out and love to discuss with you on which solution we can build for you!


Welcome to the AureaWorks Professional Services community!


Erik Draijer

Program Director Aurea CRM Professional Services





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