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Aurea CRM Maturity Assessments

Blog Post created by Erik Draijer Employee on Jan 15, 2018

At Aurea Professional Services, our Maturity Assessments help you define a roadmap to improve software adoption  within your organization. CRM software is implemented in the heart of your organization: processes related to every communication to and from your customers are implemented and/or automated in your CRM system. Do you ever struggle with the following questions:


- How can I use and respond to requests coming from different channels, including social media?

- How do I set up processes to respond to all these requests on time and in the proper channel?

- How do I make sure my organisation is collaborating and sharing knowledge to come up with the right responses?

- How do I increase adoption of my CRM system so I can get the best result from my investment?


If so, a Maturity Assessment is the right approach. A Maturity Assessment is a set of activities executed by Aurea's Professional Services in a workshop format. Throughout  the workshop, we address topics like customer satisfaction, user adoption and feature adoption — and also spend time determining  your program’s current state of maturity using Aurea’s CRM maturity scale. Then, we work together with you to establish a program vision, and provide specific recommendations to achieve that vision.


CRM Maturity Model


How much does it cost? The good news is that a one time Maturity Assessment is free of charge! Please contact your account manager or put a comment directly below this page — and for even more information on Maturity Assessments for ACRM, take a look at this White Paper.






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