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Aurea CRM and Jive are both two powerful solutions. With our Unlimited enterprise software library, Jive is now available for you. The true power is in combining both platforms. Below we have described 40 use cases for Aurea CRM customers. Six out of these use case rely on an Aurea CRM and Jive integration. Please feel free to contact your account manager to get more information on launching Jive or the different use cases. Or simply leave a question or remark below.



ITHRCorporate Communication
& Strategy
Customer Portal
Competitor intelligence &  link data to competitor database (CRM).

See also this document:
Use Case: Competitive intelligence

Account collaboration / Account Plans - have a common "place" where account teams can exchange account specific information, strategize on account plans etc.


See also this document:
Use Case: Account collaboration

SME (subject matter expert) platform - provide an overview of SMEs, their specific skills, and a platform to easily access them for help.Product innovation / ideation - platform to post, discuss, manage and curate product ideas. With ACRM integration we can combine internal ideas with ideas from customers or social intranet. This relates to integration of the Social Inbox / Ideation process in ACRM with an Ideation space in Jive. This use case is an example of a borderless community and innovation through partnership with customers and partners.IT knowledge base - store the collective wisdom of your support teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access.New employee onboarding - effectively onboarding employees into specific roles is lengthy, and it’s difficult to meet the needs of ongoing employee development. With this use case you provide new hires a curriculum to follow during their onboarding. With Jive, you can blend formal classroom training with informal on-the-job learning, and enable subject experts to create additional content as needed.Effective senior management Communications - employees do not always feel well informed on strategic direction and leadership doesn’t have a handle on the sentiment or challenges in their organization. In this use case executives can blog or video blog frequently, answer comments from employees and post discussion topics.Customer Peer Support - this use case deals with the issue many customer support teams are dealing with a high amount of customers with increasingly complex support needs. This use case allows customers to ask and answer one another’s questions without relying on a call center, and customers can find existing questions and answers as they begin to type a new question.
Campaign planning & monitoring - break down & distribute work packages for campaigns & events, track progress, collaborate with agencies on creative work etc.

Deal room/Opportunity collaboration - have a opportunity specific place where sales teams can collaborate - and invite customers optionally to e.g. consume material or discuss questions.

See also this document:
Use Case: Opportunity Collaboration

Knowledge base - store the collective wisdom of your support teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access.Product quality - raise product issues, discuss with SMEs and document decisions on to improve those.IT Support - provide easy access for help.Leadership development- identify and foster future leadership candidates; provide learning and growth opportunities through the platform (e.g. LMS, self-paced learning).Internal Corporate Communications Distribution - are your internal communications not reaching enough employees, nor are they encouraging interaction? By implementing this use case messages are being received by more people through the network effect as employees follow one another, and see in their activity stream when their connections like, bookmark, rate or comment on a message.Product Development with Customers - innovation stops at the firewall – customers and partners are unable to collaborate with employees on product quality and innovation. After this use case is implemented, employees can invite customers to a customer community and bridge key feedback to internal employee communities.
Manage & distribute marketing collaterals - Document life cycle management.

Bid/Project management - have a common "place" where account teams can collaborate on RFIs/RFPs.


See also this document:
Use Case: Project Collaboration

Product information - Manuals & other product related technical documentation.SOP training (Standard Operating Procedures) - Train your staff on SOPs.New technology roll-out - keep your organization in the loop & drive change management through structured communication.Talent management - identify and foster future talents; provide learning and growth opportunities through the platform (e.g. LMS, self-paced learning).Communication team planning - allow your corporate communication team to prepare & draft their messaging before going "on air".Customer Prospect Knowledge Sharing -prospects place more trust in peer recommendations and third party content found via organic search. Customers, partners, employees and prospects can share information about the company’s solutions and services via discussions in topic based groups.
Marketing & Sales collaboration - share information on upcoming campaigns, activities, events, PR, etc.Effective Sales Training -engaging and effective virtual training experience in which the trainers can engage with the sales reps during the self-paced training program.

Ticket resolution by Crowdsourcing - give your Customer Support team a tool to get answers from Subject Matter experts through crowdsourcing.


See also this document:

Use Case: Ticket Resolution By Crowdsourcing

SOP compliance - adherence to SOPs. Storage, versioning, distributing, periodic review, storage of results.IT Project management- gather project team members, collaborate and track progress.HR support - store the collective wisdom of your HR teams. Curate knowledge and make sure everyone in the organization has easy access e.g. benefits, social security, vacation etc. information.Mergers & acquisitions - keep your organization in the loop & drive change management through structured communication & engagement.In-Person Events Online - this use case addresses the challenge of connecting with customers who can’t attend events and leveraging the enthusiasm of those who can. Event Marketers can pre-load groups with conference schedules, Twitter feeds, customer testimonial videos, contest details, polls, blog posts and presentations.
Track effectiveness of marketing material - gather feedback from Sales teams on how well customers perceive collaterals.Sales enablement - provide on-going information (battle cards, product information, market insights, analyst reports, webinars & videos etc.) for your sales team.Quality Management - Tracking deviations against SOP processes and Corrective Action/Preventative Action processes (CAPA).Affinity groups - provide space where groups may form around a shared interest or common goal.Global leadership collaboration - provide your management a place to discuss decisions, strategize on plans and exchange experiences to help each other grow and do a better job.

Campaign collaboration - collaborate on documents regarding marketing campaigns for marketing teams.


See also this document:

Use Case: Campaign Collaboration

Community of sales best practices - provide a platform for sales reps to discuss which tactics / strategies work best, exchange ideas and help each other grow and do a better job.Global innovation challenge- growth of your organisation can result in siloed collaboration across multiple companies, inhibiting the company’s ability to capitalize on its collective expertise. This use case enables employees to post questions in topical places where colleagues across geographies and companies can be immediately notified and respond, in addition they can use Jive to search internal and external networks for expertise.


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This package was developed by Aurea to support you in maintaining your current ACRM implementation.


The package will be sized on your requirements. It exists out of three building blocks:

  1. Custom Code Maintenance - we try to prevent as much as possible to write custom code while we are creating your processes in your CRM system. Sometimes it cannot be prevented though, like if you want to do a complete custom integration with a third party system, like an ERP system. For example to have a completely customized order- or offer creation process where you have to configure a product using a complicated configuration process implemented in your ERP system. Or, maybe you have custom code in your current system due to historic reasons. With the Custom Code Maintenance building block, we will try to standardize functionality realized through customer code development as much as possible with out of the box Aurea CRM functionality. And, if not possible, we will review the code, rewrite if possible to make it future proof, and maintain it as part of this service.
  2. Configuration Maintenance - this building block includes all activities around the maintenance of the configuration of your Aurea CRM system. CRM processes, business logics and reports which are not put of the box included in Aurea CRM or your industry template, are not supported by Aurea's support desk. Also real-time interfaces are not covered by your standard support contract. This building block resolves this, as it includes error remediation, small changes like adding a catalogue value, answering of questions and small tasks like one off import of data.
  3. Configuration Extension - this package will allow you to implement changes in your configuration. This includes the set up of additional modules, additional add-ons (like and CRM.pad), setup of new reports, interfaces and processes.


How much does this service cost?

First we determine with you which building blocks you want to be part of the Application Maintenance Services. If you want your configuration to be maintained as part of your Professional Services package, we will conduct a review of the set up of your Aurea CRM system. If your system also contains custom code, this building block will automatically become part of your package. Based on this review we will be able to provide a proposal for the maintenance of your system. If you want changes as defined in the Configuration Extension building block also to be included in the service, we will perform a workshop with you to determine the scope. Based on the agreed scope we are able to add this service also to the proposed package.


The offer can exist out of a flat fee over one or multiple years during which we will offer the service. The advantage is that you get a very transparent pricing model, your services costs will be very predictable in the future during the contract period. An alternative is to offer the service based on UV's (Units of Value). In this case we will provide the services by using units of value upfront purchased by you. The UV's spent will be deducted from your balance based on a specific conversion between units of value and man-days. This model gives you enormous flexibility. If you need additional UV's, you can simply purchase an additional envelope of UV's. If you decide for a multi-year agreement, it is even possible to carry over part of your UV's from one year to the next, if for some reason you didn't need to spend all UV's during that year.


Delivery Model

We operate with global teams staffed with experts who are specialized in various aspects of services delivery and products. The services will be delivered in a model that is very similar to the assembly line approach where services are fragmented into smaller individual parts, each being delivered by a corresponding expert. There are numerous advantages to this delivery model, for example you will not depend anymore on your on-site consultant as in the traditional model to deliver services, which makes you much less vulnerable. At the same time this model is very scalable due to the fact our consultants are specialised in a very specific element of the complicated system and do not need all-round knowledge. We have hiring pipelines set up for these specialized roles, which allows us to scale up rapidly.






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Want to expand the capabilities of your Aurea CRM implementation? Consider a Strategic Program from our Professional Services team.

Strategic Programs are one-off projects that Aurea Professional Services can execute for you. We typically determine the scope together and then deliver the projects based on a fixed price.

What can you do with a strategic Program?


  • Create a tailor-built mobile app. We’ll help you build a ready-to-use mobile app with data integration into Aurea CRM. These apps can contain very specific processes that cannot be realized using the CRMpad mobile app but still leverage the data in your ACRM database.
  • Creation of ready to use mobile apps with data integration into Aurea CRM. These apps can contain very specific processes which cannot be realised using the CRMpad mobile app but still leverages the data in your ACRM database.
  • Implement Master Data Management. Our Master Data Management Strategic Program provides the three components of a unified data management strategy: application integration, master data management and domain-specific data quality services.
  • Many more. If you need to customize Aurea CRM, we can help. Get in touch to learn more about how our Strategic Programs can maximize your deployment.






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Aurea has developed this package to assist you in gaining additional ROI with your ACRM implementation by increasing adoption and/or the number of implemented use cases.


What do you get?

Together, we will perform an Annual Maturity Assessment to determine usage (user acceptance, user satisfaction), adoption (feature adoption and overall adoption of the solution throughout your organization), and tech health of your ACRM implementation to provide a better experience to your customers. For more information on Maturity Assessments, please review this page.


In addition, we’ll perform quarterly reviews to determine if adoption and usage are developing in the right direction. Each quarter, we’ll also design the features (including on-site workshops) to deliver against the roadmap created during your Annual Value Assessment. Finally, we’ll implement new features (like opportunity management, campaign management, lead nurturing, etc.) and ACRM components (like marketing automation, mobile CRM, and connectors for groupware like Exchange, Domino, Google). Through a quarterly deployment, we will release the changes required to drive adoption. More information on this package is in the White Paper.


Are there any limitations?

This package does not include the implementation of other Aurea products like Jive, CXMessenger, CXProcess and CXMonitor  While you can use many of these programs for free as part of our Prime program, please refer to the New Launch packages for Jive, CXMessenger, CXProcess and CXMonitor for implementation details.






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Erik Draijer

Aurea CRM New Launch

Posted by Erik Draijer Employee Jan 19, 2018

The Aurea CRM New Launch Package is designed to support you with implementing your new ACRM system. ACRM is extremely flexible software that can be configured to your unique needs. Therefore, the success of CRM software in your organization is completely dependent on the quality of the implementation. At Aurea, we’ve captured our enormous amount of experience implementing CRM software in the unique Aurea Services Methodology that all our Project Managers and Experts have been trained around. This methodology is a prescriptive, cost-effective way to implement ACRM in any organisation.


More than 70% of CRM implementations fail. Be sure you get it right with our unique methodology!


Reasons for CRM failures

Aurea Services Methodology

Lack of Clear goals

Clear goal setting during the Target & Scope Assessment.

Leaders fail to involve end users

Includes  both senior leaders and leaders of the specific teams who will use the ACRM system.

No involvement from an executive sponsor

Sets clear goals regarding the implementation with an executive sponsor. Throughout  the implementation we continue to measure and report against these goals.

Data quality issues

Master Data Management and Data Hygiene measures can be established to ensure you have the highest quality data in your ACRM system.

IT and Business are not equally involved

We work extensively with IT (including technical assessments during integration) and members of your business teams (defining processes, etc.)



What do you get?

With the Aurea CRM New Launch Package, you get much more than just a one-time CRM implementation. You get a fully installed, ready to use ACRM system including reporting and data integration, plus custom configuration.


The package is designed to ensure your CRM implementation can change easily as your organization and processes do. We not only perform the initial implementation, but also continue to implement your future requirements. Need help defining a roadmap during the years following the implementation? Please take a look as well at our Adoption Services package to help you drive adoption within your organisation and ensure your investment will have a great ROI.


What functionality is included in the package?

The New Launch Package consists of three modules: Sales, Marketing and Services. The Sales Module contains all use cases within the Sales Module, one report and one data interface. The same is true for the Marketing and Services modules. The different modules can be stacked. For example: you can decide to implement two modules: Sales and Services. In this case you can get all desired use cases within the Sales and Services modules and two data interfaces and two reports.


Just a few of our extensive list of standard, ready-to-use use cases include:






Lead Management

        Opportunity Management      

Offer Management

Order Management

Campaign Management

Event Management

Aurea Campaign Manager Integration

Lead Nurturing

Complaint Management

Service Level Management

      Installed Base Management     

Knowledge Base




For a more detailed description of our methodology, and how we ensure that all your requirements are realized, please read this White Paper.



Contract period

Each contract covers three years. After the initial implementation, we will perform an annual enhancement to implement changes required to continue to drive success of the ACRM solution within your organisation.





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Aurea CRM Accelerators are small packages of services that address very specific issues with your ACRM implementation. For example, an Exchange connector may not be behaving or performing as expected, you may need to set up an SAP integration, or you may need training for your internal team members. All of these issues and more can be addressed with Aurea CRM Accelerators.


The Aurea Professional Services team offers Aurea CRM Accelerators in three different categories: Integration Accelerators, Application Performance Tuning, and Training and Enablement.


Integration Accelerators

  • Managed Interfaces
    • Implements new interfaces or updates existing interfaces to support real-time needs and improve interface reliability 
    • Provides advanced monitoring
    • Enables real-time visibility across all customer data and integrations
  • Collaboration
    • Integrates Jive into Aurea CRM, so you can create a new discussion or contribute to a group with a single mouse click within Aurea CRM
    • Ideal for sales teams who need to collaborate on a tender, marketing teams who want to share files for a marketing campaign, support organizations who want to resolve customer-reported complaints/tickets by uncovering the knowledge of experts within the organization, and many more use cases
    • For more details about the Aurea CRM Collaboration Accelerator, read the white paper on Collaboration.
  • Connector Configuration
    • Assists with the implementation of a new or update of an existing CRM connector for Exchange or Domino
    • Increases performance, speed, and overall stability of the CRM connector
  • SAP Connector
    • Establishes a connection to SAP to capture and integrate SAP data in real time
    • Allows you to create a 360-degree view of your customer in Aurea CRM
    • For more details, read the white paper on our SAP Connector.
  • Customer Portal
    • Seamlessly integrates Jive with Aurea CRM for borderless communities, such as customer support and customer self-service
    • Optimizes customer engagement and improves customer experience
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Delivers integrated lead nurturing capabilities between Aurea CRM and your Aurea email marketing system
    • Includes ongoing integration support


Application Performance Tuning

  • Performance Tuning
    • Delivers a configuration analysis, index creation, and query optimization
    • Increases overall system performance and speed
  • Move to Cloud
    • Migrates your existing on-premise Aurea CRM solution to the Cloud
    • Delivers improved reliability, performance, and security, along with managed services access to new releases and functionality
  • Data Hygiene
    • Improves data consistency and quality through removal of duplicate data and delivery of a data hygiene analysis
    • Helps ensure accurate marketing data for the best marketing results


Training and Enablement

  • Small Group Training
    • Delivers targeted, on-site training to address specific business and operational needs
    • Training sessions may focus on administration, development, workflow, connector, process, or customized requirements.


Aurea CRM Accelerators help you achieve optimized, targeted value from your ACRM implementation. For more information, contact your account manager.





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Erik Draijer

Software Solutions

Posted by Erik Draijer Employee Jan 15, 2018

As you know, it’s part of our business model to regularly acquire software companies. And each time we buy a new company, we add their software titles to our Aurea Prime program — giving customers like you the chance to use millions of dollars in enterprise software for free. It’s a powerful way to create integrated solutions for your organization, without adding significant cost. In this blog post, I’ll focus on one combination of Aurea Prime products that customers are using with great success: Aurea CRM, Jive, and CX Process.


Naturally, the people working in your organization — and the knowledge they have — are important assets in your organization. During the implementation of your ACRM software, you created a platform on which your customer facing teams store a lot of valuable data regarding your customers. Basically, this platform makes it easier for your people to work together with customers, storing all the customer knowledge they acquire, and make it available to everyone across your organization.


At the same time, there is much more knowledge than just the data from customers. There is knowledge on the products and services you offer to customers, and knowledge around infrastructure, facilities, legal, human resources, and more. Jive (available with Aurea Prime) is the ideal platform to facilitate storage of this knowledge, and to facilitate greater collaboration among your employees. It’s a state-of-the-art social intranet and collaboration platform that allows you to collaborate on documentation, start discussions, and serve as a central hub for all kinds of resources — from ERP systems to core banking and finance systems and beyond.


At Aurea Professional Services, we offer standard, out of the box integrations between Aurea CRM and Jive, so you can create a ton of powerful use cases — like responding faster and more accurately to customer inquiries that hit your ACRM system, work together on a bid or sharing and collaborating on creative material of a marketing campaign.


Once you’re properly capturing knowledge and using it to drive collaboration, you also need the right processes to ensure you’re complying with laws and regulations (like GDPR), as well as managing risks and delivering the right quality. To implement these processes and delegate the management of these processes to the right stakeholders in the organisation, it is a good idea to implement a Business Process Management (BPM) tool.


The effectivity of BPM is dramatically improved if integrated into the two aforementioned platforms. When BPM is integrated into your CRM solution, customer requests or other events in your CRM solution can trigger processes within the BPM environment. For non-customer facing members in your team, the social intranet/collaboration platform can be the hub to access these processes and provide input.


Aurea is the only vendor who has a great CRM solution in its portfolio and combines this with a state of the art social intranet/collaboration platform and a modern BPM solution. These software products are very important building blocks for your solution. Your advantage is that all these solutions are from the same vendor, with standard integration use cases, and you can make use of these solutions with limited costs using the Prime program!


Another interesting document on this topic is this White Paper.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what we can do to create the ideal, tailor made solution for you!












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I'm happy to welcome you to our new community on AureaWorks, dedicated to Professional Services. This community will help us to bring our message to you, to understand what you want from us and to connect you to our expert strategists and consultants. You will learn in this community how we can help you make the Aurea enterprise software to be successful in your organisation. You will notice it is not all about technology... although very important the technology is working well, it is more about strategy, adoption and how we can deliver the consultancy to create and deliver to an exciting roadmap tailor made for your organisation.


We have a vision on how we can make you more successful with our software. How Prime can really become an exciting program for creating a solution for your organisation. Because in the end driving adoption in your company is dependent on the fact if we succeed in transforming our portfolio of products into a great, integrated solution for your organisation. We're excited about the opportunities these great software titles give us, we'd love to speak to you, our customers, about it. And I'm very much excited we have this great community to discuss all the possibilities with you!


I think we have created great, standard packages to help you with your technical problems, adoption issues and/or expansion needs. All our packages are listed and explained within this community. I'm looking forward to learn from you what you think about our Professional Services packages!


If you have any problems regarding technology which goes beyond the scope of your Support contract, if you have problems with the adoption of our software within your organisation or if you want to utilise enterprise software within the Prime program and want professional guidance on how to fit this software in your environment and integrate it with your current Aurea and non-Aurea enterprise software, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other Professional Services leaders within this community. We're happy to help you out and love to discuss with you on which solution we can build for you!


Welcome to the AureaWorks Professional Services community!


Erik Draijer

Program Director Aurea CRM Professional Services





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At Aurea Professional Services, our Maturity Assessments help you define a roadmap to improve software adoption  within your organization. CRM software is implemented in the heart of your organization: processes related to every communication to and from your customers are implemented and/or automated in your CRM system. Do you ever struggle with the following questions:


- How can I use and respond to requests coming from different channels, including social media?

- How do I set up processes to respond to all these requests on time and in the proper channel?

- How do I make sure my organisation is collaborating and sharing knowledge to come up with the right responses?

- How do I increase adoption of my CRM system so I can get the best result from my investment?


If so, a Maturity Assessment is the right approach. A Maturity Assessment is a set of activities executed by Aurea's Professional Services in a workshop format. Throughout  the workshop, we address topics like customer satisfaction, user adoption and feature adoption — and also spend time determining  your program’s current state of maturity using Aurea’s CRM maturity scale. Then, we work together with you to establish a program vision, and provide specific recommendations to achieve that vision.


CRM Maturity Model


How much does it cost? The good news is that a one time Maturity Assessment is free of charge! Please contact your account manager or put a comment directly below this page — and for even more information on Maturity Assessments for ACRM, take a look at this White Paper.






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