• Jive Authentication Services FAQ

    What is authentication? What does this mean for a Jive community? Can Jive itself be an identity system? What authentication types does Jive support? SAML LDAP ADFS oAuth Kerberos (On Pre...
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  • Aurea Unlimited Implementation Bundles

    Aurea Unlimited Implementation Bundles
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  • Jive 9 On-premises Upgrade Checklist

    It is important to complete these tasks before an upgrade. Also see Upgrading. Customizations can be reapplied after the upgrade if they have been upgraded or are already compatible with the new version of Jive. # Tas...
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  • Custom Theming in Jive

    Take a deeper dive into the various components of the Jive User Experience, including theme, configuration, content, and strategy. What is a Custom Theme?  When we talk about customizing the Jive platform through th...
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  • On-premises Hardware Sizing Questionnaire

    There are many factors to consider when determining the initial size of your Jive installation. This questionnaire is designed to surface the most important ones. The answers to these questions will help Jive recommen...
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  • Jive 9 On-premises Installation Checklist

    Complete this checklist to help ensure that your new Jive installation is set up correctly. Also see Installing Jive. # Task Details Done in Dev? Done in QA? Done in Pre-prod? 1 Select hosts Bare metal or virtual ma...
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  • How to Deploy Customizations to On-premises Installations

    WAR File Theme Archive etc.zip Plugin Below are instructions for installing custom artifacts delivered by Jive Professional Services in Jive 4, 5, 6 and 7+ installations. Each section is self containe...
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  • Welcome to Jive Professional Services!

      Welcome to Jive Professional Services!  Before you start exploring the space, read on to learn a little bit more about who we are, what we do and how to contact us.     What is Jive Professional Services (PS) and wh...
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  • Technical Preparations for a Move to Jive Cloud

    Overview The article walks you through the concepts and steps involved in transferring your Jive databases and binary storage to Jive's data center for a move from an on-prem Jive installation to Jive Cloud.   Over...
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  • XML Content Migration Documentation

    Overview XML Content Migrations are one of several strategies for migrating customer data from legacy systems to Jive. It is primarily used for migrations from source systems for which Jive Professional Services does ...
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  • Jive for SharePoint On-Premise v5 Planner document template

    General Directions and guidelines for PS folks:   Copy down this template file and share a copy of it with the customer Add the customers name to the file name when you first save it as a new document file It is re...
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  • On-premises installation pre-engagement checklist

    Success at-a-glance Detailed requirements descriptions Oracle Drivers Common pitfalls during the installation Missing root access to all of the servers Missing admin access to the database OCI bi...
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  • Guide to Authentication and User Sync

    This document is meant to serve as a high level guide to authentication and user sync. Authentication                                                 User Sync Terminology and Related Info   Authent...
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  • How To: Add Struts Interceptors at Runtime

    Problem  Consider the scenario: custom web services in a plugin allow for the creation and management of social groups.  For these social groups created via these web services, the ability for anyone to modify the se...
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  • Jive for SharePoint V4 Questionnaire

    Questionnaire to complete in Professional Services Jive for SharePoint V4 implementation engagements   If V3 implementation, please use: Jive for SharePoint V3 Questionnaire
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  • Jive for SharePoint V3 Questionnaire

    Questionnaire to complete in Professional Services Jive for SharePoint V3 implementation engagements   If V4 implementation, please use: Jive for SharePoint V4 Questionnaire
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  • Professional Services Add-On Solutions List

    Name Detail Documentation Availability Admin Essentials The Admin Essentials Add-On is a Cloud friendly/upgrade friendly PS offering that replaces the Ryan Rutan Admin Essentials plugin functionality. Admin E...
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  • Jive PS SAML SSO Questionnaire Template Form

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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Jive 8

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning for Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them, specific to Jiv...
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  • Admin Essentials FAQ

    Overview What is it? What does it do? The History of the Admin Essentials tools How do I get it? Important note about support for this plugin How do I access the features once I have it install...
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