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Jive Anywhere

2 Posts authored by: amir.leshem

JA 3.1 is a maintenance release with small improvements.



  • Cartridges SDK 3.1 (documentation file is attached)
  • Fixed performance issue while viewing long discussion threads
  • Cartridges with an empty URL pattern are no longer loaded
  • Added "Reload" button to the Cartridge's list in the Settings page
  • Improved Cartridge Builder's selector suggestion logic


You can download JA from the Tools page in Jive.

Jive Anywhere 3.0 is now available for download. It includes the following changes and new features with a big emphasis on Cartridges SDK:


  • Improved user experience with new styles and icons that match the Jive 8 look and feel.
  • "Who-liked" popup is displayed when clicking the likes counter link.
  • The Post-in control in new discussion dialogue now appears below the content input.
  • Max thread indentation level of replies has been increased for cartridges like OWA and Gmail.
  • Dropped support for IE8.
  • Cartridges SDK 3.0
    • Cartridges can now be easily developed using the popular AngularJS framework (included in the SDK) by injecting jive-aware frames into the DOM.
    • The entire set of UI controls (AngularJS directives) used by Jive Anywhere can be re-used in cartridge's frames. You can use elements like user-picker, at-mentions, popups, avatars, jview and more in your cartridge without the need to write UI code.
    • The entire CSS library and icons used by Jive Anywhere is automatically imported into cartridge's frames.
    • Include your own set of CSS and image files into your cartridge using relative paths.
    • Backward compatible with SDK 2.1 - 2.3

You can read more details about the whole new Cartridges SDK 3.0 for Jive Anywhere

Chrome, Firefox and Safari users of Jive Anywhere should get the update automatically (if allowed by IT).

New users of all browsers, and existing users of IE can download it here:

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Firefox

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Safari

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for IE9 or higher


Important notice for IE users, please consider the following changes before updating to the new version of Jive Anywhere:

  • IE8 is no longer supported by Jive Anywhere 3.0
  • Any version of IE: Web-pages running in compatibility view (including OWA2010 and many other old intranet webapps) make the engine run in IE5/7/8 modes and therefore are no longer supported by Jive Anywhere 3.0. For those web-pages the discuss button will not be displayed and cartridges will be disabled.

If the above limitations are an issue, please keep using Jive Anywhere 2.3.2:


Download Jive Anywhere 2.3.2 for IE8


In case you haven't updated your OWA, Gmail and Google Drive cartridges for long time ago, please make sure to do so otherwise its functionality might break with Jive Anywhere 3.0