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I'm very pleased to announce the availability of Jive Anywhere v2.3, which includes the following new features (some of which you may have tested in the Jive Anywhere Labs version)


  • Cartridge Builder - create your own cartridges with an intuitive user interface. Less programming skills, more user friendly (For more information check out this video tutorial
  • Structured Outcomes – view, edit and create outcomes for discussions and comments.
  • Suggest watched sites (requires EAPIs 3.1 or higher) – let users suggest their watched sites for the global notification whitelist
  • Cartridges SDK 2.3
    • Added onUnload() event to module.js.
    • Added getLikes() and structured outcomes APIs to clientFacade.



  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint popups positioning


To download the new version (it won't auto-update yet) please follow one of these links:


The Chrome extension will be updated in the Web Store shortly.


New documentation for the SDK can be found here:

Cartridge Builder documentation: