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Announcing Jive Anywhere Labs

Posted by mavital Employee Jul 15, 2014

In the spirit of iterating early and often, along with the newly announced Jive Anywhere v2.2 general availability release, we are announcing a brand new program: Jive Anywhere Labs. The Jive Anywhere Labs version is meant for developers and power users who want to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements we introduce to Jive Anywhere, prior to their general availability. The latest version of Jive Anywhere Labs is v2.3, and is available only through the Chrome store, which will allow us to auto-update new versions only to users who wish to take advantage of the Labs version.


The beta version includes the following features:

  • Structured Outcomes - now you can see, and set, Structured Outcomes via Jive Anywhere
  • Cartridge Builder - The ability to build cartridges via the SDK isn't new, but now you can build them directly through the Jive Anywhere client with an intuitive user interface. Less programming skills, more user friendly, cartridges are a great way to expand and customize the reach of Jive Anywhere on sites of your choosing.


Instructions for using Jive Anywhere Labs:

  • Uninstall any existing version of Jive Anywhere in your Chrome browser before installing the Labs version
  • Refer to the following documentation to help you:
  • Give us your feedback! We want to hear from you on how you like the new features introduced in JA Labs.

I am excited to announce the availability of Jive Anywhere version 2.2, which brings with it many improvements and new features.


New features in Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Cartridges tab - now available in the Settings page, you can view all available cartridges for your default Community.
  • Lock down your default Community - Using the existing MSI parameter to define the default Community now allows you to permanently set this as your users' default Jive Community. This will allow you to control which Cartridges can be applied to your Community - as only Cartridges in the default Community are used - and prevent Cartridges from other Communities from being applied. This will not limit your users' ability to add additional Communities if they wish.
  • Watched Sites - Jive Anywhere already has existing discussion indicators for sites that are defined by the Community's admin. But if you want to also add your own personal Watched Sites so that you can see existing discussion indicator for those sites, you can now do this easily through the Jive Anywhere Settings page. For those who aren't yet familiar with this awesome feature, the existing discussion indicator shows you - by changing the appearance of the Jive Anywhere Discuss tab - when a discussion about the page you're on already exists in your default Jive Community. Now you can very easily tell when discussions already exist without having to open Jive Anywhere.
  • New Cartridge SDK Features - we're building onto the existing SDK with new features. The new SDK is posted here in the Jive Developers space.
    • Added support for multiple cartridges on a single web page
    • API for storing local data of cartridges
    • API for embedding HTML element styles
    • Added the ability to embed discussion comments on a page without embedding the full discussion including the original post.


Additional changes in Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Fixes and improvements
    • Improved stability for Internet Explorer (requires full installation of the MSI)
    • Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox 29 or higher
    • Fixed an issues with the Like button
    • Removed the default cartridges (LinkedIn, TechCrunch, Salesforce) from the main client install and provided them as server side installs for greater flexibility. These cartridges are now available on this page for upload to your server.


Additions and improvements to Jive Anywhere Cartridges in v2.2

  • Gmail
    • Added support for the Preview Pane - now if you have the Preview Pane lab feature enabled, you will still be able to fully utilize Jive Anywhere's Gmail cartridge with its enhanced email notification view.
    • Added support for delegated users in Gmail
    • Fixed issue where file attachments were not converted correctly with latest version of Gmail
    • Various fixes for stability issues
  • OWA 2010
    • Various fixes for stability issues
  • Google Drive Cartridge
    • Various fixes for stability issues
    • This cartridge is not the same as the Google Drive integration, this is a separate free cartridge with different functionality.
  • LinkedIn
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • SalesForce
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • TechCrunch
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • StackOverflow
    • A new free cartridge now available for the StackOverflow site
    • This is available as part of the new SDK posted here.


Known issues with Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Due to technical differences with Safari, users of the OWA and Gmail cartridges may experience some issues, particularly regarding attachments. We are investigating ways to deal with this issue given Safari's API limitations.



The MSI for making the new version available to all users is attached to this page, as are all the new cartridges. We will wait one week from today to upload the new version for automatic push to all clients, to give Jive admins the time to take advantage of the new cartridges being separated from the client, so as not to disrupt usage. Please note that Changes to Google Chrome Affecting Jive Anywhere, Chrome users will not be able to get the new version via the standard MSI push.


And if all this was not enough, we will shortly be announcing a Jive Anywhere v2.3 beta, which brings with it additional features and capabilities for customers interested in taking advantage of those. Stay tuned for another blog post in the coming days!