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The New Jive Anywhere v2.1

Posted by mavital Employee Nov 24, 2013

In Jive Anywhere v2 we released many great new features and capabilities to enhance your productivity and more easily integrate Jive with your other enterprise systems.


This new release of Jive Anywhere v2.1 continues this trend by introducing even more great functionality:


  • Selected community can be changed from within the new discussion dialogue
  • Multi-community support for cartridges (cartridges are only loaded from the default community but apply to all communities)
  • New Cartridges APIs (see Jive Anywhere 2.1 SDK)


The following changes require EAPIs v3:

  • Discussions list now display the container name of each discussion
  • Mark as question is now checked if defined as default in the admin console


Bug fixing:

  • Fixed OWA z-index bug with modal dialogues
  • Fixed wrong EAPIs plugin version displayed in settings page
  • Emoticons are now displayed correctly in jView
  • Fixed issue with getting instance name and favicon from instances without a license to Jive for Office (see The new way of theming JA)
  • Fixed wrong likes count is displayed in discussions list



Not all features of the new Jive Anywhere are compatible with all version of Jive or all browsers. Please refer to the Jive Anywhere client features compatibility matrix for more details.


Get the newest version of Jive Anywhere now


Chrome, Firefox and Safari users will be auto-updated.


IE users, or admins who wish to use the mass-deployment feature can use one of the following links: