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Jive Anywhere v2 is released!

Posted by mavital Employee Jul 15, 2013

Since the recent Jive Anywhere v1.2 release and the many improvements it brought, we've been working hard to make Jive Anywhere an even more integral part of your productivity and workflow solutions.

This release includes:

  • A complete design overhaul
  • Better socialize content from within your network by using Jive Anywhere to share discussions or specific snapshots of conversations with other audiences
  • Connect to multiple Jive networks to easily start or tap into conversations with the right group of people.
  • A powerful SDK to tailor not only Jive Anywhere's functionality, but also to extend and integrate your existing enterprise web apps without touching their code. (I honestly didn't even know this was possible until our engineers showed off their amazing innovations here. It blew my mind!)



The new look of Jive Anywhere


More than just giving it a fresh new style, the design and user experience changes that we're making in Jive Anywhere have been focused on making it intuitive to use, associating it more closely with your network, and integrating it into your daily web experience.


A clear call to action


Minor changes can add up to a big impact, and we've started by changing the initial point of engagement with Jive Anywhere to focus on the purpose: discussions.




The first thing you'll notice is that we changed the tab in your browser from the Jive logo to discuss, making it more in keeping with the discussion paradigm within your network. We're also now showing your network's favicon on the tab, making it easier for people to associate this tab with your network's brand. An improved walkthrough experience will also help new users understand the functionality and how to use Jive Anywhere.


Focus on purpose


When you start using the new version, you'll notice that every part of the experience has been streamlined to make it clear what you can and should be doing with Jive Anywhere. When no has started the conversation yet for a given page, we've reshaped the entire dashboard to lead the user right into starting a new discussion if they wish.




More than just beautiful design, we're helping you understand your audience and impact. We're adding the network name (in this case the Jive Community) that you'll be posting to right at the top. Click the button to start a new discussion, and a completely redone and optimized experience awaits!




Every aspect of this discussion is now easier to manage too. Change the title with a click, preview and remove snapshots at will, and have the conversation with the right place, person, or people.



Connect to the right audience, anywhere


Look closely at the screenshots above and you'll notice 2 Jive Anywhere tabs with 2 favicons. This is not just a trick! Rather, it's one of the many new features we've introduced in this release.


Support for connecting to multiple networks


Now you can connect Jive Anywhere to any network that supports it, and you don't have to stop at just one. If you have one or more internal networks as well as a public community (and of course you should!), or you regularly visit the Jive Community or Jive Preview sites, or you work with other businesses using Jive, this is a great new option for working effectively across sites.


For each Jive community that you connect to, you will see (where supported based on version and setting) the favicon in the browser tab, and the network name when you hover your mouse over the favicon. You will also see, as in the screenshots above, the name prominently displayed when starting a new discussion or viewing existing discussions. Click the icon at the top left to be taken directly to your site.


Cross-pollinate ideas by sharing content within a network.


In previous versions of Jive Anywhere, we had the tab hidden when you were on the site you had it connected to. Based on your feedback, we heard the need to easily spawn new conversations or share specific pieces of long threads with others. Now you can use Jive Anywhere anywhere, by default!


A few ideas to whet your palette: did someone mark a comment as needing action or decision in one place, and you want to have a discussion about it in another? Click Discuss, take a Snapshot of the comment or action item in question, and start a new discussion about it with another audience. Want to further discuss a particular comment, without disrupting the existing conversation? Start a new discussion, include a snapshot! (Of course, if you don't want this, you can always set Jive Anywhere to ignore your own site, and we'll hide the tab.)


Socialize existing websites with the powerful SDK


Bring the right context into every conversation


The power of Jive Anywhere lies in its ability to extend to any webpage and connect you with the power of your network, anywhere. In most cases this is done with default information from that page that is automatically pushed into a discussion. Of course, we've long had cartridges for LinkedIn, SalesForce, and TechCrunch that augment the default information with other data we specifically identified as relevant and important. You'll know a cartridge is enabled on any given page when you see a custom icon and text at the top of the tab:




The newly released SDK now allows you to develop custom cartridges for any webpage of web accessible system in your enterprise. For example, build a cartridge for your CRM to pull in the specific fields that are most relevant to your sales or marketing organizations. But, it doesn't stop there!


Socialize existing enterprise apps without touching their code


Jive Anywhere can deliver Chrome Extension-like capabilities to modify the page you're viewing, in every browser. For example, take your CMS to the next level by embedding relevant conversations directly alongside a document. Here, see a list of documents in SharePoint with an indicator on the one with an active discussion in Jive:



And, bring the full rich discussion view and capabilities into any page, making unsocial systems into elegant collaborative experiences. Here again in SharePoint:



With the documentation provided for the SDK, any developer can easily create and upload cartridges that are specific to your business needs in as little as a few hours to provide a simple, one-click integration with your most critical enterprise applications.


We are excited to help better connect your people and applications across with these new features and experience, extending the reach of your network, increasing adoption and engagement, and lowering the barrier to sharing the business-critical information that your fuels your enterprise.


Get the newest version of Jive Anywhere now


Chrome, Firefox and Safari users will be auto-updated. (Chrome update will be available later today on the Web Store)


IE users, or admins who wish to use the mass-deployment feature can use one of the following links:


Cartridges SDK Starter Pack: