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Jive Anywhere v1.1.5 is a maintenance release addressing the following issues:


  • JA is unable to sign in with Firefox 18 (already fixed in JA 1.1.4 silent update).
  • JA is unable to connect to servers running the upcoming EAPI v2.1 beta.
  • Chrome is not automatically detected by the MSI installer if it was installed for All Users.
  • Profile preview popup might stuck with a "Loading..." message.
  • After installing JAB extension directly from the Tools page, "Null" appears as the instance URL field in settings page.
  • New discussion dialogue display might be corrupted in Chrome.
  • Duplicated @mention icons may appear with Jive SBS 5.0.5, 6.0.2 and 7.0.x.
  • Minor UI fixes


Known issues of the 1.1.5 release:


  • If the Jive instance does not respond when trying to connect, the user cannot stop the process.
  • Viewing a discussion in the Jive Anywhere tab, when that discussion was posted by a user that was deleted from the system, will cause Jview to get stuck in  "Loading..." state
  • When a user tries to view a discussion posted in group he is not authorized for, he will not receive an error and the user will still have the "Disconnect Group" button available, but it will not work as user is not authorized for the group.
  • UI allows the user to post a private discussion to himself