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The fundamental principle in using a social business solution is to enable people to engage, collaborate, share, find information all with one goal: to make work more productive. It is all about bringing people together to collaborate in an efficient way and move the business forward.


However, most of the items a team needs to engage with are focused on things like files (e.g. spreadsheets, documents and presentations), Web content (like an article, blog, or company web site) and line of business systems (think SAP, Eloqua, While general purpose discussions are very important, in the majority of the cases what we really need to discuss are steps throughout existing processes. These are the problems we've been tackling at Jive. A year ago we focused on tackling the Office and Outlook applications to enable real social engagement when users need to collaborate on Office files and emails, but now we are going beyond that, way beyond that with a new product called Jive Anywhere!


Jive Anywhere lives in your browser, any browser, on any OS, and lets you do one thing – instantly collaborate on anything you can run in a browser!


So you see a new review on your competitor’s product and you want to share and engage, no need to copy a URL to your email and send to a long list of people, simply click on the Jive Anywhere tab in your browser and invite the right people to engage and collaborate. They can do so from Jive or directly from the actual page in the browser.


A recruiter finds a great candidate on linkedin and wants to start collaborating with a team to bring them on board, all they need to do is click on the Jive Anywehre tab and invite the hiring team to collaborate on bringing that person on board.


Using a CRM system, want to engage a wider team around an opportunity? Simply use Jive Anywhere to start a discussion or create a dedicated Jive group where multiple people can work together to close this deal.


The real beauty of Jive anywhere is that it works, instantly, on all web properties, SAP, Salesforce, Netsuite, LinkedIn, CNN, TechCrunch, Twitter, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and so many more sites. No need to customize, no need to build, no need to integrate, no need to even mention the words “Code” or “API”, install it and start using it!


We can’t wait to see you all starting to use this great new addition to the Jive platform (And it’s FREE!).


So how do you think you could use this product? we’d love to hear from you