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Jive Anywhere

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Hey all,



A quick update regarding the issues of Jive Anywhere with Firefox version >= 43.



As you know since Firefox 40, Mozilla has introduce an extension signing process, and in the latest Firefox 44, Mozilla has pulled the plug and prevents unsigned extension to load, with no way to override it.

We have been working on getting the JA extension signed and approved, and that took longer then expected.



While we are not yet approved to be listed on the Mozilla Add-ons page, i'm happy to say we have passed their initial review, and you can now download and install the attached signed Add-on to be used with your latest Firefox.



Thank you for you patience.




JA 3.1 is a maintenance release with small improvements.



  • Cartridges SDK 3.1 (documentation file is attached)
  • Fixed performance issue while viewing long discussion threads
  • Cartridges with an empty URL pattern are no longer loaded
  • Added "Reload" button to the Cartridge's list in the Settings page
  • Improved Cartridge Builder's selector suggestion logic


You can download JA from the Tools page in Jive.

Jive Anywhere 3.0 is now available for download. It includes the following changes and new features with a big emphasis on Cartridges SDK:


  • Improved user experience with new styles and icons that match the Jive 8 look and feel.
  • "Who-liked" popup is displayed when clicking the likes counter link.
  • The Post-in control in new discussion dialogue now appears below the content input.
  • Max thread indentation level of replies has been increased for cartridges like OWA and Gmail.
  • Dropped support for IE8.
  • Cartridges SDK 3.0
    • Cartridges can now be easily developed using the popular AngularJS framework (included in the SDK) by injecting jive-aware frames into the DOM.
    • The entire set of UI controls (AngularJS directives) used by Jive Anywhere can be re-used in cartridge's frames. You can use elements like user-picker, at-mentions, popups, avatars, jview and more in your cartridge without the need to write UI code.
    • The entire CSS library and icons used by Jive Anywhere is automatically imported into cartridge's frames.
    • Include your own set of CSS and image files into your cartridge using relative paths.
    • Backward compatible with SDK 2.1 - 2.3

You can read more details about the whole new Cartridges SDK 3.0 for Jive Anywhere

Chrome, Firefox and Safari users of Jive Anywhere should get the update automatically (if allowed by IT).

New users of all browsers, and existing users of IE can download it here:

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Chrome (Chrome Web Store)

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Firefox

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for Safari

Download Jive Anywhere 3.0.4 for IE9 or higher


Important notice for IE users, please consider the following changes before updating to the new version of Jive Anywhere:

  • IE8 is no longer supported by Jive Anywhere 3.0
  • Any version of IE: Web-pages running in compatibility view (including OWA2010 and many other old intranet webapps) make the engine run in IE5/7/8 modes and therefore are no longer supported by Jive Anywhere 3.0. For those web-pages the discuss button will not be displayed and cartridges will be disabled.

If the above limitations are an issue, please keep using Jive Anywhere 2.3.2:


Download Jive Anywhere 2.3.2 for IE8


In case you haven't updated your OWA, Gmail and Google Drive cartridges for long time ago, please make sure to do so otherwise its functionality might break with Jive Anywhere 3.0


I'm very pleased to announce the availability of Jive Anywhere v2.3, which includes the following new features (some of which you may have tested in the Jive Anywhere Labs version)


  • Cartridge Builder - create your own cartridges with an intuitive user interface. Less programming skills, more user friendly (For more information check out this video tutorial
  • Structured Outcomes – view, edit and create outcomes for discussions and comments.
  • Suggest watched sites (requires EAPIs 3.1 or higher) – let users suggest their watched sites for the global notification whitelist
  • Cartridges SDK 2.3
    • Added onUnload() event to module.js.
    • Added getLikes() and structured outcomes APIs to clientFacade.



  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint popups positioning


To download the new version (it won't auto-update yet) please follow one of these links:


The Chrome extension will be updated in the Web Store shortly.


New documentation for the SDK can be found here:

Cartridge Builder documentation:

Announcing Jive Anywhere Labs

Posted by mavital Employee Jul 15, 2014

In the spirit of iterating early and often, along with the newly announced Jive Anywhere v2.2 general availability release, we are announcing a brand new program: Jive Anywhere Labs. The Jive Anywhere Labs version is meant for developers and power users who want to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements we introduce to Jive Anywhere, prior to their general availability. The latest version of Jive Anywhere Labs is v2.3, and is available only through the Chrome store, which will allow us to auto-update new versions only to users who wish to take advantage of the Labs version.


The beta version includes the following features:

  • Structured Outcomes - now you can see, and set, Structured Outcomes via Jive Anywhere
  • Cartridge Builder - The ability to build cartridges via the SDK isn't new, but now you can build them directly through the Jive Anywhere client with an intuitive user interface. Less programming skills, more user friendly, cartridges are a great way to expand and customize the reach of Jive Anywhere on sites of your choosing.


Instructions for using Jive Anywhere Labs:

  • Uninstall any existing version of Jive Anywhere in your Chrome browser before installing the Labs version
  • Refer to the following documentation to help you:
  • Give us your feedback! We want to hear from you on how you like the new features introduced in JA Labs.

I am excited to announce the availability of Jive Anywhere version 2.2, which brings with it many improvements and new features.


New features in Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Cartridges tab - now available in the Settings page, you can view all available cartridges for your default Community.
  • Lock down your default Community - Using the existing MSI parameter to define the default Community now allows you to permanently set this as your users' default Jive Community. This will allow you to control which Cartridges can be applied to your Community - as only Cartridges in the default Community are used - and prevent Cartridges from other Communities from being applied. This will not limit your users' ability to add additional Communities if they wish.
  • Watched Sites - Jive Anywhere already has existing discussion indicators for sites that are defined by the Community's admin. But if you want to also add your own personal Watched Sites so that you can see existing discussion indicator for those sites, you can now do this easily through the Jive Anywhere Settings page. For those who aren't yet familiar with this awesome feature, the existing discussion indicator shows you - by changing the appearance of the Jive Anywhere Discuss tab - when a discussion about the page you're on already exists in your default Jive Community. Now you can very easily tell when discussions already exist without having to open Jive Anywhere.
  • New Cartridge SDK Features - we're building onto the existing SDK with new features. The new SDK is posted here in the Jive Developers space.
    • Added support for multiple cartridges on a single web page
    • API for storing local data of cartridges
    • API for embedding HTML element styles
    • Added the ability to embed discussion comments on a page without embedding the full discussion including the original post.


Additional changes in Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Fixes and improvements
    • Improved stability for Internet Explorer (requires full installation of the MSI)
    • Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox 29 or higher
    • Fixed an issues with the Like button
    • Removed the default cartridges (LinkedIn, TechCrunch, Salesforce) from the main client install and provided them as server side installs for greater flexibility. These cartridges are now available on this page for upload to your server.


Additions and improvements to Jive Anywhere Cartridges in v2.2

  • Gmail
    • Added support for the Preview Pane - now if you have the Preview Pane lab feature enabled, you will still be able to fully utilize Jive Anywhere's Gmail cartridge with its enhanced email notification view.
    • Added support for delegated users in Gmail
    • Fixed issue where file attachments were not converted correctly with latest version of Gmail
    • Various fixes for stability issues
  • OWA 2010
    • Various fixes for stability issues
  • Google Drive Cartridge
    • Various fixes for stability issues
    • This cartridge is not the same as the Google Drive integration, this is a separate free cartridge with different functionality.
  • LinkedIn
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • SalesForce
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • TechCrunch
    • Previously built into the client, now available as a server side upload
  • StackOverflow
    • A new free cartridge now available for the StackOverflow site
    • This is available as part of the new SDK posted here.


Known issues with Jive Anywhere v2.2

  • Due to technical differences with Safari, users of the OWA and Gmail cartridges may experience some issues, particularly regarding attachments. We are investigating ways to deal with this issue given Safari's API limitations.



The MSI for making the new version available to all users is attached to this page, as are all the new cartridges. We will wait one week from today to upload the new version for automatic push to all clients, to give Jive admins the time to take advantage of the new cartridges being separated from the client, so as not to disrupt usage. Please note that Changes to Google Chrome Affecting Jive Anywhere, Chrome users will not be able to get the new version via the standard MSI push.


And if all this was not enough, we will shortly be announcing a Jive Anywhere v2.3 beta, which brings with it additional features and capabilities for customers interested in taking advantage of those. Stay tuned for another blog post in the coming days!

We wanted to make users of Jive Anywhere in Chrome aware of some changes that Google recently introduced that are affecting the extension in that browser. You can read the details of the Google announcement in the Google Chrome Blog. What this means for Jive Anywhere is that existing installations that were not downloaded via the Google Web Store - for example, any installation pushed out via MSI - will stop working as Google is blocking it. There are two things that you can do to address this change now and in the future.


  1. Allow your IT organization to take advantage of Google's Group Policy
    • Create the following path for group policy of the domain: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallForcelist\
    • Inside ExtensionInstallForcelist create a new string value
  2. For individual users who are currently blocked you can remove the blocked extension and then download a new version from the Web Store or from your company's Tools page in Jive.


Installations on Internet Explorer and Firefox remain unaffected.


We apologize for any issues these changes may cause for anyone. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The New Jive Anywhere v2.1

Posted by mavital Employee Nov 24, 2013

In Jive Anywhere v2 we released many great new features and capabilities to enhance your productivity and more easily integrate Jive with your other enterprise systems.


This new release of Jive Anywhere v2.1 continues this trend by introducing even more great functionality:


  • Selected community can be changed from within the new discussion dialogue
  • Multi-community support for cartridges (cartridges are only loaded from the default community but apply to all communities)
  • New Cartridges APIs (see Jive Anywhere 2.1 SDK)


The following changes require EAPIs v3:

  • Discussions list now display the container name of each discussion
  • Mark as question is now checked if defined as default in the admin console


Bug fixing:

  • Fixed OWA z-index bug with modal dialogues
  • Fixed wrong EAPIs plugin version displayed in settings page
  • Emoticons are now displayed correctly in jView
  • Fixed issue with getting instance name and favicon from instances without a license to Jive for Office (see The new way of theming JA)
  • Fixed wrong likes count is displayed in discussions list



Not all features of the new Jive Anywhere are compatible with all version of Jive or all browsers. Please refer to the Jive Anywhere client features compatibility matrix for more details.


Get the newest version of Jive Anywhere now


Chrome, Firefox and Safari users will be auto-updated.


IE users, or admins who wish to use the mass-deployment feature can use one of the following links:

Jive Anywhere users, I wanted to alert you to some changes coming in the next version of Jive Anywhere in our Fall release later this year. As we continue to grow the integration, adding depth and breadth of features and ensuring we maintain the highest levels of performance, it has become necessary to no longer support the Extended APIs v1.3, and support only v2.1 or above.


The extended APIs v1.3 is an outdated version that has been much improved upon, and the vast majority of customers are already on v2.1 or above. But I wanted to make sure that anyone using Jive Anywhere is aware of this upcoming change and has time to upgrade to a supported version before the release of Jive Anywhere. This is particularly important because Jive Anywhere automatically updates as soon as the new version has been released - unless this has been disabled - and we want to make sure there is no disruption to your usage of JA.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Jive Anywhere v2 is released!

Posted by mavital Employee Jul 15, 2013

Since the recent Jive Anywhere v1.2 release and the many improvements it brought, we've been working hard to make Jive Anywhere an even more integral part of your productivity and workflow solutions.

This release includes:

  • A complete design overhaul
  • Better socialize content from within your network by using Jive Anywhere to share discussions or specific snapshots of conversations with other audiences
  • Connect to multiple Jive networks to easily start or tap into conversations with the right group of people.
  • A powerful SDK to tailor not only Jive Anywhere's functionality, but also to extend and integrate your existing enterprise web apps without touching their code. (I honestly didn't even know this was possible until our engineers showed off their amazing innovations here. It blew my mind!)



The new look of Jive Anywhere


More than just giving it a fresh new style, the design and user experience changes that we're making in Jive Anywhere have been focused on making it intuitive to use, associating it more closely with your network, and integrating it into your daily web experience.


A clear call to action


Minor changes can add up to a big impact, and we've started by changing the initial point of engagement with Jive Anywhere to focus on the purpose: discussions.




The first thing you'll notice is that we changed the tab in your browser from the Jive logo to discuss, making it more in keeping with the discussion paradigm within your network. We're also now showing your network's favicon on the tab, making it easier for people to associate this tab with your network's brand. An improved walkthrough experience will also help new users understand the functionality and how to use Jive Anywhere.


Focus on purpose


When you start using the new version, you'll notice that every part of the experience has been streamlined to make it clear what you can and should be doing with Jive Anywhere. When no has started the conversation yet for a given page, we've reshaped the entire dashboard to lead the user right into starting a new discussion if they wish.




More than just beautiful design, we're helping you understand your audience and impact. We're adding the network name (in this case the Jive Community) that you'll be posting to right at the top. Click the button to start a new discussion, and a completely redone and optimized experience awaits!




Every aspect of this discussion is now easier to manage too. Change the title with a click, preview and remove snapshots at will, and have the conversation with the right place, person, or people.



Connect to the right audience, anywhere


Look closely at the screenshots above and you'll notice 2 Jive Anywhere tabs with 2 favicons. This is not just a trick! Rather, it's one of the many new features we've introduced in this release.


Support for connecting to multiple networks


Now you can connect Jive Anywhere to any network that supports it, and you don't have to stop at just one. If you have one or more internal networks as well as a public community (and of course you should!), or you regularly visit the Jive Community or Jive Preview sites, or you work with other businesses using Jive, this is a great new option for working effectively across sites.


For each Jive community that you connect to, you will see (where supported based on version and setting) the favicon in the browser tab, and the network name when you hover your mouse over the favicon. You will also see, as in the screenshots above, the name prominently displayed when starting a new discussion or viewing existing discussions. Click the icon at the top left to be taken directly to your site.


Cross-pollinate ideas by sharing content within a network.


In previous versions of Jive Anywhere, we had the tab hidden when you were on the site you had it connected to. Based on your feedback, we heard the need to easily spawn new conversations or share specific pieces of long threads with others. Now you can use Jive Anywhere anywhere, by default!


A few ideas to whet your palette: did someone mark a comment as needing action or decision in one place, and you want to have a discussion about it in another? Click Discuss, take a Snapshot of the comment or action item in question, and start a new discussion about it with another audience. Want to further discuss a particular comment, without disrupting the existing conversation? Start a new discussion, include a snapshot! (Of course, if you don't want this, you can always set Jive Anywhere to ignore your own site, and we'll hide the tab.)


Socialize existing websites with the powerful SDK


Bring the right context into every conversation


The power of Jive Anywhere lies in its ability to extend to any webpage and connect you with the power of your network, anywhere. In most cases this is done with default information from that page that is automatically pushed into a discussion. Of course, we've long had cartridges for LinkedIn, SalesForce, and TechCrunch that augment the default information with other data we specifically identified as relevant and important. You'll know a cartridge is enabled on any given page when you see a custom icon and text at the top of the tab:




The newly released SDK now allows you to develop custom cartridges for any webpage of web accessible system in your enterprise. For example, build a cartridge for your CRM to pull in the specific fields that are most relevant to your sales or marketing organizations. But, it doesn't stop there!


Socialize existing enterprise apps without touching their code


Jive Anywhere can deliver Chrome Extension-like capabilities to modify the page you're viewing, in every browser. For example, take your CMS to the next level by embedding relevant conversations directly alongside a document. Here, see a list of documents in SharePoint with an indicator on the one with an active discussion in Jive:



And, bring the full rich discussion view and capabilities into any page, making unsocial systems into elegant collaborative experiences. Here again in SharePoint:



With the documentation provided for the SDK, any developer can easily create and upload cartridges that are specific to your business needs in as little as a few hours to provide a simple, one-click integration with your most critical enterprise applications.


We are excited to help better connect your people and applications across with these new features and experience, extending the reach of your network, increasing adoption and engagement, and lowering the barrier to sharing the business-critical information that your fuels your enterprise.


Get the newest version of Jive Anywhere now


Chrome, Firefox and Safari users will be auto-updated. (Chrome update will be available later today on the Web Store)


IE users, or admins who wish to use the mass-deployment feature can use one of the following links:


Cartridges SDK Starter Pack:

v1.2.4 is a maintenance release fixing the following issues:


  • Spotlight search - places links might be corrupted, causing HTTP 404 error pages
  • Typing at the "post to" field may not show matching places if there are more than 10 matching users
  • Compatibility issues with JIRA on IE and Firefox
  • Encoding issue with OpenGraph previews when posting a new discussion
  • Encoding issue with discussion titles with Extended APIs older than v2.1
  • Jive anywhere is not displayed correctly in Jive's "Terms & Conditions" page
  • Jive anywhere is unable to connect to Jive servers with Extended APIs newer than v2.1
  • Snapshot's hyperlink HREFs and image sources might be corrupted
  • Discussion view pane - themed scrollbars may cut part of the content when images are included in the discussion
  • Themed scrollbars are now disabled for IE8 due to performance issues


Chrome/Firefox/Safari users will be auto-updated as long as auto-update is turned on. IE users will get a notification but update requires manual installation with admin privileges


Admins can now deploy Jive Anywhere using one of the following methods: (auto-update enabled unless specified else by the browser) (auto-update disabled for all browsers)


Jive Anywhere automatically connects conversation, content, and context within your Jive network with any web site or web application. It is smart enough to recognize exactly where you are, so you can have a conversation about a specific record in a CRM system, a candidate in LinkedIn, or a research report on the Web.


Why Jive Anywhere matters.


To get work done, you interact with many different web sites and applications--you approve invoices, review job candidates, or research on the web. When you run into something you need to discuss (for instance an invoice in an ERP system, or a candidate on LinkedIn) you end up copying and pasting information from web sites into email. The result: a horribly inefficient process that leaves you with myriad disconnected conversations.


Previously the alternative to this approach were complicated point-to-point integrations between your collaboration platform and other enterprise systems and web sites.


Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary approach. It brings collaboration directly into the context of any web site or web application. For instance, as you review a sales opportunity with a CRM system, you can see if anyone in your company has been discussing the company. With a click, you can create a group to discuss the opportunity with colleagues.


Best of all, there's absolutely no code required. It just happens. Automatically.


With Jive Anywhere, an end user can:

  • Always have the right context. With Jive Anywhere you can access relevant conversations and content from within any web site or web application.
  • Discuss and share content with a click. Whether you need to discuss a job candidate on LinkedIn, or ask for clarification on an invoice, with Jive Anywhere you can start a discussion directly within any web site or web application.
  • No-click Integration. Integrating Jive with your favorite web application takes one simple step: open the application. Done.

With Jive Anywhere, IT can integrate Jive with any web site or web application without a single line of code.

  • Seamless social experience. Every department has their pet social project. And you know that you're going to be stuck rationalizing them for the next decade. Jive Anywhere helps you meet those one-off requests while maintaining a seamless social experience.
  • Modernize old systems. You know the drill. Corp Comms wants commenting on the Intranet. Finance wants to be able to discuss invoices. But you know those systems are miles away from being social. Don't rip and replace. With Jive Anywhere, you can add social collaboration to any web application or web site.
  • No code integrations. Jive Anywhere intelligently integrates with existing systems without a single line of code. You save time and money.


What’s new in Jive Anywhere v1.2

This release brings with it a slew of new and exciting capabilities meant to extend the usability of Jive Anywhere, wherever you go on the web. We also bring the ability to customize your Jive Anywhere experience specifically for your systems and workflows.

  • Connect a page to multiple places - No longer are you limited to only connecting a page to one group. It is possible that the same page could be relevant to multiple groups, spaces, sub-spaces, etc.
  • Connect to a place of any type, including Projects -
  • Create, and connect to, secret Groups -
  • Enhanced discussion preview -
  • Post to Entire Community - Don't want to post something to a specific Place? No problem, post it to the entire community and make it visible to everyone.
  • External participant/content support -
  • SNAPSHOTS!!! - So cool they require caps and exclamation marks! Easily one of the most useful features to come out of Jive Anywhere. Now, along with posting a link to the entire page, you can also embed HTML content from that page directly into the discussion, keeping the original styles, images and hyperlinks. Use this to highlight important sections of the page, or call out information that is most relevant.
  • Cartridge SDK BETA - Jive Anywhere currently has enhanced capabilities when capturing info from LinkedIn, TechCrunch, and SalesForce. This new SDK will allow customers to create their own cartridges, specifying specifically which aspects of which sites they wish to capture when posting a discussion via Jive Anywhere. These cartridges can be created using intuitive JavaScript, and each cartridge is activated for predefined URLs (or RegEx). Please note that this feature is in beta. If you would like to be involved in the beta for Cartridges, please comment here to let us know.
  • Additional features under the hood – Because all this coolness just isn’t enough, we’ve also shortened the JA sidebar load time,  and made it faster to add a comment to a discussion.

Requirements.Jive Anywhere is available to all customers using Jive 5.0.1+, Jive 6.0.1+ and Jive Cloud. There are no license fees associated with this capability.The following plugin must be installed for JiveAnywhere to work correctly: Extended APIs Plugin

  • For Jive 5/6 customers in a hosted environment, please contact Jive Support to have the Jive Anywhere Extended APIs Plugin installed.
  • For Jive 5/6 on premise customers, install  the Extended APIs Plugin.
  • For Jive Cloud customers, Jive Anywhere is automatically included and available to use.
  • Jive Anywhere version 1.2 is not supported on IE7



Jive Anywhere client to Extended APIs versions compatibility


Jive Anywhere client version

Extended APIs version
1.2.1 (compatibility mode) , (compatibility mode) ,

1.1.0 - 1.1.5

1.0 , ,




There are no plugins actually attached to this document.  After installing the server's Extended APIs, JiveAnywhere will be available to all users from the Jive instance's Tools page.

Jive Anywhere Documentation:

Community User Documentation (Jive Cloud)

Community User Documentation (Jive 6)

Community User Documentation (Jive 5)

Extended APIs Versions Compatibility Matrix


Known Issues:

  • If a user tries to create a group through Jive Anywhere and does not have permission to do so, JA will display an "Unknown Server Error" error message. The group will not be created, and this works as designed, the only issue is the inelegant error message.

Jive Anywhere v1.1.5 is a maintenance release addressing the following issues:


  • JA is unable to sign in with Firefox 18 (already fixed in JA 1.1.4 silent update).
  • JA is unable to connect to servers running the upcoming EAPI v2.1 beta.
  • Chrome is not automatically detected by the MSI installer if it was installed for All Users.
  • Profile preview popup might stuck with a "Loading..." message.
  • After installing JAB extension directly from the Tools page, "Null" appears as the instance URL field in settings page.
  • New discussion dialogue display might be corrupted in Chrome.
  • Duplicated @mention icons may appear with Jive SBS 5.0.5, 6.0.2 and 7.0.x.
  • Minor UI fixes


Known issues of the 1.1.5 release:


  • If the Jive instance does not respond when trying to connect, the user cannot stop the process.
  • Viewing a discussion in the Jive Anywhere tab, when that discussion was posted by a user that was deleted from the system, will cause Jview to get stuck in  "Loading..." state
  • When a user tries to view a discussion posted in group he is not authorized for, he will not receive an error and the user will still have the "Disconnect Group" button available, but it will not work as user is not authorized for the group.
  • UI allows the user to post a private discussion to himself

Jive Anywhere 1.1 released!

Posted by mavital Employee Nov 5, 2012

For more details on what is Jive Anywhere see What is Jive Anywhere?

What's new in Jive Anywhere 1.1:

  • New themed scrollbars for the sidebar panes (Windows only)
  • UI improvements to the replies list of the preview pane.
  • UI improvements to @mention popups.
  • Added "show more results" link to the spotlight search popup.
  • A parent comment is now highlighted when clicking "in response to.." link.
  • Popups are now closed when the mouse is clicked outside.
  • Text-boxes are now automatically getting focused when a dialog appears.
  • Binary document download link now appears on the preview pane.*
  • Added download links for replies with attachments.
  • @mentions can now be selected by using the keyboard arrows and the TAB key.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • The restricted sites list is now fetched from the server on each browser startup and every 12 hours.
  • Added support for Chrome 23 and the new content security policy (CSP).
  • Fixed security issue with HTML encoding and cross site scripting.
  • Fixed auto-update notifications for IE.
  • Fixed missing avatar images for deactivated users.
  • Fixed "Invalid User URI" error message when posting a private discussion in certain server configurations.*
  • Fixed "Invalid Url" error message when opening the sidebar in certain websites.*
  • Fixed JA sidebar is mispositioned in certain websites.
  • Fixed OpenGraph extraction of images with relative URL.
  • Fixed OpenGraph image scaling bug.
  • Fixed Community discussions appear on the Group tab if switching tabs while sorting/filtering/refreshing the list.
  • Fixed can't reply to comments made on documents.
  • Fixed comment replies doesn't show "in response to" links.*
  • More bug-fixes and small enhancements.

Important changes from previous versions:

  • Fixed memory leak in Chrome (v1.0.19)
  • Added support for Firefox 17 (v1.0.17)


IMPORTANT NOTES: The new version of Jive Anywhere for Chrome requires Chrome v22 or higher.

For Internet Explorer users it is recommended to re-download and re-install JiveAnywhere.msi from the tools page in order to get the latest client framework (v1.1.3) which is not included in the auto-update.


* Feature requires Extended APIs v2.0

The fundamental principle in using a social business solution is to enable people to engage, collaborate, share, find information all with one goal: to make work more productive. It is all about bringing people together to collaborate in an efficient way and move the business forward.


However, most of the items a team needs to engage with are focused on things like files (e.g. spreadsheets, documents and presentations), Web content (like an article, blog, or company web site) and line of business systems (think SAP, Eloqua, While general purpose discussions are very important, in the majority of the cases what we really need to discuss are steps throughout existing processes. These are the problems we've been tackling at Jive. A year ago we focused on tackling the Office and Outlook applications to enable real social engagement when users need to collaborate on Office files and emails, but now we are going beyond that, way beyond that with a new product called Jive Anywhere!


Jive Anywhere lives in your browser, any browser, on any OS, and lets you do one thing – instantly collaborate on anything you can run in a browser!


So you see a new review on your competitor’s product and you want to share and engage, no need to copy a URL to your email and send to a long list of people, simply click on the Jive Anywhere tab in your browser and invite the right people to engage and collaborate. They can do so from Jive or directly from the actual page in the browser.


A recruiter finds a great candidate on linkedin and wants to start collaborating with a team to bring them on board, all they need to do is click on the Jive Anywehre tab and invite the hiring team to collaborate on bringing that person on board.


Using a CRM system, want to engage a wider team around an opportunity? Simply use Jive Anywhere to start a discussion or create a dedicated Jive group where multiple people can work together to close this deal.


The real beauty of Jive anywhere is that it works, instantly, on all web properties, SAP, Salesforce, Netsuite, LinkedIn, CNN, TechCrunch, Twitter, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and so many more sites. No need to customize, no need to build, no need to integrate, no need to even mention the words “Code” or “API”, install it and start using it!


We can’t wait to see you all starting to use this great new addition to the Jive platform (And it’s FREE!).


So how do you think you could use this product? we’d love to hear from you