• Jive Mobile Product Comparison Matrix

    Mobile Module Component Summary This table summarizes the components that make up each major version of Jive Mobile.  A more detailed feature comparison is in the next section. Module Supported Jive Versions Mobile Ad...
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  • GroupMe Replacement?

    Has anyone used the app in Jive 7 to replace GroupMe or other text messaging services? If so, what are your best practices? I thought we would be able to do this, and maybe this is just in my case, but I can't duplica...
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  • Badge Counter/Inbox inconsistencies between site and mobile app

    I have recieved multiple reports from users (and have experienced myself) an inconsistency between the push notifications (aka badges) and read/unread notifications on the mobile app and regular site. Is there any way...
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  • Publish Internet stuff from a smartphone

    Hi, There is currently no way to share a web link from a smartphone, excluding copy/pasting an url. I know Jive Anywhere does not exist on mobile, is an alternative possible ? Thank you,
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  • Maximum image size in mobile native app?

    What is the maximum image size can be uploaded by iOS/Android native app? Per the The specified item was not found. it seems the max size applied by the Jive back-end is 2 Mb... is that accurate? Is it also the size l...
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  • Is there a setting to control if iOS (iPad/iPhone) Jive email opens Jive Mobile App or Browser?

    Currently all Jive email open the browser. I was not sure if there was an option to open the Jive Mobile App instead?   Thank you!
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  • Does Native App use Mobile Plug-In?

    Quick question... we'd like to confirm that the mobile native app (for iOS & Android) interacts with the Mobile Plug-In on the server side same as the Mobile Web version... Is that indeed the case?
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  • Sound not working in Jive iOS iPad app

    Has anyone else had any issues with sound from embeded YouTube videos played within the iPad iOS app?   If so are there any fixes etc?   Thanks
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  • iOS app no longer authenticating

    We have Sso enabled on our production instance. Since the app's update on Friday 10/31 - it's no longer authenticating. Does anyone have a solution to this?    Thanks! Lea
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  • Is there a planned feature list for the next iPAD app release?

    Just wondering if there is a document of the features and improvements planned for the next iPAD app update.   I have one key user that is keen to use the iPAD app for most of their Jive interaction but is getting fr...
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  • Jive Android app won't run against Jive's own community??!

    We were looking into the mobile apps yesterday and I tried the Android mobile app Jive - Android Apps on Google Play -- I pointed it at the Jive community and it says the site needs to be on 7.0.1 or higher. When some...
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  • Social Authentication from mobile

    Couldn't find a similar discussion. Is there a plan of allowing Facebook/Google/Twitter as authentication sources for login on the mobile app, just like web?   Thanks, Anirban   Message was edited by: Anirban Dutta
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  • Notifications on What?

    I am having a hard time trying to nail down what triggers a mobile notification on the new Jive mobile iOS app.  It seems to be inconsistent, but I can't imagine that it would be.   Is there a doc that lists out  act...
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  • Jive mobile native app API error codes

    We've launched a pilot of Jive native app on iOS devices and found that the sessions are terminated abnormally, following a network lost or inactivity timeout at our gateway, with this error:     We've raised a for...
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  • Icons are confusing on mobile app and the site

    We have some users who are, reasonably, getting confused, when using Jive on iOS or Android.   This is the icon to share content on Jive:   This is the icon to reply on Jive app (iOS): With this at the bottom o...
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  • How do I answer a poll or vote on an idea using iOS native app ?

    Hello,   looking at the native app which looks great, we do not find all the types of content and especially we are missing the poll and idea type of content... Is it normal ? is there any plan to support this types...
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  • New Jive7 Android Mobile app - details, please?

    I talked to a Jiver yesterday who told me he had the new Android app on his phone. I haven't seen anything posted about it yet, though. And since I don't personally have an Android phone, I can't check it out for myse...
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  • Latest Mobile News from Jive

    Jive is pleased to announce several significant updates for our mobile offering:   All new Android 3.0 Jive has released an entirely new Android app targeted at desk-less workers to ensure they can access corporate co...
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  • Jive for iPad v0.5.2 is now available!

    Continuing the evolution of Jive for iPad beta, we have a new version now available from the App Store. This update introduces significant new functionality to further our mission to make the iPad the best enterprise ...
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  • Reason for omitting Follow feature from native applications?

    Hi, We're in process of qualifying the native application for iOS (to work with our enterprise Jive 6 backend). We found that the Follow feature is not available at all. Looking at the Jive Mobile Product Comparison ...
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