• Jive-n mobile clarifications

    Shantanu Rangnekar   We are currently working on enabling mobile solution for our internal collaboration platform (Jive-n and using OOB native app for this. The issue we are facing is push notifications not ...
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  • GroupMe Replacement?

    Has anyone used the app in Jive 7 to replace GroupMe or other text messaging services? If so, what are your best practices? I thought we would be able to do this, and maybe this is just in my case, but I can't duplica...
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  • How do I answer a poll or vote on an idea using iOS native app ?

    Hello,   looking at the native app which looks great, we do not find all the types of content and especially we are missing the poll and idea type of content... Is it normal ? is there any plan to support this types...
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  • Amy

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  • Jive for iPad on iOS7

    Hi All,   We will be submitting an update to the AppStore that has lots of bug fixes specifically for iOS7. These will address a lot of the issues people are seeing that also causes crashes on iOS7. It will be releas...
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  • Giraffe: Unofficial application for Jive

    Hello Everyone! For the last few months I've been working on Android client for Jive communities. And I want to share with you the first alpha version ready to use. ) It's just alpha with very-very limited functiona...
  • Can you register a mobile device without using a computer?

    We want our mobile work force (who don't have work laptops) to be able to register on our site but how do they do that without logging on to a computer to get a code?
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  • Do they have free Wi-Fi? - #swarm

    Connectivity experts advocate how a reliable Wi-Fi plan will be the key to unlock the huge productivity gains associated with enterprise mobility. Anyone who travels nationally or internationally knows that Wi-Fi is ...
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  • iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Icon Face Off - #swarm

    OK, Apple fans. With the new iOS7 release there's been a lot of talk about Apple's graphics moving away from their skeuomorphic design tendencies. (Skeuomorphic - design on an object made to resemble another material...
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  • The Future of Mobile Infographic - #swarm

    I ran across an interesting infographic today showcasing the future of mobile. Some interesting facts: We are early on in the consumption of information via mobile. Those of us who are connected are in the minority ...
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  • Mobile Internet Growth is Off the Charts! #Swarm

    'Queen of the Net', Mary Meeker, released report on Internet Trends for 2013 yesterday. Below are some great takeaways about the future of mobile. Mobile is poised to be the dominant means of accessing the internet ...
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  • frustrated

    Hi - How is it that Jive software after a few years still have different features for Andriod, iphone app, and ipad browser... can anyone tell me if these are going to be worked on ? Jive 6 Licence surely cannot be th...
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  • Authenticated or not?

    I am seeing some strange behaviour regarding authentication. I have noticed in the past that I have to occaisionally have to authenticate again with my username and password. However, I have noticed recently that I am...
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  • How to use the Jive for Mobile space

    Please use this space to ask product questions, or share how you are already using Jive for Mobile in your community.   Get notified of updates by clicking the Follow button. Ask questions or give answers by replyin...
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  • mobile / low-fi version?

      Can you have two theme for the same content in Clearspace? Put another way, has anybody ever thought about a mobile or low-fi version of clearspace?     Between Clearspace's javascript, our header javascript, hit...
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