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Jive Mobile

1 Post authored by: Libby Taylor

Jive Chime served as a helpful introduction to understanding what our customers really wanted in a team messaging service. As we execute on our next generation team messaging solution, we will discontinue Chime at the end of the month (December 31, 2017). Customers actively using Jive Chime will receive a more detailed communication via email prior to the product being shut off.


Offering a team messaging solution that brings peer to peer communications from the edge of the enterprise to its center was a major commitment made at JiveWorld and then reiterated by Aurea leadership following the acquisition. The ability for individuals and teams to connect within the community and quickly message and share with each other is essential to our vision of Jive serving as the gateway to your most important assets - your people and knowledge. We are busy behind the scenes developing the first release of this next generation team messaging solution which is coming in 2019.


Meanwhile, please reach out to your account manager if you have questions or feel free to comment on the blog in the Customer Hub. If you need access to the Customer Hub, please request it here Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today.