Latest Mobile News from Jive

Blog Post created by wim.stoop on Jul 8, 2014

Jive is pleased to announce several significant updates for our mobile offering:


All new Android 3.0

Jive has released an entirely new Android app targeted at desk-less workers to ensure they can access corporate communications on the fly and also collaborate, communicate and connect with their colleagues. This native app allows users to easily create rich content such as documents and messages, @mention information and people, as well as browse content and streams with a swipe. The Android app is built on top of our new, public Android SDK which allows organizations to develop their own custom apps. Get the app here.


Language and iOS Updates

To support our global customers, both the Android 3 and iOS apps are now available in the same languages that our desktop version supports; all 20 of them! The iOS app has been tuned for faster performance and further enhanced with swiping to mark messages (un)read (similar to the mechanism seen in many consumer apps). The update for the iOS app is available from iTunes.


For more information about the Jive Mobile release check our Jive for Mobile FAQ - Android and iOS update