Jive Mobile Plugin 5.0.4 released

Blog Post created by sonya.chang Employee on May 17, 2012

We're pleased to announce the release of version 5.0.4 of the admin console plugin for Jive Mobile.


In addition to the bug fixes mentioned inRelease Notes for Mobile Plugin Version 5.0.4,  the major highlight for most mobile community admins is the introduction of push notifications of What Matters: Communications (aka "Inbox") items for iPhone native app users!


To enable push notifications, on your Jive 5.0.1+ community, just upgrade your community to plugin 5.0.4.  The latest version of the Jive iPhone app will automatically allow the user to register for push notifications if desired.  As with all iOS push notifications, control over whether to receive the push notifications and how they are displayed in the iPhone is completely under control of the user.


Although the version of the Jive iPhone app currently in the App Store does work with push notifications, it is not our official release for push notification support.  We plan to release an update by June 1, which resolves a lot of bugs, and will be Jive's first fully supported push-notification release.  Therefore, we recommend planning to put this version of the plugin into production on or after June 1, 2012.


Frequently Asked Questions for Push Notifications


Can I customize exactly which items get pushed (e.g., email watches)?

Sorry, no.  Only WM:Communications items are supported at this time.


Why is there a delay between when something actually happens on my community and when I receive the push notification?

In order to prevent overwhelming a loaded Jive instance, we poll for new push activity every 5 minutes (configurable via system property).  If the system is under load, it may take even longer than 5 minutes for new activity to get pushed out.


I just received a large number of push alerts; why is my badge count much smaller?

The badge count corresponds to the unread WM: Communications count, which is "rolled up" -- i.e., if there are 20 new replies to 1 discussion, your unread count is still just 1.  However, in order to provide the greatest fidelity with what is going on in the community, we attempt to send a push alert for each of those 20 replies.


How can I make push notifications less intrusive?

If you are on a very active community and running iOS 5, you can make push notifications a bit less "pushy".  On your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Jive.  Set the Alert Style to Banners and Sounds to Off.  Unfortunately, it is not possible on iOS for an application to designate default push notification settings.


What about push on Android?

A native Android application and push notifications for Android are under active development... stay tuned!


How can I configure push notifications?

There are two system properties for managing push notifications, which will have effect only when Mobile Plugin 5.0.4 is installed:

  • - set this to false to disable push notifications on your community.  No restart is required.
  • - set this to a milliseconds value to determine how often the plugin looks for new activity to push.  The default value is 300000 milliseconds, or 5 minutes.  After changing this value, you must restart the Jive community before it will take effect.


Thanks for your ongoing support!