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I'm happy to report that the latest native version of Jive Mobile is available in iTunes! This post describes how to set up the new app and addresses frequently asked questions. Get the app, check it out, post questions and comments as you have them. Thanks!


What's available?

The latest, native iPhone Jive app. You can now use a native iPhone app to access any community enabled for the new mobile module: 4.5.6, 5.0.1, internal, external, whatever. What's more, with this one, single app you can toggle between multiple Jive communities!


What updates are available in this native version?

In addition to all the features you've gotten used to with the latest Jive Mobile app, you can now

  • Access the camera to include pictures as part of your status updates.
  • Save contacts from the Jive communities directly to your iPhone's Contacts list.
  • Fire up your app instantly and use it with the iPhone's fast app switching – so it's easy to jump from our app to your calendar, Mail, Safari, etc. and back again.


What about HTML5 Mobile Web? Do you still support that approach?

This does NOT mean that we're abandoning our HTML5 Mobile Web app approach. In fact, you'll see that this app is based on the mobile web experience. That's by design as it gives us the best of both worlds: speed of Mobile Web development and advanced functionality such as camera access for native app development. It opens up the possibility of more cool native-dependent stuff such as push notifications and more … so stay tuned.

What Jive communities support this new, native app?

This app will work for any Jive community enabled for the new mobile module running Jive 4.5.6+ or 5.0.1+ (for both internal and external communities).

How do I get it on my iPhone?


  • Simply search for "Jive Software" from the App Store on your phone.


Check out the Jive Community from your new iPhone app.

  • Go to the community selection page. If you're currently visiting another Jive community, tap the "X" in the upper left
  • Type "community" in the URL field and then enter in your Jive Community credentials on the login page.

Have an internal Jive community that utilizes token-based registration?  Not a problem!

  • Once logged in to your Jive community, go to Preferences > Mobile.
  • Request a new device token.
  • Open the app on your phone.
  • If you're cool, use the QR scanner to grab the code and hit Register.
  • If you're old school, type your community URL into the URL field and then type in the token # on the registration page.


Example of the community selection page.  Notice the multiple communities listed based on prior usage and the option to scan QR codes to streamline the token registration process.



Status update with an image:



Profile page with the Add to Contacts option: