Feature Release Announcement: 9/7/11

Blog Post created by brian.gil on Sep 7, 2011

Hello everyone,

We released a minor update today to the Jive Mobile app.  Don't worry; more substantive features are coming soon but we decided to do a quick release to address some issues.


  • To make international dialing easier the "+" characters are no longer stripped from phone numbers on profile pages
  • Share via email now works even if shared content title contains an ampersand ("&") character
  • UI for commenting on content no longer shows the subject line of the last discussion you replied to (note that comments were still always posted to the right location) - FYI John Schwiller , we were able to reproduce this eventually and put in the fix.  Thank you for reporting it!


We've also added some smarter manifest handling so that iPhone home screen bookmark users should get changes as they are released, without having to do the "quit/relaunch" dance.  There are also a variety of small UI fixes and enhancements, such as improved form layout in landscape mode.


As always, please drop me a line with any questions!