Enhancements to Jive Mobile coming tonight!

Blog Post created by brian.gil on Jul 13, 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce that after traffic dies down this evening we will be releasing a significant set of new functionality to Jive Mobile!  Much of this is in direct response to requests from you, our early adopters, and is evidence of more good things to come.


  1. Discussion Creation
    • Now instead of just status updates you are able to create a discussion in a Place and optionally mark it as a question.
    • Places are found via Search and we will store a list of recently selected Places to make it easy to access the ones frequently used.
  2. @ Mentioning of Users
    • Anywhere you can contribute content (status updates, discussions, replies, and comments) you can now @ mention users.
    • Two methods: type @username (for example, typing @brian.gil would create a mention to me) or tap the @ button and search for the user.  Like we do with Places we'll store a list of the recently selected people found via search.
  3. View Content in a Place
    • Now when you encounter a link to a Place in the app, it will no longer kick you out into the full desktop UI.  Instead, we will present a list of recent content in that Place within the app.  This is just the beginning of more to come in the area of browsing Places so stay tuned!


We also made a bunch of behind the scenes enhancements.  For example, you may notice a marked improvement in the responsive of actions such as tapping "Like".  Also, for those of you who have disabled status updates in your community we are now able to honor that preference in Jive Mobile.


Feedback is welcome!