Sagar Patel

Webinar Followup: Navigating from Bunchball to Jive Rewards

Blog Post created by Sagar Patel Employee on Aug 11, 2020

Today we held a webinar for our Jive Cloud customers who currently use Bunchball for gamification purposes and discussed why Jive Rewards is a better option for them moving forward. The webinar focused on four key areas:


  1. Why should they move to Rewards?
  2. A brief background about Rewards, including it’s interface, admin console and reporting capabilities.
  3. How to prepare for the transition?
  4. What customers need to do after migrating to Jive Rewards?


Led by Michelle Gantt and Eric Sita, the webinar detailed how Jive Rewards is part of the core Jive product – better integrated into the user experience and part of the regular Jive release schedule.


If you were unable to attend the webinar and want to learn more about what this transition may look like for your organization, you can view the recording below and review the Jive Rewards Resource Kit. You'll find that Michelle and Eric also answered a series of questions that were posed during the webinar.

If you have any additional questions, please comment below and we’ll have your Account Executive or CSM get back to you shortly.