Koby Rodrig

Update Notification: Bunchball AGM - May 2017 release

Blog Post created by Koby Rodrig Employee on May 21, 2017

Update Notification: Bunchball AGM - May 2017 release, and important announcement


We are proud to announce the Bunchball May 2017 release. The planned release date is Wednesday, May 24th,   containing the following enhancements as well as some other important fixes and improvements as addressed through your Jive and Bunchball Customer Support.



  • Improvements to leaderboard backfilling


  • Nitro Studio backup/restore is fully operational


  • Documentation additions


We also have the following important announcement: As of June 30, 2017, Bunchball will be shutting down legacy Console and Analytics. All administrative users now have access through Jive UI to the modern console called Nitro Studio, including its embedded Program Health and Data Export analytics tools, mobile-friendly UI, and other features and improvements as compared to the legacy components. For full information on Nitro Studio and Analytics, please see our documentation and introduction video located here: https://docs.bunchball.com.



For more details on this release, please visit: https://docs.bunchball.com/#ReleaseNotes/May2017.htm