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Update Notification : Advanced Gamification Admin Console update/downtime

Blog Post created by Curtis Gross on Oct 17, 2016


  • Date: October 28, 2016 at 9 pm PST
  • The downtime window is up to 8 hours.  This entire window may not be used, but is reserved.

Why the upgrade?

  • The Admin Console for the Advanced Gamification Module (AGM), which is powered by Bunchball's Nitro platform, is getting an upgrade to the latest version - Nitro Studio.
  • Improvements:
    • New administration user experience: The administration interface has been reworked and updated to a more modern look and feel.  It is also mobile-ready for access from smaller devices and touch screens.  In general, it will help make overall program administration easier, especially around areas such as missions.  From a technology perspective, the Flash interface has been replaced with HTML 5.
    • Advanced missions definition: All the Missions capability you had before plus new "and/or" logic constructs, time-sequenced rulesets, and in an intuitive drag-and-drop wizard interface, so you can create more advanced and progressive goals for your end users.
    • Data import: Import external user activity with a simple upload tool.  This allows you to reward and incentivize for events that happen outside of Jive.
    • Improved analytics (beta): A beta version of the new Nitro Studio Analytics will be available to select customers, with subsequent rollouts in customer waves.  The new analytics provides easier access for getting critical data insights into your community programs.  The reporting capabilities include both visual graphs for on demand insights, as well as a data export tool for taking data offline for analysis as well as mashups with other important business metrics.

Who will be impacted?

  • All customers that are currently running the the Advanced Gamification Module (powered by Bunchball).
  • This includes: On-Prem, Hosted, Cloud.
  • The upgrade will require no effort from customers.
  • The upgrade will only have visible changes for  administration users.  There are no end user visible changes.

What happens during the upgrade?

  • Customer sites should continue to function normally, but without AGM functionality.
  • Customers will not be able to access their Bunchball Admin Console.
  • User activity will be 'queued' and processed when the upgrade is done.  Note: After the update there may be some delay for processing to catch up.
  • Upon completion of the upgrade, customers will be taken into Bunchball's new Nitro Studio administration tool as opposed to Admin Console.  They will see all previous configuration and administration, just displayed in the new user interface - Nitro Studio.

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