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Updated Configuration and Management Experience

Since the start of 2016 Bunchball and Jive have been working together to get the latest Nitro gamification console ready for our customers.  Since we have gotten to a stage where the plan for launch and the product itself has been tested quite well I wanted to give an update so that all our customers know where we are and what is coming next.


Current Nitro Console:


Updated Nitro Console:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.05.06 PM.png


When is the new experience coming?

The updated console will require both Jive and Bunchball to be ready to monitor, support and of course - train and inform all our internal teams and every one of our customers.  That set of work requires the same exact teams that are currently engaged in getting the latest Jive cloud release (2016.2) and Jive 9 release out to customers. Since the 2016.2 upgrades are happening right now, so the team has decided to wait for a slower moment before introducing more change to customers.


This likely slow period is looking to be after the 2016.2 cloud release for customers (August/September) unless we can find a few weeks that will be slower during the 2016.2 Jive cloud launch.


What is next?

As we pin down an official go live time there will be a ton of new information released to the community:

  • A full breakdown of the length of downtime required for the update, the dates of the downtime and how to file support issues if any come up.
  • Details on new features that come with the new console.
  • Video walkthrough guides for the new user experience.
  • Updated Jive Documentation for the new user experience.
  • Bugs that are known to be resolved by the new console.


Yes, this post is a bit more of a teaser, but I wanted to be sure that everyone knows that the update is close, but now just needs the right timing!