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In an effort to better make everyone aware of updates to the Gamification Module I am going to try to do at least a minor blog post for each release.  This release is actually more substantial then others because it has quite a bit of improved functionality, so I will go into more detail then most.


So lets get things kicked off, feel free to ask questions in the comments.


What is New and Improved?

The reputation tab in the profile is back

In the last release, the 'reputation center' was created to help organize all the gamification elements of the JGM (Jive Gamification Module) into one area - but this had an impact - Guests to communities were no longer able to easily see what kinds of activities were taking place across the community, or see leaderboards, or check out what 'missions' were available.

So we kept the reputation center to keep the JGM elements in one area, but re-added it to the profile to better enable guests.  Win / Win


Activity History.

How did that person get those points?  The answer is now clear, when a user is rewarded, you can see it in their profile. No more confusion around how I earned my points!  This used to be a dropdown on the 'points' display, but now has it's own dedicated area, with links back to the content and information on the completed mission.


How about a screengrab of both the reputation tab, and the activity history:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.16.08 PM.png



The places tab in the reputation center used to show you a breakdown of points from every place you followed / were a member of.  The problem with this strategy is that some places don't require you to join / follow in order to participate! This issue has been resolved, now any place you participate in and earn points will display in the places tab.



The ranking page includes the return of the 'all users' leaderboard as well as a simple UX change to display leaderboards 1 at a time vs all at once to better scale to site width.


Widget Improvements:

The Individual Leaders widget got a few new options. Most notable is the ability to display 'rolling' leaderboards - that means only showing leaders based on what they have done in the last Year instead of 'all time.'


What Versions of Jive are supported?

Jive Version - Module Version (you can check your module version against this list in your admin console)










*Jive Cloud is still 'coming soon'


How do I get it?

If you are a current customer who has purchased the gamification module - ask the support team to update your instance, or download from your account.

If you are interested in knowing more about the module, contact our sales team - to set up a walkthrough of potential to incent behavior and grow adoption in your Jive Employee or Jive Customer Community.