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The 2015.3 release integrates Jive-n with Jive Daily. With this integration, customers can read Jive-n content in a visually engaging news reader app.


As part of the release, all new and current 2015.3 cloud customers can use Jive Daily for free. Customers can do this by first installing an add-on (Jive Daily Add-on Steps ) and then instructing employees to download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.


With Jive Daily you can:

  • View all your streams from Jive-n
  • Like and comment on content
  • View post activity
  • Receive inbox notifications
  • Discover groups and people to follow
  • Set up mobile push notifications




When you open the Jive Daily app, you will see your default news stream from Jive-n. To switch to another stream, just tap at the top of the screen to choose another one.



Read posts, like and comment, and check out post activity.


                      iPhone_browse.png           iPhone_res.png


Receive inbox notifications to keep up-to-date on activity within your streams. Discover groups and people to follow on the Explore screen.


                      iPhone_inbox.png        iPhone_explore.png

If you're wondering when to use Jive Daily and when to use the Jive-n mobile app, see The specified item was not found..


For any questions on Jive Daily, feel free to comment here or on The specified item was not found..

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