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The 2015.3 release includes additional enhancements for the News page. We've also improved support for Tiles, both on the News page and across the application.


News Enhancements




  1. Tiles can now be added above News content as well as in the sidebar.
  2. Tiles added to the sidebar will remain across all stream views
  3. When viewing a custom stream, users will also see a special sidebar tile that highlights new content across their company subscription streams.
  4. Tiles are available in the mobile responsive web view
  5. The left-hand navigation has been moved to the top of the page, with links to subscription streams and Top & Trending at the left, followed by Following (formerly Connections) and custom streams.
  6. The News view no longer switches to Top & Trending when empty. Instead, Top & Trending has been integrated into the News content.
  7. Coverflow design intelligently intermixes content across all of a users streams. Subscription streams are still ordered by priority and content in those streams will appear near the top of the page. Content from each stream will be intermixed throughout the page, providing a nice overview of stream content for users.
  8. You can now like articles from the News stream.
  9. The body of a News item is no longer clickable, but the title is clickable and takes you directly to the item's page.
  10. Comments are clickable and take you to the top of the comments thread on the item's page.
  11. System announcements now reliably show at the top of the News page.
  12. Users can control whether they're notified from each stream using the Preferences menu under the user avatar. These preferences now offer both email and mobile notifications, with mobile push notifications going to Jive Daily, if enabled.


The news toggle will be automatically enabled with the 2015.3 release. If you want to disable news, you will still have the option to do so for one more quarter, but it will have to be done manually after the upgrade. The toggle will be removed with the 2016.1 release, so please plan accordingly and ensure that the news toggle is enabled before that upgrade. Remember that enabling News does not remove the current widget homepage, and the theming tool can be used to rename or remove the news link from the primary navigation.


Jive Daily

Jive Daily is fully integrated and can be used to read content across all streams in Jive-n. Jive Daily is free for all new and existing customers. It requires you to install an add-on and to agree to terms specific to the use of this mobile application. Jive Daily connects directly to Jive-n with no dependency on external systems or tools.



Tile Enhancements




  1. Tiles have been recategorized to make them easier to find
  2. Many tiles now support custom and optional titles
  3. Tagged Content Tile is now sorted by recent activity and includes content type filters
  4. The HTML Tile is available as an add on that can be installed out of the box.




New Tiles





  1. Hero tile enables a large, visual image with custom text and url for the News landing page.
  2. Banner tile provides a tighter, more styled presentation for a row of images, with less white space than the Carousel tile. It's great for calls to action or linking to high profile content or places.
  3. The new "Super List" tile lets you present a filtered view of content, people, or places that is updated dynamically. For example, when you browse People, you can filter the list to find all the people with the skill "public speaking". Then scroll to the bottom of the page, click Use this view in a tile, and copy the query string. When you use that query in a Super Tile, that filtered list (updated whenever new people get that skill!) will show up on a place page or home page. (See the embedded video for more details)
  4. The new Categories tile lets you feature categories on place pages for simpler navigation.
  5. Places now have their own Latest Blog Posts tile.
  6. Jive Rewards includes a number of tiles for Featured Quests and Leaderboards.



And be sure to check out the


Super List Tile: New in 2015.3

Deep Dive: Digest Email

Posted by nick Sep 25, 2015

Digest emails get a major overhaul with the 2015.3 release.


Our recommendation service is now being leveraged to put together top and trending content, curated for each individual, since they've been gone. The content will be a combination of trending across the entire community, trending in the user's specific subscription and custom news streams, and trending in their inbox. It will only include content that the user has not viewed in the specified timeframe.


The graphic above shows just a sample of some of the signals we use when generating a custom digest for a user. We look at the overall spike in activity, at the trending line (slope of the spike), and at the recurrence of activity over time. We also look across various buckets like actiivty across the entire community, activity in the user's streams, activity in their inbox, or even just on content where the user is mentioned. Each of these facets are weighted to generate a final list of content to include in the digest.



The digest email has also been completely redesigned to create a more simple, beautiful, and engaging reading experience. Images can optionally be included (there is a system property to set the number of images to embed), and each content item will include text snippets with a read more link to pull users back into the community.


Besides the recommended content list, the digest email also includes updates on your contributions and tips and tricks.



There are a number of active ideas in the community for digest emails. I'm happy to report that most will be addressed with the 2015.3 release.


Allow users to manage email notifications per "watch"

315 votes

Custom Digests for Jive Cloud Users: Making the Digest a Personalized Newsletter

75 votes

Jive Genius Digest Email

65 votes

Email summaries (daily, weekly, etc.) should show summary of the activity in Groups I belong to.

65 votes

Community Digest emails - distinguish new content since last email update

35 votes

Add a "Community Awareness" section to digest

35 votes

Different email digest versions based on permission group

25 votes

Sort activity by stream in the community digest

15 votes


The new digest email will be enabled for all new instances of Jive-n with the 2015.3 release. For existing customers, we will be making the new digest email available in batches. We expect to launch the new digest email to all existing customers before the end of the year. Even when the new digest email becomes available, it will not automatically replace your existing digest template. If you are interested in enabling the new digest email, please contact support.

A newly designed community administration console is available with the 2015.3 release. The primary goal of this redesign was to create a simplified console that prioritized common and recurring community management tasks. Our research and design process gave us confidence that we could achieve 80% of the everyday tasks with less than 20% of the current administration console.




The new administration console prioritizes the following common tasks:



  1. Add users
  2. Search for users
  3. Manage user groups
  4. Structure your community (Space Management)
  5. Make someone an admin
  6. Set global space permissions
  7. Integrations and Addons


And the primary functions are grouped into the following navigation sections:





  1. Search users
  2. Add users
  3. Global profile settings
  4. Directory server
  5. User registration
  6. Password reset
  7. Org chart
  8. Locale and Langage





  1. User groups
  2. Space permission levels
  3. System administrators
  4. Spaces
  5. Social Groups
  6. Blogs
  7. Content





  1. Content types
  2. Promoted search results
  3. Content synonyms
  4. User synonyms
  5. Spell check





  1. Audit Log

This new experience is automatically enabled for all new Jive-n installs. Existing customers can open a support ticket to enable this experience if it's desired. Even when the new experience is enabled, there is a link to quickly get back to the current administration console.




We will continue to gather feedback on this new experience - particularly around key administration needs that might be missing. We hope you enjoy this new experience and that it makes setting up and managing your community a little easier.

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