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We're thrilled to announce that the Jive and Jivex Winter 2014 Releases are now available!

JiveX Winter 2014 Release


External communities for engaging and supporting customers and partners are getting an upgrade!   JiveX is now available in the Cloud, and communities will benefit from automatic, quarterly updates!  JiveX includes all of the newest features:


JiveX CRM Connector

The JiveX Connector allows companies to convert discussions and cases to their CRM systems of record. This ensures no questions in the community are ever left unanswered.

Facebook conversations, Twitter and RSS right in-line

JiveX now offers bi-directional connection with any of your Facebook fan pages inside your community. Similarly, the platform automatically insert posts from Twitter and RSS feeds in your community. And as a special treat for community managers, you can integrate Twitter directly into your support back channels for a more holistic view of brand activity.

Enhanced Search Capabilities
We are rolling out fully configurable search results so you can highlight answers, not just open discussions, for your customers.  In addition,
admins can now give people (typically employees or champions) the ability to mark content as official or outdated, which then prioritizes (or de-prioritizes) it in search.

Find Your Inner SEO Guru

Enhanced SEO capabilities to help maximize click-thru to your community - and we've coupled it with a new strategy package focused all around SEO

Profiles with personality

Completely re-designed profiles that visually engage with more picture upload options, highlights of connections, as well as LinkedIn-style endorsements

Personal analytics

These are analytics associated with every item of content in the community and they give the content creator insight on exactly who is reading their posts, who the top referrers are, along with the sentiment and overall impact.  Your customer champions are going to love this and effectively it's another form of game mechanics which is sure to drive more engagement by your champions.


Of course JiveX also comes with key features such as advanced gamification, theming, segment campaign planning and all the other great platform features our hundreds of customers with external communities have come to know and love.


Jive Winter 2014 Release

Internal communities for driving employee alignment and improving productivity are also benefiting from significant enhancements in the Winter 2014 Release.

Modern, Mobile Portals


We improved the quality of our translations, within Activity Streams and the Inbox, as well as some related areas of the application. In the past, Jive used full chunks of text that sometimes felt very unnatural, when translated into certain languages. With this change, Jive now assembles messages from smaller pieces of translated text, helping to better account for language differences, such as case and gender, in addition to their overall order and sentence structure and context.  The result is much more natural feeling in the application and will help users tremendously.

Encryption at Rest

As more customers move to cloud, and with a keen eye towards security, we are now providing additional services for customers who have very specific needs. In this case, data encryption at rest is now available to Cloud customers who wish to purchase this enhanced service offering.

Mobile Announcements and Discovery

The Universal iOS app is being upgraded to add a Portal experience front and center.  This release will feature Announcements and Trending Content. This mobile update will be available later in Q1, and not immediately with this Cloud upgrade.  Stay tuned here in the Products blog for additional information when it is released.

Enterprise social network for driving employee productivity


Chat Rooms & Desktop Notifications coming to Real Time Beta

Augmenting the Chat capabilities introduced in the Fall 2014 Release are:

notify.pngactive-muted-list (1).png

  • Chat Rooms - the ability to have real time chat room conversations with members of a Jive group. Think Adium Groups or IRC channel for all the groups you are a member of in Jive.  **Note, these are temporarily disabled but expect them back in a few days.
  • Desktop Notifications - the ability to display a desktop notification when you get a direct message or a chat message. This feature is not supported on IE.

Jive + Box

  • Visual space/sub-space hierarchy in Box - Now you can see on the Box side the same Folder/sub-folder tree structure that is representative of the space/sub-space hierarchy in Jive.
  • Stream to stream uploads - a fancy, technical way of saying that you can now upload files to a Box-connected Place that exceed the Jive file size limit. Have a 2GB marketing collateral file? No problem, as long as your Box instance allows such a large file, you'll be able to upload it directly from Jive even if the file size limit in Jive is much lower. Uploads of files of any size will also happen much more quickly now.

Advanced Tasks by Producteevemail notifs.png

The task integration that has seen such amazing usage in beta, The Jive with Producteev integration is making its grand debut out of beta and into GA. Along with this come great new features and enhancements:

  • Task filtering
    • Adding the filter "active and completed"
    • Adding the filter "Tasks I'm following"
  • Email notifications related to a Jive Instance shows the Jive Community name in the email
  • Show network name to user when Producteev is already configured
  • Task level activity feed
  • Performance optimizations for creating tasks and viewing projects.

New trial instances are already on this Winter 2014 release.  All existing trial and paid Jive cloud networks will start their upgrades to the Winter 2014 release tonight.  The standard upgrade windows remain the same as we noted a few weeks ago in the private Customers space, as follows:

  • Instances located in EMEA will be upgraded between Friday, February 7, 2014, 11:00 PM CET to Saturday, February 8, 10:00 PM CET
  • Instances located in the US will be upgraded between Friday, February 7, 5:00 PM PST to Saturday, February 8, 3:00 PM PST

Additional information is available here:

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