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Quick Summary:  This blog will cover 3 areas where new Jive-x functionality can help make your community a bigger success:

  • Better integrations into analytics and automation tools to give power to the community manager to analyze usage.
    • Features: Marketo integration, simplified Google Analytics integration.
  • Health Reports that give critical analysis of the community growth and change to enable admins to adjust their content strategies.
    • Features: New Community Health Reports
  • Search tools to enable community administrators to deliver better content to users.
    • Features: Search Report, Promoted search


Providing a better prospect to customer journey.

You are running a website and a community to promote your products and answer questions.  People are finding your website from popular search engines, browsing for information on your website and visiting your community.

OK.  Seems pretty typical, but wait a second... If I was a sales representative and was asked to give this user a call, how would I know where to start when talking to them?  There is a LOT of information missing if your website is not setup to gather some information about the prospect during their visit.  Here is a very short list of common questions that can be answered when someone visits your website and community:

  • How did you find out about my company?
  • What products and services did you read about on my website?
  • What whitepapers or events would you be interested in?
  • In the community there are product experts, knowledge base articles and many whitepapers and downloads - what did you interact with?

But, you can't just ask these questions.  The reply rate would be abysmal.  So ...

How do I understand more about my prospects and customers?


  1. Implement Google Analytics and Marketo for your Website.  It is a little bit of javascript you place on every page.
  2. Implement Google Analytics and Marketo for your Community. Fast Path: Admin > System > Settings > Third-party Analytics


From a Jive-x product angle, not only did we make it easier to apply in our administration, we also made changes to Jive-x so that the tracking code is applied it to login, registration and every other page that is loaded in our application.

What about other analytics or marketing automation tools?


Yes, we have support for other tools, but setting those up will just take a little more effort (it's not too much!) so please reach out to our Support team if you have some javascript tracking code you need enabled in your community.  Other integrations will also gain the benefits of the improvements made for Google / Marketo in this release.

Ok, I set it all up.  Now what?

Marketo and Google data can give you the basis for sending prospects and customers more targeted information influenced by what they viewed and interacted with across your website and community. So your initial questions are now answered. You know what search engines are bringing people to your website, you know what they are reading, you know where they go in your community and what they are reviewing.

With this data coming from the community ...

  • Score prospects more accurately in marketing automation tools.
  • Sales will have more questions answered before even picking up the phone.
  • Marketing can send a targeted email that will be more valuable.
  • Your community can deliver targeted News streams to users (see the winter release announcement on News streams!) that means news for prospects, news for customers, different news to customers of productx vs producty.



Analyze, Adjust, Deliver.

Your community is up and running, it is active, it is growing.  But you are starting to see some repeat questions and begin to wonder "How am I doing, and how can I do better?"

How am I doing?

In the winter release there is a big new report targeted at helping analyze community activity.  This report can be found in your community manager reports and is called "The community health report."  The health report is a different spin on reports then we have released in the past, because this report is meant to show negative trends as well as positive trends compared to how your community did in the past.  It is comparing your past performance rather then just giving you updated performance.By looking at past performance it is much easier to identify issues and answer key questions:

  • Is the community growing?
  • How many questions were answered this week vs the week before?
  • Is the number of questions outstanding growing?



Note: You can also tie into Google Analytics to further analyze if the user then went on to create a question or not and better report on question deflection.

How can I do better?

Providing better information in a community is key to doing better.  You need to make sure users are finding your content and finding answers to their questions. But how do you even begin to understand what your users are looking for?


The new Top Successful Search Queries report is meant to show searches are being run the most often 'successfully.'  In this case, success means that the user was pretty serious about the search.  They entered the query, saw the results and selected one of the results.  This data set gives you real-time information on what types of content people are looking for.

So you know what people are looking for, and as a community manager you know what content they should see.  But how do you make sure they find the right content?

Promoted Search Results are here to help!  With the top search data you can quickly build out a list of content that you need to create in your community and once that content is created you can make sure it shows up for new prospects and customers in your community. 


With our Winter release we have given the community manager the ability to choose specific content that will always show up when a target keyword is used.  So if I search for "ProductX", the ProductX datasheet will always be returned in the search results.  By combining promoted search with a well configured landing page featuring key content and official documentation, you are guaranteed to get eyes on the content you want prospects and customers to see.

Just jump into the admin console, choose the keywords you want to target (one or many separated by commas), choose the priority if there are multiple results you want to promote for the same keywords, and then paste in the link to the content. 

Fastpath:  Admin > System > Settings > Search > Promoted Results

Summary / TL;DR

The Jive-x Winter release can make the prospect to customer journey a better experience with the following:

  • Better integrations into analytics and automation tools to give power to the community manager to analyze usage.
    • Features: Marketo integration, simplified Google Analytics integration.
  • Health Reports that give critical analysis of the community growth and change to enable admins to adjust their content strategies.
    • Features: New Community Health Reports
  • Search tools to enable community administrators to deliver better content to users.
    • Features: Search Report, Promoted search


* all this is possible in our 8.0 release as well!

In our Fall Release we made quite a few enhancements to extend the powers that admins have to brand and theme their Jive or JiveX environment.  Read on for more detail and thoughts.


Theming tool improvements - Image Uploads

Image management within themes can be a bit tricky, so in the fall release we have simplified the process of getting these theme specific images uploaded directly into Jive and associated to the theme.  One sticking point was moving themes between instances.  If you wanted to create a theme in one Jive instance and move it to another it could be a bit labor intensive since the theme was not exported with images.  The fall release fixes this problem!  All the resources will be placed in the Jive instance and cached by the Jive cloud content delivery network for high performance local access across the world.




Theming tool improvements - Internationalized user-bar

For anyone setting up a multi-language community you realize the need to direct users who speak different languages to different web results.  This means directing different users to different links either in the community or on your website.


For example, you may want to direct all French speakers to the French product community, rather then 'all users see the same URL'.   Well, in the fall release you can create 1 user bar link that reacts to the user's language!  That means having an English user see a url similar to 'english = /english-community' and a French user will see the url 'french = /french-community' check out the image to see an example of translating existing user-bar navigation links.




Role Badges

Gamification is great for highlighting what users have earned some level of reputation by answering questions, blogging, attending events, or some other action of high value to your community.  But, sometimes you just need a different way to highlight that someone has an expertise.  For example, an employee who has gone through all the training that your company provides should be highlighted in some special way, even if they are brand new to your community.  Sounds like a job for a special type of badge that highlights the role a person has in the community, a Role Badge.


How does this work?  Select an image to upload and apply it across any subset of users that you want: support users, employees, customer champions, experts.  You can re-use any of the pre-defined list of 6 different roles along with your own self uploaded icon / image.

Few things to note:

  • Role names: At the moment the titles of the roles can not be changed, this was done on purpose so that we could collect feedback as well as make sure that our titles were fully internationalized.
  • Icons: You can actually have multiple 'support' role badges with different icons. Or 3 sets champions with different color icons, so feel free to mix and match!



Responsive Mobile Home Configuration

When Jive launched our responsive mobile browser design we got feedback that community managers needed more control over what mobile browser users see when they view the community home page.  The Jive fall release adds this new ability for your community admin to select from a wide variety of Jive tiles to place on the responsive mobile home page.  Access the home page from your user dropdown, select the tiles you want and publish.  You can quickly build out a marketing, partner or customer service focused landing page for all your mobile browser users!

Now, some might be asking why we don't just make the main home page responsive.  The easiest explanation is that 3 columns or 2 columns of data does not transition into a seamless mobile browsing experience with 1 column.  So at this time the best way to make sure your mobile users have a predictable experience is to give you total control of what they will see.  In the past we had some limited options, now you can choose from many of the best Jive tiles.

What about the Mobile apps?  At this time the customized page is dedicated to the mobile browser view, but we are working towards exciting changes in our Mobile Apps as well.



Additional Updates (Just cause I wanted to talk about them!)

All Jive icons are updated so they are fully supported for HD displays.


Unsubscribe (from emails) for JiveX is now a quick link you can add to any outbound email.  Just enable and your users will see the option in every email footer to quickly turn off all future email notifications.


All the selection calendars have also been improved throughout the interface.In conclusion, there have been a ton of changes to our theming and branding capabilities as well as your ability to create a better brand experience throughout your community!


  • Internationalized userbar
  • Role Badges
  • Theming tool Image Uploads
  • Mobile Home configuration
  • HD Icons
  • Email footer 'unsubscribe' option
  • Better calendar selector


Expect even more in the next release, we are working on some really cool additions that I will be blogging more about in the coming months.

Activity streams are one of the key areas that new users within a community visit when coming to a site.  Their initial experience is determined by what content shows up here, and it becomes their starting point to click through and participate in the conversation.


"Traditional" Jive Activity Streams:

With traditional activity streams (the Jive experience across the board before our fall release) a user will see whatever was just created or modified.  That could be a four year old document that just got modified or commented on, or a newly created discussion.


Quick rant for external communities: It is almost always wrong to show un-engaging or outdated content 'front and center' for every new and returning user in the community to see.   Time based activity streams provide a very limited view into the value of a community, time based streams are better as a 'firehose' of information, meant to be filtered and cut down to a manageable feed.


Trending / Value based Activity Streams in the Fall Release:

In the fall release we are beginning the move towards activity streams that present content that is the most valuable for the end user.


     trending-streams.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.38.03 PM.png



So what actually changed?

The biggest change is to the purpose of the main "Activity" page.


"Activity" has been updated to focus on Top and Trending activity, Trending People, Recommended Content, Recommended People and Recommended Places.  These changes are powered by the Jive Recommender service with enhancements to the number and variety of results.  At the same time we have made changes to the display of the results in a more 'mosaic' pattern to visually show that time is no longer the concept that is organizing the results.


Experience changes:

  • New users will be presented with the top and trending content in the community as a primary experience.
  • Returning users will see a blend of content since their last visit as well as recommended content they may have missed in their last visit.
  • Power users still have the flexibility of creating their own streams of activity, as well as leveraging the new stream to see if their content is top!


Overall stream improvements meant to boost click through rates:As many social sites have found, images drive views.  So now all activity stream entries will pull images from the content to make their entries more 'clickable' and better drive users to read the whole post.  Throughout Jive and JiveX you will experience easier to read and more dynamic activity streams.

Activity_entries.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.59.31 PM.png

Future vision:

Imagine visiting a product space for the first time, you likely want to see a wider view of the best content over the last few weeks or potentially months.  But what if you come back after a few days?  The system will present a snippet of activity since your last visit.Community managers will also gain the ability to push featured content into the main activity streams to create a perfect blend of curated content, community trending content and recommended content that is based on the user's connections to other people in the community.You can also expect better intelligence on the recommendations, and thus better trending content logic.


Jive Past:

  • As a user I navigate to the community and see recent activity from the last few minutes.

Jive Fall Release:

  • As a user I navigate to the community activity and see the top and trending content in the community from the last few hours/days.

In the JiveX Fall release blog we touched on structured outcome management and analytics improvements for our JiveX fall release.  This blog is meant to dive deeper into the feature and cover some of the underlying changes and thoughts around them.



Structured outcomes improvements:

Based on feedback from our JiveX customers we decided to make further improvements to the admin's control over 'structured outcomes' (Mark As: final, official, success, decision, outdated, helpful, correct etc).


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.58.43 PM.png


You can now turn outcomes on and off and these changes will be reflected within the desktop / responsive experience across Jive.  The goal here was to provide JiveX customers with an easy way to remove the more 'task' oriented aspects of outcomes and instead leverage the more knowledge base centric 'final / outdated' outcomes. In our Spring release we made outcomes controllable via permissions, and now that you can turn some outcomes on or off - an admin can effectively leverage outcomes as they see fit.


Note :  Since this feature was built for JiveX, the assumption is a vast majority of users will be using browser based versions of JiveX.  There are a few areas in Jive for Outlook and the Jive Mobile App where If you have items marked with outcomes and then turn them off, those outcomes will still be shown.


Auto Mark Answer:

One of the more difficult situations for a community is when questions go unanswered.  Maybe the person who asked the question never marked a comment as the correct answer, or maybe they never returned.  Either situation results in quite a few questions that might have great responses, but no official 'answer.'  Luckily, in the fall release we decided to bring in an 'auto answer' feature to help out all community managers dealing with this problem.  You can now set a threshold of 'helpful' votes on any question before it is marked as 'assumed answered' for the community.  The default is 10 helpful replies, which is adjustable in the administration console (the above screenshot shows the configuration towards the bottom).


A More Helpful 'Helpful':




Being able to mark replies in Jive as 'helpful' has been around for quite some time, and is quite useful in identifying the best replies to any specific discussion.  When 'like' was introduced we noticed how quickly 'liking' overtook any other action that users could leverage on content.  Community members were effectively using 'like' to identify replies as 'helpful' or 'funny' or even 'thanks.'  Over the last few releases we have made changes to 'helpful' - going from a feature that only the author of the content could leverage towards more of a community accessible feedback tool.    But, something was still missing, and the fall release will put this to rest.  Now anyone can quickly mark 'helpful' with the dedicated quick button and multiple users can mark the same reply or comment as 'helpful' which brings the community more control.  Helpful has also been added to the Jive inbox, replies, document comments, blog comments and more.


On top of helpful being easier to leverage across the community, we also added the option to choose if a reply is not helpful.  This means even more data across replies to your question.  8 out of 11 people thought a reply was helpful?  Pretty good.  5 out of 100?  Not so much.  This option is on for JiveX and off for Jive by default.


Helpful Roll-up badge:

Imagine a discussion with 500 replies across multiple pages' worth of content.  How can you find the best reply as quickly as possible?  In the fall release we have made sure to extend the roll-up badges to 'helpful' votes.  The 'most helpful' content will rise to the top of the roll-up, which gives your users or the community manager easy access to find the most helpful replies across even the longest of threads.




I have the same question

Every discussion now has a simple one click action that your community members and guests can leverage to denote that they have the same question.  These 'votes' on the question will impact how community managers assess priority which questions to answer first, because a question affects a hundred people versus only one is quite a sign.


I have the same question2.png


We also added the ability to filter all questions based on the number of users that have marked the 'I have the same question' option.  This filter can be applied to any content browsing page throughout Jive or JiveX.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 8.20.14 AM.png


Analytics and Reports

With the changes to 'helpful', we expect a larger group of users to self identify when they have found something to be 'helpful' when browsing through a community.  This data is critical to a community admin who wants to better prove that their community is enabling users to find answers and is deflecting questions that could have become support cases.  Combine the new 'helpful' and 'correct' report with the 'views of answered questions' and you have a much clearer picture of how many users are being helped by your community on a daily, weekly or across a custom time period.


Who viewed answered questions:



Users marking helpful and correct:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.09.30 AM.png


Last but not least - You really should connect your Jive instance to the Data Export Service.

The Data Export Service will gather the activity across your Jive instance for integration via BI tool or download and analysis via CSV.  The new Service UI allows you to run quick reports to see what kind of data would be returned.  A great jumpstart for anyone trying to figure out interesting data to collect or analyze in jive.




In the Fall Release there have been a ton of improvements focused on improving how our JiveX and Jive communities can do the following:

  • Simplify the Community Manager's job through better Q&A Automation and by more easily Identifying final / official content.
  • Improve case deflection by allowing your community to self identify the most helpful replies to questions and comments with the redesigned 'helpful' functionality.
  • Better prove ROI with new reports and easier access to our data export service.

As you may already be aware from our previous announcements, 4.5 support was extended through April 15th 2013.


The time has finally come to End Of Life (EOL) 4.5 and the following services: 4.5 BOBJ and 4.5 JSME (Jive Social Media Monitoring)

What does EOL mean?

When a major version of Jive software is no longer supported it means a couple of things:

  1. Engineering will no longer be producing scheduled patch releases; all bugs will be fixed in the newer, supported releases only
  2. Any customer reporting an issue on an EOL version that cannot be reproduced on the latest release, or is known to be fixed in a later release, will be told to upgrade to have their issue fixed

What do I do?

  • Get your upgrade on!  Now is a good time to move into the cloud.
Can I still open support tickets and get help?
  • Yes - but no new patches or fixes will be created for 4.5.  So if you do find a bug, it will only be fixed in newer versions.
When will the 4.5 additional services stop functioning?
  • 90 days after the EOL of 4.5 there will be a discontinuation of the following services:
    • 4.5 BOBJ (Business Objects)
    • 4.5 JSME (Jive Social Media Monitoring)
How can I ask more questions or get more information around the 4.5 or 4.5 BOBJ EOL?
  • Please contact your Sales representative or open a Support ticket with the title '4.5 EOL'


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