Ware Hartwell

New Jive Maven Repository for Hosted and On-Prem Customers

Blog Post created by Ware Hartwell Employee on Mar 4, 2020

The Maven-Secure Repository originally found at http://maven-secure.jivesoftware.com is no longer supported by Aurea and has been replaced by a new Maven Repository found at https://maven.jivesoftware.com.


Unfortunately, your existing credentials are no longer valid and you will need to be issued new credentials to access the new Maven repository.


To ensure you have access to the new repository, please request your new credentials by issuing an Aurea Support ticket. After our support teams review the case, you will be issued new credentials and have access to Jive 'source code' or 'source binaries.’ The new repository will be available Monday, March 9. We expect the 9.2 release also to be available on Monday.


Maven Repository access is restricted to only hosted and on-prem customers.