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What’s New in Jive Rewards: 10 New Features for the Best Quests Yet

Blog Post created by Shai Sagi Employee on Jul 30, 2019

People are collaborative and communicative by nature.  But while we understand the importance of company-wide collaboration and how it can impact an organization, creating the desired corporate culture or driving behavior change is no simple task. 


Enter gamification: a strategy that can naturally drive collaboration within the company-sanctioned tool and empower employees to help and challenge one another.


For those not familiar with gamification, it is the application of game design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Think of it as a set of activities and processes used to solve organizational problems by applying the characteristics of game elements.  To learn more about game theory and how gamification appears in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, check out our recent blogs, 5 Ways to Boost Engagement with Gamification and Gamification in the Wild: Rockstar Examples from Jive Customers.


Introducing the new Jive Rewards module


The Jive Rewards and recognition module leverages gamification techniques to influence user behavior and drive greater employee engagement and involvement within the organization.  You can use these gamification capabilities to:

  • Promote and reward desired actions and behaviors
  • Support community adoption efforts
  • Accelerate employee onboarding
  • Help establish member reputation and elevate community experts
  • Reward users with increased reputation for desired contributions
  • Leverage competition to increase engagement

The Jive Rewards module includes a variety of tools to accomplish these objectives, including several new features added since Jive migrated to AWS. Better yet, the module is now available for all Jive Cloud customers at no additional cost.  Learn more about how to use Jive Rewards to boost engagement in our webinar, Gaming the System: 5 Gamification Strategies to Energize Your Community


Jive Rewards programs in action
What do Jive Rewards gamification-based programs look like in action? With Jive Rewards, your users will be able to:

  • Earn points for performing activities driven by the community manager
  • Complete quests and missions to earn badges
  • View their position on the community leaderboard, advance through different levels, and challenge other employees to make faster progress up the leaderboard
  • Advance on organization strategic initiatives such as employee assistance, working-out-loud and more
  • Recognize each other’s work, help others celebrate, or just make their peers’ day through peer recognition
  • View points, levels, badges and more on desktop and mobile
  • Get rewarded for activities performed outside the community


All of these user capabilities are fully driven and managed by the community manager. With Jive Rewards, community managers can:

  • Define strategy and missions that encourage specific behavior
  • Define mission level criteria
  • Boost engagement by creating quests
  • Target quests to a specific group of people
  • Define the rewards per event and a daily limit for event points per user
  • Create and support advocate groups
  • Customize badges for the community
  • Analyse the effectiveness of the gamification tools with dedicated reports and analytics

What’s new in Jive Rewards?
In the last year we’ve dramatically improved the Jive Rewards module. The newly released features are mainly focused on quest configuration as the engine for driving community engagement.  Your community managers can now set up quests with more advanced configurations, empowering them to direct the community according to the company's culture.  Additionally, admins now have more control around the way users gain points. Jive Rewards now supports the ability to limit the points users can gain for a specific action, credit/debit points for multiple users, and view the user's activity log.  New and updated features include:

Advanced Quest Configurations The new Jive Rewards module offers more options than ever to create and execute meaningful quests. Admins can now:

  • Link quests to each other, so that when a user completes the first quest, they can see a new targeted quest that’s now available.
  • Filter quests by Permission Groups and Social Places
  • Create quests that must be completed in a certain order
  • Build quests with multiple events as components, like "Your content was liked 5 times" or "Create 5 documents"
  • Configure repeatable quests, so a single user can complete a quest a set number of times in a 24 hour period
  • Limit the number of times a quest can be given
  • Add the OR operator to events



Event Count Limitation


Admins can now limit the times a user is able to get points for an event, choosing a reasonable amount

in the community should perform a specific action and get points it. For instance, if the event "Follow a place" is set to 5, a user will get credit only for the first 5 actions within 24 hours. (Configuring a limitation will not prevent the user from doing the action, it will only affect the points given for performing the action.) of time that users




User Activity Log

The admin can see a detailed activity log for every user, including the actions performed and the points that were credited or debited.










Customised Strategies And Missions

Within the existing out-of-the-box strategies, the admin can now rename a strategy and change its description. Admins can also create new missions in addition to the out-of-the-box missions.



Customized Badge Name

In the new Jive Rewards, it’s easy to customize and translate your badge names to support your community’s naming convention and company strategy.







Downloadable reports

Community managers and admins can now access additional reports within Jive Rewards to gain a deeper and wider view of their community.  New reports include:

  • Quest event details: Track completion of a specific quest event to identify when tasks are too easy or difficult for users to accomplish.
  • Mission levels: Monitor mission-level achievements across the community.
  • User badges: Analyze the distribution of user-given badges between community members.
  • Points and levels : Identify overall top participants and those moving up the leaderboard quickly.




And more…

That’s not all. In addition to the capabilities above, Jive Rewards now allows you to credit and debit points for multiple users, use inbox notifications for promoted quests, and run bulk updates on user status, including the ability to sync user statuses with Jive, change statuses in bulk, and export users to a CSV file.





Ready to learn more?

We’re excited about the new capabilities within the Jive Rewards module and want to empower the Jive community to use them as effectively as possible. Check out the following resources for more information, then register to join our upcoming webinar, Gaming the System: 5 Gamification Strategies to Energize Your Community.