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When we created Jive Extension Packs, we had three main objectives in mind. We wanted to make it easier for Jive customers to:


  • Elevate the community experience.

     Extension Packs make it simple to create visually appealing places, distribute content, and help your overall community look and feel more interesting.

  • Simplify administrative workflows and processes within Jive.

     Community Managers play an essential role in a healthy community. Extension Packs make sure that their workflows can be as streamlined as possible.

  • Create essential connections.

     With Extension Packs, it’s easier to implement Jive as your work hub and integrate it into legacy systems like SharePoint.


Each of these elements deserves its own discussion. Today, let’s start with how Extension Packs help you elevate the Jive experience.


As we mentioned in our overview of Jive Extension Packs, an “extension” can be an add-on, plug-in, or integration designed to personalize your solution. Extension Packs come in packages of five extensions per year and include the extensions’ configuration, deployment, maintenance, support, upgrades, and future enhancements. Even better: Tiles are freebies. Every tile in the Extension Library is included at no extra cost and does not count against your yearly extension count.


If enhancing your community is your top priority, you’re in luck: a large number of extensions are intended to improve and elevate your community’s experience.


For example, the Dynamic Use-Based Navigation Extension transforms the standard main navigation in Jive, which is the same for every user, into a configurable dynamic solution that displays navigation items based on the user who’s actually viewing it. Community managers can set up different navigations based on employees in different regions, like the U.S. vs. the U.K., or options that display different quick links for employees working in marketing vs. IT. This creates a truly dynamic, user-centric view for every employee who visits the community.













Another example is the Hero Carousel Tile Extension. This tile (which remember, doesn’t count towards your yearly extension limit!) features a rotating set of configurable slides and a variety of styles to choose from. You can drag and drop to reorder slides and easily configure carousel behavior, like time delay. That makes it easy to present current, relevant content that adds value to your users.












With Jive Extension Packs, you can also access Forms & Surveys 2.0. Forms & Surveys is an add-on that provides highly flexible surveys that can be embedded everywhere: text, image, or tile.  The add-on includes configurable welcome and thank you pages, private forms based on user or user permission groups, and multi-submission options. The drag-and-drop form builder uses multiple fields, like text box, radio box, dropdown, rating, date, and upload file to build surveys, and you can easily post results. Survey results are stored in the app and can be downloaded as CSV, Excel, and JSON.




These examples are just three of the ways that Jive Extension Packs let you create a community that delivers on its promise to foster communication and collaboration at your organization.


Jive Extension Packs are now available for every Jive customer. Download the brochure for more details or contact your account executive to learn more.

Ready to get the functionality you need to meet your goals while reducing costs, minimizing risk, and improving quality?


We’re excited to introduce Jive Extension Pack, an always-growing collection of extensions that allow you to maximize your investment, increase the speed of innovation, and drive a tailored experience with solutions to your unique business needs. 


Every organization has individual requirements and objectives, from increasing engagement to driving alignment with your employees. But enhancing your platform can become time-consuming and expensive. Ad-hoc service requests quickly add up, while custom deployed features can make upgrades a nightmare.




Jive Extension Pack solve these challenges by offering a wide selection of fully supported add-ons, plug-ins, integrations, services and tiles designed to personalize and optimize your solution. From sparking interaction to designing and moderating content, they make it easy to extend the value of Jive.


When you purchase a Jive Extension Pack, you gain access to the resources and technology you need to make Jive your own – easily and cost-effectively.


    • Jive Extensions - Achieve your strategic and tactical objectives with powerful solutions and services built to extend the Jive platform based on customer feedback and business needs.
    • Extension Innovation Community - Collaborate with fellow customers, the Aurea team, and external experts on the consideration, prioritization, and growth of roadmap items.
    • Dedicated Extension Team - Rely on a dedicated Aurea team responsible for the development of extensions on a quarterly basis, including successful delivery of all included solutions and services.
    • Ongoing Support - Never go it alone with an on-demand team of support engineers ready to help with maintenance, upgrades and more.


Jive Extension Pack is now available for every Jive customer. Download the brochure for more details or contact your account executive to learn more.



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