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If the terms "Jive-n," "Jive-x," "Jive Interactive Intranet," "Jive Customer Communities," "internal communities" and "external communities" have you scratching your head, this is the place to start.



Basically, we are talking about two things here:


1. Jive-n, aka "Jive Interactive Intranet," is a digital hub for communication and collaboration inside companies. Our customers sometimes refer to it as their internal community or employee community. "Jive-n" stands for "Jive internal."

2. Jive-x, aka "Jive Customer Communities" are online communities for your customers, partners or the general public. Companies sometimes refer to Jive-x as their external community  ("Jive-x" stands for "Jive external"). JiveWorks (where you are now) is an example of a Jive-x community, which is for Jive customers, partners and anyone who is interested in our products.


While these two Jive products share many similarities, their use cases are very different. I'm going to explain what these two products are and the differences between them.


Jive-n / Jive Interactive Intranet (internal communities)

Jive-n instances provide a single place for employee collaboration, company communication, content and more: everything employees need to stay informed, interact with each other and get work done.

  • It's where they read company news, announcements and executive communications, and learn about company strategy, goals and initiatives (the sort of top-down communications traditional intranets do).
  • It's also where they communicate with executives and with peers, form teams, work on projects together, share knowledge and learn from each other (that's the interactive part, very different from traditional intranets).
  • It's where they can quickly search for and find colleagues, experts, documents, information, etc.
  • It's where they get to know each other, build relationships and become one culture – across geographies and job functions.


A perk of Jive-n is our popular Jive Daily mobile app providing nearly all the functionality of Jive-n on the go. It's like having your workplace in your pocket, keeping you connected and informed regardless of your location or access to a computer.


Jive-n boasts dozens of integrations to other apps and systems so that you can use the tools that work best for you, while still staying connected and in-sync with colleagues working in Jive-n (and other apps it's connected to). Jive-n offers powerful yet easy-to-use analytics to track interactions and engagements across your business so you know what's working and what isn't. To engage your employees even more, we offer personalized experiences with rich profiles, peer recognition, quests, reward systems and engagement analytics. It's a complete collaboration and communication platform, with everything you need, including profiles, blogs, groups, discussions, document collaboration, smart search and events. Oh, and did we mention it's incredibly easy to set up, launch and administer?


If you think Jive-n is a great fit for you, check out our active Internal Communities  space here on JiveWorks where Jive-n users meet to collaborate, ask questions and get news.


Jive-x / Jive Customer Communities (external communities)

Jive-x communities connect companies with their customers, prospects, partners or the general public. A Jive-x community can support any or all phases of the customer/partner experience. It's a place where they can learn about your company, its products and industry; interact with each other and with your staff to share expertise and ask and answer questions; access rich resources; get technical support; and build the kind of close relationships (with each other and your company) that foster brand loyalty and advocacy.


Its many features include built-in SEO to ensure high search rankings, smart search ability, and tools to help cut costs by deflecting customer support calls. Just like Jive-n, Jive-x offers a wide variety of tools to build and share information with your audience, whether it's through blog posts, events or forums. It fosters connection and participation with personalized experiences, rich user profiles, and missions and rewards that build loyalty and brand advocacy. Powerful analytics provide help you better understand customers and drive engagement and satisfaction. Jive-x has a great mobile experience, too.


If you think Jive-x is a great fit for you, check out our active External Communities  space here on JiveWorks, where Jive-x users meet to collaborate, ask questions and get news.


Too long, didn't read? Here is a simple graph of the differences between Jive-n and Jive-x:


Jive-n / Jive Interactive Intranets
Jive-x / Jive Customer Communities
Internal (for employees, as well as contractors and other external contributors)External (for customers or partners)
Common use casesCompany intranet, enterprise collaboration hub, employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR portal, IT help desk

Marketing engagement communities, support communities, customer experience hub


Increased productivity, knowledge-sharing and innovation, employee engagement, strategic alignment, cultural cohesion, job satisfaction and retention.

Higher brand awareness, sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Better partner alignment, enablement and effectiveness.


If you want to know more more in-depth information about Jive-n, Jive-x or any of our services, make sure to check out our company website.


If you have any questions about JiveWorks, which is our own external community for customers, partners and prospects, contact one of the community managers, Libby Taylor or Sarah Chaney.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.5 and Jive-x 8.0.5.


This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security.

Of importance to many customers is the removal of Flash in the areas of

  • video playback
  • copy and paste
  • document preview


You can download 8.0.5 from your licenses page.


For more details, please refer to:

Fixed Issues in Jive 8.0.5

Known Issues in Jive 8.0.5

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