2016.1 Cloud Launch | Sneak Peek of Jive-x Features

Blog Post created by harini.sridharan Employee on Apr 27, 2016

2016.1 was released earlier this year and here below is a sneak peek of all the Jive-x product strides we made with that release.


Activating the entire customer lifecycle

When we look at our Jive-x online communities, we see people. We see the on-going engagement that companies have with their community members and think of how to improve their experiences even more. Our goal is help you with managing and impacting your customer lifecycle, from the early stage of the 'Solution Discovery', through the 'Solution Purchase & Use', 'Solution Support', and 'Customer Advocacy'.  2016.1 Jive-x release buckets are:

  • Facilitate the discovery and exploration of your content
  • Deepen customer engagement with personalized experience
  • Boost community activity and performance

Let's start


Pump up your community on search results

As you know, one of the key goals of having an external community is to increase company awareness andbring more potential customers to discover your solution/s. For that to happen, you want your community to be search-engine friendly as much as possible to get the widest brand-reach.

Jive-x new release introduces improved SEO capabilities, driving more visitors to your community. And when they arrive, they are greeted with beautiful content layouts, photos galleries and more that help them learn about your brand and offerings.


  • Google sitelink and video sitemap codes auto-populated on the community's homepage to ensure your community features prominently on Google search and gains more clicks and visits. The more visits you have, the higher ROI you get for brand awareness and revenue goals.



Communicate with members in the language of their choice

Having an online community with a global reach means being able to support different languages. You want to get your news across different markets and get engagement from around the world. With 2016.1 cloud release, we're adding the ability to consume and read content in the language of your choice. With one click, users will be able to translate content and comments, leveraging the most common translation services currently existing.


Use events to tighten relationships, in a colorful, fun way

One of our customers once told us, that by using Jive-x to manage their events they saved $250k annually! Corporate events and calendars are key pieces in building the in-person relationships with your community members. You want your digitalhub to help you with bringing people together, online on the community and 'offline' in events, such as: annual Summits, round tables, focus groups, speaking engagements, and similar, and manage them all in one place, with an easy way to track the ROI.


2016.1 release brings a new format to our Events functionality, helping you to manage events, excite people, and help them learn all the details:

  • Color coded events to visibly distinguish between different event types. When you browse through the Jive calendar, it will now show the at-a-glance view of the various events, along with a legend on their color codes. This has been a feature request from many of you, and we hope you as thrilled about this new feature as we are
  • Community member profile avatars show up under "Going", "Not Going" tabs of the event pages so you can get an at-a-glance view into who is attending as well as to know how to follow up with them after the event is over
  • Export the current view of events as a PDF document for printing
  • Be mobile first: the entire experience is completely responsive on any mobile device



No question is being left out! 

We heard from you how important it is to track all the Support tickets in the systems of your choice. In this release, we are adding two integrations to help you manage your tickets, with a tweak - your community members will be able to open the tickets directly from Jive-x in the ticketing systems, with two0way sync of comments and status changes.


Give your community a modern look-and-feel, like never before   

At Jive we put people in the center, which includes the way they like to see things, consume and share knowledge, stories, photos, and more. A great user experience is what drives adoption, and what will bring for the lasting loyalty you will get from your community members.

With 2016.1 release, we focused on modernizing the look of the community, to be more mobile friendly and more beautiful, with special spot lights on the main functionality community members are most frequently using.


Clean Blog Posts with Banner Images

Visually appealing blog posts that delight the viewer at first glance. One change you will instantly notice is the eye-catching banner image on top. This image will also be the primary photo that shows up as the post appears in news streams, daily, and digest emails.

blog+tablet.png blog2.png

We also switched to a fixed width column formatting which ensures high readability and same look-and-feel irrespective of screen resolution.


Ideas & Polls

Ideas content type is structured so as to instantly give you the essence of the what the idea suggestion is about and how popular it is. Polls have a similarly re-designed look as well.

ideas polls.png

Videos, Images, and Image Collections

Videos and photos are becoming more and more the way to attract new customers, inform and engage with them, and make them the next advocates in your community. Special events, company or partner updates, product announcements, brand images, hot-to training videos, event memories and more generate tons of memorable photos and videos that typically should be shared externally, with your community members or special groups there. These create a sense of community and belonging amongst your community members.

  • Image browsing - enables users to experience graphics in a beautiful, engaging and information-rich manner. The default-centered images can be expanded to full screen width (on landscape) or height (portrait) if resolution supports it. If the image is part of a collection, you can also move to the next or previous image in the collection with mouse or keyboard arrows
  • Images grouping & saving - users can group graphics chronologically or thematically related to tell a visual story
  • You can also share these collections with a person or group, to tell a story, motivate and inspire others, use them for educational or research purposes, or communicate information related to a physical environment you are working on Discussions, documents, questions, files and all other content types have been enhanced as well, so as to have a consistent visual structure across all content types.


mobile image.pngPhotos.png

Note: Behind a feature toggle

To ensure we are giving your community ample time to prepare for the graphical changes, we have placed all of the above content type changes behind a feature toggle. In other words, they are not activated by default for existing customers - community admins would need to explicitly toggle it on for these changes to show up.

By definition, Feature Toggles are temporary configuration settings for specific features that give our cloud customers time to understand large changes and plan their own roll out of the feature. Typically we keep a specific feature behind a toggle for not more than one cloud release. Your feedback about these features is highly important to us so that we can make changes or extend the toggle functionality, if needed.


Empower your customers to recognize members for higher engagement

It's always fun to get recognized for successful actions. How great it is to let your community members recognize each other and build great relationships on the community? This act will motivate members to contribute even more going forward and will build the emotional connection to your company. 2016.1 release brings this functionality to life, with cool badges and rewards, that community members can send to each other. Start to celebrate your contribution in a fun and meaningful manner!


In addition, we also have many enhancements to leaderboards, rewards, and quest reports. More on that coming soon, in as part of our deep dive posts.


Leverage insights to always improve engagement  

High community members' engagement directly translates to more participation and contribution for lasting loyalty. We have 3 new engagement reports with this release to help you measure these consumption, participation and contribution rates.



  • Participation ladder for Active Users: see community engagement by how many active members belong to each of three tiers: consumer, participant, and contributor
  • Engagement Index by User type: measure how engaged different user types are in the community
  • Daily Active Users (DAU) / Monthly Active Users (MAU) charts: know the depth of engagement and stickiness of your community

Boost access to key information

One of the most effective ways to boost community's success and members' satisfaction is simply by reducing the number of clicks they need  to get to key information or to make updates. With this release, we bring more information upfront - whether you are searching for something specific or casually browsing your activity streams.


Open Search to find all things in one place

Your community's content resides across multiple storage locations and sometimes you may not know where to start when looking for a piece of content. Our newest Open Search capability brings it all into your community search, by showing preview results from external sources on your main Jive search page. If you have specific external content communities (such as a OneDrive storage location or your jive-x community), you can create a bridge to that community so content from those locations are also included in your Jive search, intermixed with the Jive results.



Intelligent Activity Streams

  • Activity indicators per stream highlight new activity since you last visited
  • See most active content per stream since you last visited

activity streams1.png

activity streams.png

  • Toggled by off by default but you can ask to have it enabled


Bulk Content Management

The success of content in a community relies heavily on how it is organized, structured and tagged. Social group owners, space owners, and people with Manage Community permissions can now bulk manage content to add tags, categories, move, delete. You'll find the "Bulk manage content" link under the Content tab for the places you have Administrator access. Note that bulk management can only be done at the place level.

bulk content.png


In sections above, you read about how we revamped our video content type. The creation and consumption of videos - both in the consumer word and also within enterprises - is at an all-time high and still surging. So in-spite of its complexity as a content type, there is the rising expectation that creating, managing and working with videos be as seamless, intuitive, fast as text-based or image-based content types. This release brings with it some serious investments in this area:

  • You can now download videos! - so you can watch these downloaded videos during your travel or when you don't have an internet connection.
  • You can not only create a video (Create -> Video), you can also update these videos directly in your Jive video document.
  • We have removed the Flash dependency - you no longer require Flash to create a video.
  • You can now embed videos from hundreds of third-party sources (e.g. Wistia) directly in the content editor.



We are incredibly excited about this release and everything that it brings to our customers. As always, we are eager for your thoughts, comments and feedback, so please let us know what you think.



Harini Sridharan