2015.3 Deep Dive on Advocacy for Jive-x

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An advocate is someone who .....

             loves and enjoys a brand

             is willing to put a foot forward and vouch for the brand

             is passionate about the brand

             wants to influence the brand product direction and stay connected

             is willing to be an evangelist for the brand

    on and get it!


Now why and how are the advocates important for jive-x?


Think of a marketer who is under a tight budget and needs to get MORE done with LESS marketing dollars.  By identifying and leveraging and incenting brand advocates marketers can now deliver a higher ROI because brand advocates can create valuable user generated content and drive awareness/word of mouth.  The Jive-x 2015.3 release provides the resource-challenged marketer to mobilize those advocates all within the realm of the community advocacy offering.


Top usecases, where advocacy can play a huge role:

  • Share thought leadership content on social sites to help  drive lead generation and sales
  • Generate leads as part of referral programs
  • Promote and get feedback on new product features and launches
  • Respond to social channels or answers questions within the community
  • Drive the level of engagement within the community to the next level, but participating in discussions, responding to posts, etc..


How to create an advocate program with jive-x:


Jive-x advocacy is powered by the Jive Rewards. You can get the full details of the Jive Rewards at


To create an advocacy program for a jive-x community, here are the steps:

  •    Create a group within Jive
  •    Invite users to the group
  •    Create a set of Quests from the Jive Rewards admin interface and point those to the advocate group




Login to jive Rewards



Access the Quests




Select Advocate Quests




Set the default group within Jive Community. If a group doesnt exist, create a new group on the Community.




Configure and publish a Quest and assign reward points




Track and manage who's part of the advocate group



Track progress across quest




Track progress by quest




From the End user / Advocate View:


View all the available quests within the advocate group and members of the group and the progress on the quests





Take action on the quests




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