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How many times have you been waiting for a quick update on a project? Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to get answers not just via emails?

I want to share with you how I solved these challenges.


Last week I was on a business trip. I didn't have much time to read emails (it's hard to sift through so many emails and choose which ones are important when you're on the go, right?). But it was a critical week getting ready for a customer call and I had to make sure that people in the office got what they needed from me. Now, maybe it's only me, but I don't have my coworkers' phone numbers on my device so I can't call them, nor do I have the time for multiple phone calls.


I want to share my experience with Jive Chime during the last few months and invite you to a webinar we're having next week. james.white and I will conduct a live demo of Jive Chime and its integration with Jive-n, Jive Circle, and Jive Daily. We will also demo Jive Circle's integration with Jive-n!


Jive Chime is a real-time team communication app, fully integrated with your Jive-n cloud product. Jive Chime is a quick and easy way for coworkers to communicate with each other and among groups on the go, across all devices. This is the modern way to get the answers you need and get work done! Remember what I told you about not having my coworkers' phone numbers? With Jive Chime all you need is your coworkers' work email to be connected to Jive-n.



You can probably guess by now what I did last week with the situation I had. Yes, I quickly Chimed the group and had the right people from Product, Legal, Sales, and Professional Services in my group chat. In five minutes we got answers to many unsolved questions. No meeting, no nine different phone calls, no long emails. Sweet!

Yesterday, when I got back to the office, I wanted to share a Jive document that I worked on with the same group of people. To do this, I just had to click on the link for Share with Chime under the App Actions and then select the group in Jive Chime. It's so great that all tools work together and save so much of our time!




Jive Chime also integrates with our newest app, Jive Circle, the employee directory app. So, if you look for someone in your organization, you can easily start Chiming with them. It's that simple!

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase collaboration and productivity on-the-go
  • Have quick chats regarding specific topics pages in Jive-n
  • Click to Jive Chime from profiles, conversation pages and in Apps tab


The webinar will be held on November 3rd at 8:30am PST.  We will walk you through how to enable Jive Chime and Jive Circle in your Jive-n console:

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.


When we think about accessibility we usually think about confusing acronyms like VPAT 2.0, WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and ADA. An accessible web site, is simply one that is available to all users, with all abilities and all disabilities. These acronyms are standards to provide guidelines of various levels, to help make a web site accessible. While these guidelines are important to our business from a compliance perspective, there are human and community responsibilities which go beyond the business responsibilities.

We have an awesome product, which allows people to come together as a community to collaborate, share ideas, be productive and have fun too - people of all abilities and all disabilities.


I want to reach out to users of the product who rely on screen readers, assistive technologies or keyboards alone to navigate and use Jive. I want to know how we can make the product better for you. Yes, there are several automated testing tools, but these tools do little else than flag color contrast subtleties, catch w3c warnings, and highlight incorrect or misused HTML tags and ARIA Landmarks in the code. These tools give us little guidance to how users relying on assistive technologies actually uses the product.


We want to reach out to our accessibility community to hear and learn from you! How do you use the product, what is holding you back and how can we help you do your best work?


Maureen Byrne



Many of us have experienced some version of the scenarios above, whether it be introducing yourself to a co-worker not realizing that you have been working with them for years virtually. Or someone asking you if you are a new employee, even though you have been working at the company for over a year. Regular work-at-home , among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 103% since 2005 (resource). With tele-communting becoming more and more common in today's workforce, employees have had to rely on the digital workplace as their connection to the company.


At Jive we welcome different workstyles that include different work types for different workers. For example, I speak with a global team on a day-to-day basis, from Chicago, Israel, Portland to Minneapolis. It is hard to keep up with who is new at the company, who is new to the team or putting a face to a name. This exact problem is what we aimed to solve with Jive Circle. Jive Circle is the employee directory app for your company. You can search, find and connect with colleagues across your company with a single, stunning visual experience. Find the right people quickly, right when you need them most.


We would like to invite all our Jive Cloud customers to join us on Tuesday Nov 3rd at 8:30am PST, to watch a live demo of Jive Circle and Jive Chime  and its integration with Jive-n and bring any questions you have around the products!



Jive Circle:

Jive Circle Integration with Jive Chime:

Jive Circle integration with Jive-n:

An advocate is someone who .....

             loves and enjoys a brand

             is willing to put a foot forward and vouch for the brand

             is passionate about the brand

             wants to influence the brand product direction and stay connected

             is willing to be an evangelist for the brand

    on and get it!


Now why and how are the advocates important for jive-x?


Think of a marketer who is under a tight budget and needs to get MORE done with LESS marketing dollars.  By identifying and leveraging and incenting brand advocates marketers can now deliver a higher ROI because brand advocates can create valuable user generated content and drive awareness/word of mouth.  The Jive-x 2015.3 release provides the resource-challenged marketer to mobilize those advocates all within the realm of the community advocacy offering.


Top usecases, where advocacy can play a huge role:

  • Share thought leadership content on social sites to help  drive lead generation and sales
  • Generate leads as part of referral programs
  • Promote and get feedback on new product features and launches
  • Respond to social channels or answers questions within the community
  • Drive the level of engagement within the community to the next level, but participating in discussions, responding to posts, etc..


How to create an advocate program with jive-x:


Jive-x advocacy is powered by the Jive Rewards. You can get the full details of the Jive Rewards at


To create an advocacy program for a jive-x community, here are the steps:

  •    Create a group within Jive
  •    Invite users to the group
  •    Create a set of Quests from the Jive Rewards admin interface and point those to the advocate group




Login to jive Rewards



Access the Quests




Select Advocate Quests




Set the default group within Jive Community. If a group doesnt exist, create a new group on the Community.




Configure and publish a Quest and assign reward points




Track and manage who's part of the advocate group



Track progress across quest




Track progress by quest




From the End user / Advocate View:


View all the available quests within the advocate group and members of the group and the progress on the quests





Take action on the quests




More details and reference posts:

  Setting up advocacy: Jive Rewards

2015.3 Engagement and rewards : How to Create an Advocate Group

Jive Cloud Engagement and Rewards FAQ

[Reuploaded] 2015.3 Engagement and rewards : Overview video (~20min)

The jive-x team is extremely excited to announce the release of the much awaited Spam Prevention Service (SPS) for both cloud (2015.3) and hosted customers (8.0.2 version), further strengthening the existing spam prevention capabilities within the product.


The service and its value

As we are all well aware, jive external communities are easily susceptible to spam which prevails all over the internet. In the context of communities Spam is the unsolicited content that gets posted into the community space either in the form of blogs, comments, links, videos, pictures,etc..We have seen everyday millions of spam gets created across the internet either through bots or manually. By having spam within the community, community users get frustrated getting routed to illegitimate websites and content thereby decreasing the engagement and brand value, and more importantly Google search doesn't like spam and the community site might be penalized with lower search ranking making it harder for the site to be found.

While there is no perfect answer to eliminating spam, as the provider of the community offering Jive needs to take charge and do our best to mitigate spam issues on our customers communities.

Over the course of the last few years Jive platform has been evolved with a series of spam prevention methods built into the product. These include:

    1. Link moderation: Moderate content that contains external URLs that are not whitelisted
    2. Keyword interceptor: Block or moderate content that contains keywords or phrases common to the spammers
    3. New user moderation: Moderate new user accounts and have a human review new accounts
      1. NOTE: Will not work if using SAML
    4. Link moderation (points threshold): Configure link moderation so that all content by users who do not have a certain amount of status points is automatically moderated
    5. Message governor interceptor: Limit the frequency of posts
    6. Abuse reporting: Allow community members to flag spam posts for review
    7. Banning user accounts or IPs: Prevent certain user accounts from logging in or users from IP addresses from accessing Jive

   While these features have been effective against automated attacks we have started to see new patterns from spammers which are more manually coordinated attacks creating new set of challenges for our customer communities.


Our approach going forward: Jive has recognized that not only do we need to protect our customer base from the recurring spam attacks by providing the right anti-spam toolsets, we have to take measures to be more proactive and combat spam at its early signs of occurrence. The only way we can achieve this is with the Spam Prevention Service approach. The micro service is an independent service that is hosted in the cloud. It sits between the Jive platform core and the internet and can also proxy out to any 3rd party anti-spam service.
By building a micro service layer that is independent of the core platform we can:

  • Add all the existing anti-spam logic and enhance the logic as we see new patterns and iterate quickly
  • Proxy out to 3rd party anti-spam services that are best in class for spam prevention which now gives Jive the power of not just the in-service capabilities but also more robust checks with 3rd party offering




    1. BASIC: By default all customers can turn on the basic spam filtering that the core product provides.

    2. SPAM PREVENTION SERVICE: Customers can choose to turn on the spam micro-service which is off by default and available starting 2015.3 and 8.0.2. Customers would need to work with support to turn on the service. There is no additional cost to the customer for turning on the Spam Prevention Service

    3. SPAM PREVENTION SERVICE + 3rd party Integration:  Customers who want to use the additional capability of the 3rd party integration (mollom service) will need to opt-in for the the 3rd party service and the pricing schedule. There is a minimal monthly fee for customers who chose to opt-into the 3rd party offering.


What solutions do each of the Offerings provide

1. The basic spam service solution which already exists in the product today help prevent spam by allowing:

    1. Link moderation: Moderate content that contains external URLs that are not whitelisted
    2. Keyword interceptor: Block or moderate content that contains keywords or phrases common to the spammers
    3. New user moderation: Moderate new user accounts and have a human review new accounts
      1. NOTE: Will not work if using SAML
    4. Link moderation (points threshold): Configure link moderation so that all content by users who do not have a certain amount of status points is automatically moderated
    5. Message governor interceptor: Limit the frequency of posts
    6. Abuse reporting: Allow community members to flag spam posts for review
    7. Banning user accounts or IPs: Prevent certain user accounts from logging in or users from IP addresses from accessing Jive

2. The Spam Prevention Service has more additional in-built functionality that adds to the set above. Specifically, the Spam Prevention service has the ability to:

               1. Moderate all non-english posts if the community is set to English.

               2. Moderate all posts by user accounts < 24 hours old.

               3. Moderate all posts that are repetitive.

3. The 3rd party service (in this case Mollom) uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to block spam and malicious content automatically. Mollom uses a reputation-based system that keeps a continually evolving archive of user profiles to immediately discern an individual’s propensity to submit spam. This applies to everything from user registration forms to blog entries. For more details: How Mollom works | Mollom




     Assume in the above diagram, user A is trying to post a piece of content into the community.

     Before the content gets published,

    • If the customer community is using jive's core moderation rules (Jive 7.0 Community Admin Documentation), Jive will apply those moderation rules first.
    • Assuming the integration is enabled, the content will then be sent to the Spam prevention service. The service scans the content and responds to Jive with a verdict of spam or not spam. If content is judged to be spam, Jive places it into moderation.
    • If a customer has opted-in to use the 3rd party service (Mollom), Jive's spam prevention service will also query the third party service and take it's response into account when producing a verdict.




We highly recommend all our jive-x cloud and hosted (8.0.2) customers to turn on the spam prevention service and opt-in to the mollom service. Please contact support or your account manager to get these setup.


We would love to get any feedback on how its working and where we can improve further.

Coming soon are more detailed config and setup docs and some best practices.

The 2015.3 release marks a critical milestone for Jive Analytics. We are excited to announce the release of a new analytics microservice which enables us to deliver new analytics reports, dashboard and features quickly and rapidly in a unified, central location. With this new service, we will be rolling out new analytics functionality every few weeks and users can expect to see new dashboard and new analytics features at a more regular cadence. Central to this service is the ability to deliver new dashboards, and the first dashboard that we are releasing is the Engagement analytics Dashboard.


The Engagement analytics dashboard, leverages community best practices to provide a central location for community managers to track engagement and vibrancy. The first version of the engagement dashboard will include two reports, the User to user interaction report and the Engagement Index report. Within a span of two to four weeks, two additional reports will be added to this dashboard - the DAU/MAU Report and the Registered Users Report. You can expect to see regular updates to this dashboard throughout the upcoming months.


Product Discussion with Todd Moran, Director Solution Consulting





Engagement Analytics Dashboard

The first dashboard launching with the Analytics microservice is the Engagement dashboard and consists of the following two report

  • User to User to Interaction Chart: This chart analyzes collaboration trends around how different users engage with each other. This chart details interaction dynamics for the community.
  • Engagement Index Chart: You can use the Engagement Index chart to review community engagement and user activity, and watch how the community engagement changes over time
  • Community Stickiness: DAU/MAU Report




Navigating to the Dashboard

There is a new navigation scheme to access these new dashboards. Under the profile icon , view able to user who have access to the Community manager reports is a new link 'Community Analytics' which allows the users to jump to the new dashboards.





You can also navigate to this new dashboard from the Community Manager Report (CMR) menu, by clicking on the "View Now" link under the Community Analytics Card the new card that has been added above the CMR Menu.






What are the filtering options available for the User to User interaction chart?The Engagement Analytics Dashboard allows the user to filter by time. As we iterate through the analytics framework we will add the ability to filter by other fields (e.g. Profile Fields, Groups etc.)
What do I need to do, to enable the analytics microservice and access the new Dashboard?

Cloud customers should be able to see the dashboard and the new link. This micro-service and dashboard is not accessible to On-prem and hosted customers

Is the Engagement Analytics Dashboard available to on-prem or hosted customers?This version of the Engagement Analytics Dashboard is only available to Cloud Customers
How frequently will new analytics features be added going forward?Customers can expect to see new features added every few weeks.



We are glad to add the ServiceNow Incident Management tool to the list of Jive's supported integrations. The new Jive Connector for ServiceNow is built as an add-on and can be installed on any Cloud Jive-x or Jive-n instance effective immediately. This builds on our existing solution for Zendesk and our own Support Center solution.







Main Benefits:

Jive enables community members to ask questions and find answers. Often times, the answers are provided by other community members. However, some questions may go unanswered and it may be challenging to monitor and find such questions in a large community. Unanswered questions may lead to frustrated users... Ticketing systems such as ServiceNow Incident Management are great at making sure each and every question gets handled, but the downside is that your users lose the opportunity to interact with their community, and you lose the opportunity to deflect the support case by having community members help out. With the Jive Connector for ServiceNow, you can have your users ask their questions in the community but know that the connector has your back. You get peace of mind in the knowledge that you will be able to track and manage any open questions through ServiceNow, and your users will always get the answers they need.


Jive to SN transform.png


Once installed and configured, the connector will monitor for unanswered questions in one or more places in your community. When a question remains unanswered for a period that goes beyond the defined SLA, a ServiceNow ticket will be created and optionally be associated with a pre-defined assignment group. The ServiceNow incident will include the content in the original Jive question, as well as information such as the original URL, author name and original creation date.


It is important to note that once the ticket is created in ServiceNow, there will be no further updates made to the same ticket by the connector even if updates are made to the Jive questions. In addition, updates made to the ServiceNow ticket will not be synced back to Jive. We will be looking at enhancing this functionality in future versions.


ServiceNow - incidents in SN.png


Installation and Configuration:

Any Jive user with Admin or Community management privileges can install this add-on from the add-ons management screen. Below are the main configuration steps:

  1. Establish a connection between the Jive Connector for ServiceNow and your ServiceNow instance by creating an OAuth API endpoint for external clients in your ServiceNow instance.
  2. (Optional) Configure in the connector the ServiceNow assignment group.
  3. Under "Place Configuration" tab, add all the places you want the connector to monitor, and set the SLA time (in hours).


For more detailed information on how to configure the connector, see our ServiceNow Connector

ServiceNow - config- palces.png



Which Jive versions and editions are supported?Jive-n & Jive-x, Cloud only.
How do I install the ServiceNow connector?You will need admin or community manager privileges. If you have the correct privileges, go to the the Global Registry's available tab in the Jive instance. If you are in a supported Jive version/edition, you will see the connector in the list of available add-ons to install.
How do I configure the connector?Please see the configuration section in our documentation.
Is there a fee associated with the connector?No. The current version is free of charge for the supported Jive editions.
Which places can the connector monitor?

You can configure the connector to monitor Spaces, Groups and Projects.

Which document types are supported?Only a discussion marked as question is monitored and can trigger creation of a ticket.
Can I combine the Jive Support Center and the Jive Connector for ServiceNow?Yes! Groups that are configured and used by the Support Center can also be monitored by the connector. You can choose to monitor any selection of groups, regardless of whether they are part of your Support Center."

Production Notification (for most Jive-x customers)

As was called out in the 2015.3 Release Waves and Upgrade Schedules post, the major production upgrade for most Jive-x production instances is scheduled to start Friday, October 9 and run through Saturday, October 10. During the upgrade window, your production site will be down for roughly 30-90 minutes.


Below is the upgrade window for your Jive-x production instance, based on the geographical region your cloud instance is hosted in:


  • EU (Amsterdam): 2:00PM - 8:00PM PDT  (1:00AM - 5:00AM CET)
  • US 1 (Phoenix):  7:00PM - 12:00AM PDT  (10:00PM - 3:00AM EST)
  • US 2 (Phoenix): 10:00PM - 3:00AM PDT (1:00AM - 6:00AM EST)


To be notified of all 2015.3 release communication as it becomes available, follow the One Stop for 2015.3 Content document.

Note: Some Jive-x customers have an exception and the production instances of these customers will be upgraded at a later date. If you are one of these exception customers, you would have gotten an email with your upgrade date.


Preview Notification (for all Jive-n & Jive-x preview customers)

In addition, all preview instances will get upgraded on October 9th as well. During the upgrade window, your preview site will be down for roughly 30-90 minutes. Below is the upgrade window for preview instances:


9:00AM to 5:00PM PDT / 12:00PM to 8:00PM EDT / 5:00PM to 1:00AM CET


Thank you,

The Jive Product Team


The 2015.3 release integrates Jive-n with Jive Daily. With this integration, customers can read Jive-n content in a visually engaging news reader app.


As part of the release, all new and current 2015.3 cloud customers can use Jive Daily for free. Customers can do this by first installing an add-on (Jive Daily Add-on Steps ) and then instructing employees to download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.


With Jive Daily you can:

  • View all your streams from Jive-n
  • Like and comment on content
  • View post activity
  • Receive inbox notifications
  • Discover groups and people to follow
  • Set up mobile push notifications




When you open the Jive Daily app, you will see your default news stream from Jive-n. To switch to another stream, just tap at the top of the screen to choose another one.



Read posts, like and comment, and check out post activity.


                      iPhone_browse.png           iPhone_res.png


Receive inbox notifications to keep up-to-date on activity within your streams. Discover groups and people to follow on the Explore screen.


                      iPhone_inbox.png        iPhone_explore.png

If you're wondering when to use Jive Daily and when to use the Jive-n mobile app, see The specified item was not found..


For any questions on Jive Daily, feel free to comment here or on The specified item was not found..

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