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Deep Dive - 2014 Fall Release: Configurable Outcomes, Better Q&A and ROI Reporting

Blog Post created by Curtis Gross on Nov 4, 2014

In the JiveX Fall release blog we touched on structured outcome management and analytics improvements for our JiveX fall release.  This blog is meant to dive deeper into the feature and cover some of the underlying changes and thoughts around them.



Structured outcomes improvements:

Based on feedback from our JiveX customers we decided to make further improvements to the admin's control over 'structured outcomes' (Mark As: final, official, success, decision, outdated, helpful, correct etc).


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.58.43 PM.png


You can now turn outcomes on and off and these changes will be reflected within the desktop / responsive experience across Jive.  The goal here was to provide JiveX customers with an easy way to remove the more 'task' oriented aspects of outcomes and instead leverage the more knowledge base centric 'final / outdated' outcomes. In our Spring release we made outcomes controllable via permissions, and now that you can turn some outcomes on or off - an admin can effectively leverage outcomes as they see fit.


Note :  Since this feature was built for JiveX, the assumption is a vast majority of users will be using browser based versions of JiveX.  There are a few areas in Jive for Outlook and the Jive Mobile App where If you have items marked with outcomes and then turn them off, those outcomes will still be shown.


Auto Mark Answer:

One of the more difficult situations for a community is when questions go unanswered.  Maybe the person who asked the question never marked a comment as the correct answer, or maybe they never returned.  Either situation results in quite a few questions that might have great responses, but no official 'answer.'  Luckily, in the fall release we decided to bring in an 'auto answer' feature to help out all community managers dealing with this problem.  You can now set a threshold of 'helpful' votes on any question before it is marked as 'assumed answered' for the community.  The default is 10 helpful replies, which is adjustable in the administration console (the above screenshot shows the configuration towards the bottom).


A More Helpful 'Helpful':




Being able to mark replies in Jive as 'helpful' has been around for quite some time, and is quite useful in identifying the best replies to any specific discussion.  When 'like' was introduced we noticed how quickly 'liking' overtook any other action that users could leverage on content.  Community members were effectively using 'like' to identify replies as 'helpful' or 'funny' or even 'thanks.'  Over the last few releases we have made changes to 'helpful' - going from a feature that only the author of the content could leverage towards more of a community accessible feedback tool.    But, something was still missing, and the fall release will put this to rest.  Now anyone can quickly mark 'helpful' with the dedicated quick button and multiple users can mark the same reply or comment as 'helpful' which brings the community more control.  Helpful has also been added to the Jive inbox, replies, document comments, blog comments and more.


On top of helpful being easier to leverage across the community, we also added the option to choose if a reply is not helpful.  This means even more data across replies to your question.  8 out of 11 people thought a reply was helpful?  Pretty good.  5 out of 100?  Not so much.  This option is on for JiveX and off for Jive by default.


Helpful Roll-up badge:

Imagine a discussion with 500 replies across multiple pages' worth of content.  How can you find the best reply as quickly as possible?  In the fall release we have made sure to extend the roll-up badges to 'helpful' votes.  The 'most helpful' content will rise to the top of the roll-up, which gives your users or the community manager easy access to find the most helpful replies across even the longest of threads.




I have the same question

Every discussion now has a simple one click action that your community members and guests can leverage to denote that they have the same question.  These 'votes' on the question will impact how community managers assess priority which questions to answer first, because a question affects a hundred people versus only one is quite a sign.


I have the same question2.png


We also added the ability to filter all questions based on the number of users that have marked the 'I have the same question' option.  This filter can be applied to any content browsing page throughout Jive or JiveX.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 8.20.14 AM.png


Analytics and Reports

With the changes to 'helpful', we expect a larger group of users to self identify when they have found something to be 'helpful' when browsing through a community.  This data is critical to a community admin who wants to better prove that their community is enabling users to find answers and is deflecting questions that could have become support cases.  Combine the new 'helpful' and 'correct' report with the 'views of answered questions' and you have a much clearer picture of how many users are being helped by your community on a daily, weekly or across a custom time period.


Who viewed answered questions:



Users marking helpful and correct:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.09.30 AM.png


Last but not least - You really should connect your Jive instance to the Data Export Service.

The Data Export Service will gather the activity across your Jive instance for integration via BI tool or download and analysis via CSV.  The new Service UI allows you to run quick reports to see what kind of data would be returned.  A great jumpstart for anyone trying to figure out interesting data to collect or analyze in jive.




In the Fall Release there have been a ton of improvements focused on improving how our JiveX and Jive communities can do the following:

  • Simplify the Community Manager's job through better Q&A Automation and by more easily Identifying final / official content.
  • Improve case deflection by allowing your community to self identify the most helpful replies to questions and comments with the redesigned 'helpful' functionality.
  • Better prove ROI with new reports and easier access to our data export service.