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We are excited to announce our Spring Jive Cloud release! (And if you're interested, check out the sneak peek at our Spring JiveX Cloud release, too.) In this release, we've focused on enhancing both portal/intranet and social collaboration capabilities, and, as always, we've continued to invest in the platform to enhance your overall experience.


What's New for Portals/Intranets

Follow Tags (1).png


Following Tags in Streams - Many of you use tags to help your users find important information throughout your Jive portal. Now, your users will be able to follow those tags within their custom streams. For example, people can stay up-to-date on everything tagged with "pricing," whether it's a document in a sales portal, a discussion in a marketing portal, or a blog post from Finance. For more info check out The specified item was not found.

Rich Content Banners and Icons - In the Rich Text Editor, you'll be able to insert colored banners and New/Updated icons into your content. Now, you can really make that HR blog post about benefits enrollment stand out.

Updated Jive Present Tablet App - We've really enhanced the portal experience in our Jive Present app, available for additional purchase:

  • Personal Channels – Everyone has their own area where they can drag, drop and organize files from email or other tablet applications, and even change the look and feel.
  • Web Experience – For those not on their tablet, Jive Present is now available via web browsers to find, view, download, and send content.
  • Enhanced Compliance – Content expiration dates automatically pull back content from tablets.
  • Integration – CRM Integrate is now out of Beta! Use this integration to distribute and capture leads, send information to contacts, and track content used in meetings.

Pages for Places (beta) - We've heard, overwhelmingly, from our customers that they would like more flexibility in the design of their spaces, groups and projects. The ability to capture attention and more easily guide users to content is a critical need. To that end, we will be delivering a beta for a new feature, Pages. This will extend what we've developed for Activity Pages and Tiles to address this need, while improving navigation and reducing complexity in internal and external communities. We're really excited to deliver an optional beta for Pages in the Spring, so our customers can provide feedback and help us shape the future. Stay tuned for more in an upcoming blog post. To learn more about this great new capability, visit the Jive Customer or Jive Partners groups. 


What's New for Social Collaboration

Mark as "Reserved" - Many of you use Jive to "work out loud" (thanks for that term, Bryce!) That means more people can see your work in progress, but sometimes don't realize you're not done yet. In the Spring Cloud release, you'll be able to mark your work as "Reserved," just like you can mark it "Final" today. Check out the details in The specified item was not found..

Share Content (1).png

Sharing Content in Private Groups - You'll be able to share specific content items in private groups with people who aren't members of those groups. They won't see anything except the content items you share. This will be especially useful when you need to get someone's input who isn't working on your project, for example, but has the expertise you need to finish your task. All you need to know about this feature is in Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Non-member Content Editing.


Advanced Dropbox integration - With an additional purchase of our Jive StreamOnce module, you'll be able to connect a group in Jive to a folder in Dropbox, enhancing the Dropbox file storage system with the collaboration and actions that occur in Jive. Store files in Dropbox, comment and work on those files in Jive. This will really come in handy when you need to collaborate on files with individuals outside your company, such as a customer or a contractor.

Twitter (1).png

Updated Twitter integration - Also available in the Jive StreamOnce module will be the ability to follow Twitter handles and lists, and further narrow down the results received by using hashtags. This will make it easier for your customer service agents to collaboratively resolve issues customers may tweet about, for example.



What's New Across the Platform

External Apps (1).png

Apps for External Contributors - By popular request, administrators will be able to grant access to applications in the Jive Apps Market for external contributors. The Apps tab will be hidden if no externally accessible apps are installed, but once an externally accessible app is available, the Apps tab will show just those apps to your external contributors.

Records Retention - One of our most popular modules will now be available in Jive Cloud, giving you the ability to better track creation of content in Jive for legal and compliance reasons. Records Retention tracks the creation or update of user-generated content within Jive and delivers it to an external archival system. Records Retention is available as a separate module for purchase.

Android APp (1).png

Native Android app - The long anticipated first release of the new native Android app will come at the end of the quarter and will have much of the core functionality on Jive including basic creation of documents, direct messages, and status updates. It will also support viewing, liking and replying to status updates, discussions, and documents.

Updated Native iOS app - Version 3.0.4 of Jive's native iOS Mobile app is already available in Apple's App Store. It leverages the rich capabilities of iOS 7 and Apple's underlying hardware - smooth transitions, photo/video upload, secure keychain, local storage, fast app-switching, and more. The native Jive iOS app integrates with mobile device management vendors such as Good Dynamics, and the publicly available software development kit opens up whole new opportunities for developer organizations to build new apps that leverage Jive capabilities.

Continued Design Evolution - We will continue to innovate the Jive user experience across devices with this release. For example, we are redesigning user hover cards, updating the global modal styles and the default table design in the Rich Text Editor, among other things – these small changes will incrementally move the app towards our longer-term vision for a cleaner look that puts what matters most in the spotlight. Take a closer look at the fantastic updates being made here in the The specified item was not found..

Enhanced Disaster Recovery (coming in cloud) - All Jive clients instances today are recovered as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.  However, at the end of Q2 we will offer Enhanced Disaster Recovery services that include documented plans, recovery point and time objectives, as well as specific service level agreements (SLAs) if needed. Customers can chose the level of service that suits their requirements.

Additional information can be found in the:

This post is to announce the availability of Jive This release features a critical security fix, applicable to any customer on 6.0.0 and above.  While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerabilities, we highly recommend upgrading to this version to secure your installation. This release also includes the following bug fix:

  • JIVE-43582 - Adding a collaborator to a hidden document does not allow edits.


You can download from your purchases page.


This post is to announce the availability of Jive This release features a critical security fix.  While we can't disclose the details of security vulnerabilities, we highly recommend upgrading to this version to secure your installation. This release also includes the following bug fixes:

  • JIVE-42535 - Discussion does not contain the number of decisions (structured outcome) that it has
  • JIVE-43261 - System error during authentication when using LdapGroupManager
  • JIVE-43807 - When a user is deleted, their outcomes are not deleted

You can download from your purchases page.


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