Join the Product Advisory Group on working with 'partners' (in the space between full employee access and open public communities)

Blog Post created by olivia.teich on Nov 12, 2012

We have a fantastic customer advisory group that has over the last year+ helped to us at Jive to understand a set of use cases around working with 'partners' – broadly defined here as anyone beyond your employee base who you want to partner with in a more private context. Basically, this is for all the relationships and work that fall in the space between your employee network and a fully open public community, and you could think of it as restricting access to the broader community (and global content or people browsing). We've formed this group to share use cases and help us prioritize our development efforts. The first major deliverable of this partnership has been a solution for easy ad hoc collaboration with anyone, entirely in private: External Groups.


For the next phase of work, we are exploring a number of use cases. If one or more of these is important to your business and you'd like to help shape Jive's future product direction in this area, please apply to join the advisory group (details below).

  1. Pre-planned engagements with customers, vendors, or partners, where you need your target audience to feel like the community is smaller and made up of people similar to them (e.g., only grant access to the products they bought, pricing for their channel, etc.). This has sometimes been called 'multi-community' and you may have thought of this as a public community with more discrete segmentation of spaces (and users).


Note: for feedback on the alread-released External Groups feature, you can always ask share ideas and ask questions here in the Jive Interactive Intranet group.

About this advisory group:

  • Membership is restricted to enable members to safely share specifics of their businesses and use cases, and to balance representation.
  • The time commitment is light. The most common asks have been for input on key questions around specific use cases and feedback on various aspects of implementation.
  • What you get as a member of this group is to help prioritize Jive's investments in this area, and to connect with like-minded practitioners facing (and in some cases having already solved) similar challenges in their businesses.
  • The majority of the interaction is here in the Jive Community in a private group. We do hold occasional live sessions (over phone and webex) when needed.

To apply to join the advisory group, please start a private discussion with me (olivia.teich) with a quick note about your interest in this area:

  • Which use case(s) is important for you, and how important is it for your business?
  • Are you meeting one of these use cases with other products today, or already approximating it in Jive, e.g., through customization or configuration and business rules?