• How to Update to the Latest Version - AEM (List Manager)

    The latest version of LM is 12.3.6. To download the latest ListManager version follow these steps:   Login to http://support.aurea.com Navigate to "Support" Select "Downloads" Select "Releases" Select "ALM" Sele...
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  • List Manager Standard Overview EN

    List Manager Standard Overview EN
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  • 2018 Aurea Platinum Support FAQ

    2018 Aurea Platinum Support Updates FAQ What is new in Aurea Platinum Support for 2018? Do current Aurea Platinum customers have to do anything to get these new services? Have any services been eliminated? ...
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  • Advanced Email Marketing Propack Overview | List Manager

    To leave a comment, ask a question or subscribe to updates by following List Manager (ALM) Community, please sign in or register by clicking on Login button or red Register button in the top right corner to get started.
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